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  1. I don't. I just found a listing on ebay and bought them. The LED lights on them are as underwhelming as the overhead lights in the interior. They were honestly a waste of money.
  2. There was someone with a ZR2 that put 35's on it on YouTube and was able to fit a 35 in the spare tire spot with no issues.
  3. What? Someone ADDING chrome??? I thought everyone HATED it and were doing everything to get RID of it! My ex wife's Pontiac G8 GT had the same type of handle with the painted center and chrome edges and I thought it looked sharp. I found a place on ebay that sells handle covers and they offered chrome with options for vinyl overlays for the center. They also offered just the vinyl as well. Thought about doing it on my truck which is a Custom with the textured black handles. I ended up just going with cheap(~$25) gloss black stick on covers since they wanted way more for the other ones.
  4. Guess you didn't search or look too far. It's on page 2 of this section:
  5. Got pictures? I guess I didn't know there were differences in the looks of the handles.
  6. I understand the button has to be there, but why are you swapping handles with ones that don't have them? The module that registers the fob isn't in the door handles.
  7. Downloaded the video and was able to play it locally. Had to add an addon to Firefox to get it to open in VLC. The hinge I think is bolted on the bed and tailgate both with counter sunk torx bolts. There really isn't any adjustment there, but if the hinges are bent, then they won't allow the top to latch.
  8. Check the hinge and bushing on the right side. You can see the slot. There is a corresponding flat spot on the tailgate side hinge when it's about 50 degrees or so. Pull it out of the hinge and check for damage to the hinge on the truck and tailgate side, then put it back in place. Mine didn't want to come out of the left side when I installed the tailgate light bar and I just needed room to stick it in place so I didn't mess with pulling it off. I had a saw horse that I put a towel over and with the right side hinge disconnected, I pulled it back some and set the tailgate on the saw horse while still being in the hinge on the left side. The video didn't load for me.
  9. Summit White should be an easy match. Pearl white is a pain because it's a tri coat paint and it's hard to lay it down the same as the factory.
  10. I didn't think the passive entry had anything to do with the door handle itself. There's a module under the dash I believe.
  11. The replacement is super easy. It has a wiring disconnect beneath the back of the box. Unplug and pull through the bottom tail panel of the bed. The tailgate removes the same as any other tailgate. I partially removed mine to install a tailgate bed light and needed room to install it as it wouldn't fit in with the tailgate fully in place. As for what is wrong, what do the hinges look like for the inner part? I don't know if there's a torsion bar for the inner gate as there is for the entire tailgate. What color is the truck? White or pearl white?
  12. Are there only 2 wires on it? If so it's probably for the lighted sun visors. I added those to my 21 Custom.
  13. Are there only 2 wires on it? If so it's probably for the lighted sun visors. I added those to my 21 Custom.
  14. If you can't see the issue with 14 INCHES of offset which I HOPE was a typo, you shouldn't own a vehicle.
  15. GM offers an accessory steel driveshaft to replace the factory aluminum one. They say it's for better clearance off roading, but I would bet it also has better power handling than the aluminum.
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