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  1. So I had the fuel pump go out on my 94 GMC, after I replaced the pump, the truck will start but then immediately after stop running. Any ideas on What I might be able to do. ( I can hear the fuel pump running)
  2. So I recently bought a '94 K1500 and am in the process of LQ4 swapping it. The truck I got the engine from had a bad transmission and I was wondering if there is any good manual transmission to be recommended. (money is a factor so looking for used option)
  3. Thank you very much CamGTP. This is all very helpful information.
  4. So this is my first big project, I was originally gonna Just put the 6.0 from the 04 GMC I bought into my 94 K1500 but then I was thinking of putting the entire drive train. has anyone done this? If so can I have some tips before I start.
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