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  1. 2 hours ago, latreille89 said:


    Did you manage to take your before and after measurements on this? I've heard it doesn't actually provide the full 2" of lift.

    I forgot to take before measurements, but it's currently at 39 3/4 from the ground to the fender. Tires are a touch bigger than stock as well (275/60R20 vs 265/60R20) I agree that it doesn't raise it a full 2", but it sits level with the back now so that's ok with me.

  2. My 2022 Elevation at the dealer vs how it sits today! 

    What I've done so far:

    - 2" ReadyLift Leveling Kit

    - 275/60R20 K02s

    - 20x9 Fuel Rebel 6s

    - Debadged everything besides GMC

    - Tint (added 5% to rears, 35% on fronts)

    - Light smoke wrap on tail lights

    - S&B CAI

    - Removed front air dam

    - Ronin bullet antenna


    What I'm doing tomorrow:

    - Black quad exhaust tips

    - Black wrap in the GMC emblems



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