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  1. Thank You for the feedback. I've been working on cars and trucks for over 40 years. It does work and I have everything from the one ton truck to go on the half ton truck. I also have two jeeps and ones a V8 and the other a six cylinder and I've switched the brains on them also and the engine can't tell the difference, is because there is no difference. I have eight Chevy trucks of various years. Here are some pictures of my shop and what I do. I'd like to see your shop and by the way I'm lucky to live on Hawaii Island. Thank You, Cameron
  2. I have another engine, but I want the big block. The computers are the same as I know because I switched them one time. I also have every thing from the 97 so I'm gonna try it and see how it goes. Remember it's a Chevy. I just was wondering if anybody tried it before.
  3. I have a 1996 K1500 with a 350 engine and the engine is toast. My question is I also have a 1997 k3500 with a 454. Can I do an engine swap and put the big block in my k1500. The problem is, will the wiring harness from the 1997 k3500 plug into my firewall on my k1500 as the wiring is different and will it work? What else will I have to do? Anything would be helpful.
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