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  1. So I have been having the same issue. Watched some videos on YouTube to find that the wiring harness in the center console that runs to the charging pad (that doesn’t work) is the problem. I pulled the back off of the console and found the wires were all broken (images below). This is a serious design flaw 1) stiff wires finning through a hinge that is constantly opened and closed 2) the Harness is anchored close to the hinge. We all know what happens when you hold a piece of wire and bend it back and forth. It breaks! Duh! This has other implications as I noticed my battery was weak and it eventually died suddenly in the larking lot. I suspect the power wire was grounding to the chassis. For Now, I replaced the fuse #2 on the driver side panel, cut the wires flush, taped them individually so they do not touch each other or ground to the hinge. I will replace the harness if and when I replace the charging module with the new upgrade.
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