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  1. I have the 2022 2500 HD crew cab with 20-inch wheels roof lights and fits 7-foot opening OnStar antenna pretty close but fits.
  2. I don't have any pic's but I have seen the truck plant today was full of trucks when I went by going north to Clio went past Auto City Speedway they have trucks stashed there, In Grand Blanc at the old Tank plant there lot is full and it's a BIG lot was by their Thursday and I'm sure the lot at the rail yard is loaded up they are always looking for workers there to load out rail cars, lot at airport was still being used last I heard, They got a mess on their hands I know from personal experience getting my truck and I know people at the dealership and they are going to the plant and having them find the trucks that are ordered so they can get them delivered, Did you get a vin# yet ? or a window sticker.
  3. I also did the chat thing with Chevy.com got sick of the generic answers I called the customer support phone number they did a great job checking into it I got 3 phone calls back from them the first call they told me it was made 11/29 the second one it was to ship to dealer by the 8th the third call was to thank me for Buying a Chevrolet, well on the third call I still didn't have my truck and either did the dealer they called the dealer I got a call from the dealer they said it was moved to the airport staged to have the sprayed in bedliner put in I said I didn't order a F en bedliner what the hell, dealer called the plant let them know they screwed the order up and was told they would get the truck back to the plant and call them , they called dealer, they took paperwork over drove the truck back to the dealership put the LPO's on and I took them a check the next day drove it home. Before I even had the truck it was on the web Vin ,window sticker come test drive etc, I'm like what the hell I ordered the dam thing It was also showing price with my Employee discount price below sticker. I do know because of chip shortage I'm missing some programs on the computer in it are missing, can't fold the mirrors with the key fob that kind of stuff dealer said nothing they can do. believe me I feel your discuss and pain all I wanted when I ordered it was to get it by early October and get it setup for snowplowing this winter still working on that. Good luck bbjohnny getting it might have to raise a little hell shake some bushes.
  4. Finally got to go and get the new Truck Friday all I can say is wow very nice it's huge makes my old 1 ton look like a 1/2 ton, I wasn't sure I was going to dig the Norhtsky-Blue color but it's much darker than the pictures I seen, the 20-inch rims are not bad looking either, the 6.6 gas moves this truck very well. After all the waiting and process of getting it, it was well worth it. I got what I wanted didn't have to pay for things on a vehicle I don't need and put on it what was important to me.
  5. Custom Crew cab 4x4 North sky Blue, Jet-Black Interior, 6.6 Gas, Custom value package, Safety Confidence package, Snowplow Prep package, 120-volt outlets, Aux Battery, LED Roof lights, Upfitter switch kit, $50685.00 Sticker. I didn't need a plush pony just a worken man's Truck! She's going to get dirty and worked. I haul a lot of tools and materials and haul construction trailers and Firer wood logs. There are a lot of trucks parked at the Flint plant and at the airport It took a crew to move trucks 2 days to get mine unburied. Hope you get yours soon.
  6. Truck is at the dealership per phone call, I said sent me pictures! They did will, ready in the afternoon tomorrow, It's been a forever process getting a new truck I'm thinking about ordering another one while I'm picking this one up so when I need a new one, they will have it. Merry Christmas! 60 degrees here in the Great Lakes.
  7. Got a call from dealer found my truck said it was waiting for spray in bed liner would be a few weeks they are really behind I said that nice, but I didn't order a spray in bed liner I got ok we'll look into that call ya back.
  8. Got a call from dealer my truck didn't come in! They supposedly said it was delivering on 12/8 sent me all the info for my credit union got all of the insurance handled called me back yesterday afternoon said they had a tracker on the shipment which the dealer is a total of 2 miles from the plant, got a call this morning they have a guy at the plant looking to see what's up and if they can go pick it up. Now I'm starting to get a little P O, Guy at the plant said per dealer everything is just a scramble right now trying to keep parts flowing in and keeping track of what parts are missing on trucks and where they are stored getting them back into the plant to finish them and then to get them loaded out for deliveries. So, I'm back to who knows what about anything. Other problem is way too early to crack a beer.
  9. Well the day is finally here my truck was built last week and shipped to dealer yesterday, should be able to pick it up tomorrow got GM employee discount which helped a little bit it paid the taxes and the destination charges. It sure will be nice to have it after waiting so long. Merry Christmas it shall be.
  10. I checked my Order it bumped up to 3300 still with the TPW 11/29, I was wondering when they opened the Oshawa Plant back up and still didn't have enough chips for Flint if that would slow down production times and generate more hurry up and wait times even more.
  11. Great news!! Mine is TPW of 11/29 ordered 8/6 hopefully ill have it soon, can't wait to get it.
  12. I ordered A 2500 HD Custom Crew Cab on August 6th GM just yesterday took the order from my dealership, I have a good friend that works at Applegate in flint he call and said they were told the week of the 14th of November. I put a lot of stuff on this truck because I use trucks for work and need the beast to perform pulling and hauling building supply's dirt, gravel, equipment plowing snow. When I finally get my hands on it I have to put the upfitter switches and lights and plow and get a cover for the bed. When I ordered this thing I new it would take a little longer to get it but its been a long wait.
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