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  1. 6.2L Max Tow, Anybody have one?

    I never once saw anything pop up on the DIC/IPC indicating stabilitrak or traction control kicked in... or do they not do that anymore? Incidentally I had Stabilitrak/TC enabled when I drove the 5.3L Denali and without even intending to I got it to bark the tires, nothing ever kicked in then either.
  2. The product isn't exactly the same as LineX, and they spray it quite thin compared to what a normal LineX install would be. Personally, I'll be skipping the factory sourced stuff and going to my local LX installer. He did awesome work on my current truck.
  3. 6.2L Max Tow, Anybody have one?

    Right... just like the 3.73 gears in my current Sierra with the 5.3L/4spd. correlated to a slight acceleration bump. I was just hoping it would be a significant jump from the new 5.3L and it really wasn't; though to be fair I've only driven one other 2015 so far, a Denali with the 5.3. Regardless, I'm still leaning heavily toward the 6.2L under the premise that it should have more potential to eventually be unlocked. I miss the insane acceleration my Trailblazer SS had for a 4000#+ SUV.
  4. 6.2L Max Tow, Anybody have one?

    I just drove a Sierra double cab SLT 6.2L with max tow today... dealer had two of them in stock, both identical. Not bad, but I was actually kind of underwhelmed by it. First and only 6.2L/8-spd. I've had the opportunity to drive and it didn't have anywhere near the amount of grunt or power that I was expecting based on what I've been hearing, but the gearing did have it settling in at 70MPH pretty effortlessly. I'll chalk the less than stellar acceleration up to the "towing" calibration, I guess.
  5. At least I don't feel quite as crazy now... looking at maybe trading off an 08 Sierra with 35k on it. I almost fear I've kept it a couple years too long as it is (lost value/equity).
  6. GM Cargo Management System?

    Perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the response
  7. Ran a search and didn't find what I was looking for... is anyone here running the OE GMT900 Cargo Management System rails in their K2? I have them in my current 2008 Sierra, and looking at possibly trading up to a new truck; ideally I would like to take the rails and accessories with me if I go. Anyone know for sure if they'll mount into the K2 bed without modification? Thanks guys!
  8. According to the GM order guide it is; and you can build one in the configurator on GMC's site. Haven't seen any pics of a green A/T yet, though.
  9. True, though they did replace a few colors this year already (the new Emerald Green is in, Stealth Gray is out, for instance). I count 6 colors currently available with GAT. Denali is far more restricted.
  10. Early on the 6 speeds WERE notorious for gear hunting even in normal driving due to poor factory calibration... I wouldn't say it's impossible. They did manage to get it right later on though.
  11. I sure hope they make this color available with the Sierra A/T package by the time I'm ready to order myself a new truck next summer... just found a couple rendered pics of an orange A/T and I think I may be in love...
  12. 08-present Sierra All Terrain Club

    The main problem with trying to stack leveling and lift kits is that by making that much change in suspension only without using parts specifically designed for the amount of lift you're after, you're severely altering the pinion angles of the driveline and just asking for issues with binding, among other things. Honestly I think your best bet probably would to be putting some time into researching the body lift option.
  13. Antenna Delete

    That's great for GMT800s, but that doesn't work for GMT900s.
  14. 2010 Usb

    Say.... WHAT?! I think I'm going to need to look into this further; maybe it's the answer for those of us who have updated our trucks to newer Bluetooth-equipped OnStar VCIMS and 2010 USB radios.... Who at GM corporate did you talk to, or rather what number did you call to get that code you mention? Looking forward to your reply; I'll be very thankful if this does turn out to be the right "fix" for the issues several of us have been having.
  15. I'm going to have to plead ignorance here. What are my choices? It's a 2010 LT with cloth interior, single CD radio with XM and manual heating/air-conditioning controls. No center console on the floor. Does that give you the info you're looking for? Tipsy Yeah.... tells me you have the "pure-truck" style dash. Which means that you will have to pull off the bottom/kick panel of the dash to get to the VCIM, not the upper bezel around the radio and HVAC controls.

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