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  1. Hi all! I have been researching this topic over the last few weeks and I have seen a lot of good information but nothing that answers the question that I have. There is a lot of great information from @pgamboa so I think I know what I can do but wanted to verify. I am providing extra details below 1) for new comers that are looking for the same thing, 2) to narrow down the responses I recently purchased a 2017 Chevy Silverado that has tow mirrors (DPN - non power folding). It seems like the previous owner installed them (not OEM) but did not hook them up properly so that the running lights and cargo lights work. The mirrors have running/turn signal lights, heated, cargo/reverse light, power adjustment. The mirror power adjustments work just fine. I assume the heating feature works as well but havent been able to test this. I am assuming this since I found the RPO codes and it had DL8 mirrors on the truck originally which has power adjustment and heating so at least the wiring harness is wired for this but not the lights. \ I would like to fix the lights on the mirrors so that they work and I would like to keep the truck as OEM as possible (my luck with non OEM parts is not great) and use a OEM door wiring harness. I looked up the LTZ wiring harness since the LTZ has DL3 mirrors which from my understanding, upgrading from DL3 to tow mirrors is a plug and play with no harness adjustment. To find the right part #s I found the vin number for a 2017 1500 LTZ truck with DL3 mirrors. To my understand late 2015 - 2018 trucks, the connections in the cab are already present, its the wiring harnesses that need to be changed or modified. THese are the part numbers I want to use: Left Harness: 84357980 - DOUBLE & CREW CAB. with pwr fold mirrors. Double & crew cab. without memory pkg. Right Harness: 84357983 - DOUBLE & CREW CAB. with pwr fold mirrors. Double & crew cab. without memory pkg. Why did I choose these I don't have memory option I chose the pwr fold mirrors option to make sure i have all connections available in the harness. even if mine are not power fold mirrors hopefully all the other lights will work. I have also check these part number against the 2500 and 3500 HD of the same year and highest trims that would come stock with tow mirrors. Does my logic sound correct? Is there something I am missing? The one issue i can see is if the switch for the power adjustments with and without power folding are not the same connections. if they are not, then I do not believe this would work. Thank you for any information you can provide!
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