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  1. I have a 2021 Trail Boss. Specs says it's been lifted at the factory by 2". It has a 2" lift block in the back.

    I too prefer a 'level, non-raked' look - just my personal preference.

    What confuses me in this thread is how much to lower to back end to get the look 'level'.


    Some posters removed the block entirely for a reduction of 2".

    Some posters replaced the block with a 1" lift block.

    Note: a lift block reviewer on Amazon even said that the 1" lift block leveling kit actually has a lift block that is 2" tall.


    What confuses me is that posters seem to determine how much is appropriate only by how the results look.

    I have yet to see any actual measurements.

    (Although one poster says that after removing the entire block, the truck is "1/4inch" lower in the back.)


    Where are some actual measurements?


    I also have a 2016 2500 HD that I lifted the front by 2" to get it 'level'.

    To do that, I measured the upper fender openings from the ground perpendicular to the axle.

    Leveling a '21 Trail Boss might be a little different because the wheel base/body is a little different.


    Is the stock Trail Boss 2" taller in the real measured at the top of the wheel well perpendicular to the axle?

    Seems to me any actual measurement would indicate a 1" reduction would be more appropriate that a 2" reduction.


    Any data out there?


    Note: The data on my truck is not-necessarily relevant. Its has a wheelchair lift in the cab which adds a ton of weight.

    FYI from the ground to the top of the fenders measure 42.25" in the front and 42.75" in the back - essentially 'level'.




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