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  1. Might be the pump rub problem in the transfer case...
  2. I would be thinking HVAC perhaps if it is not changing with rpms or speed. Have you turned the HVAC off?
  3. A few years ago, I had some intermittent problems on the way home from camping.. hit a bump and the doors locked and unlocked, stabilitrac light came on, then all good.. checked codes and it pointed to transmission communication. Ended up being mice had got into wiring harness under engine cover and after repairing wiring, no further problems. I would suggest a careful visual inspection of wiring, make sure you don't have a rodent problem.
  4. You might try unhooking the battery for 30 minutes or so.. then hook it back up and see if it changed anything..
  5. Maybe I missed it, but if he is running Lucas synthetic, what FM should he add and how much?
  6. I think it is a mistake to put a 180 thermostat in it (perhaps things have changed, but it certainly caused problems when it did it in the 90s). My understanding is that the computer thinks the vehicle is not warmed up properly and runs a bit rich, which eventually causes O2 sensor and catalytic converter issues. In my case, I had to replace both (after putting the proper thermostat in). You indicate the temps are running normal, so perhaps the 2001 rigs don't have that issue. I have a OBDLINK MX bluetooth and the software to connect to on my phone that I run sometimes to watch things like temps and such. One of my daughters had issue with her truck and the oil pressure sending unit. The engine died in freeway traffic a number of times before she replaced it in the parking lot of OReilly's auto parts.
  7. What is your expectation for T/H? When I engage T/H, the light turns on, but it does not "shift into T/H". It does hold gears longer (higher rpms before shifting) so hopefully that is what you meant.
  8. BlackBear is the choice I would make, I am saving my truck money to add one of their tunes.
  9. Looking forward to hearing how this turns out... BlackBear tune is on my wishlist..
  10. or just go ahead and buy it, return if it does not work.. https://smile.amazon.com/Chamberlain-car2u-Car-Reapeater-Kit/dp/B00K8IZ9AA/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=GTXQH4QT0A4P1XAB21SC
  11. My wife's 2012 Tahoe would not work with our Chamberlain opener, finally got it going by purchasing this from Amazon. Car 2 U Repeater Kit by Chamberlain Apparently, there are two different (maybe more) standards and GM chose Car 2 U...
  12. I was pondering this and decided if I get one of these, I'll take out both fill plugs (new one on back and original). I will fill using the one on the back until fluid comes out of the original. Reinstall both plugs, done.
  13. Block heater has a thermostat in cord that does not trip until 0F, so you can plug it in, but it will not do anything unless it is colder than 0F. This is done because of the diagnostics checking ambient and coolant temps after being off for xx hours. If a sensor fails, the temps are different and it sets a code expecting one of the sensors is bad. So rather than figure out how to bypass when block heater used, they made it so it doesn't work unless it is really cold. I have never had an issue starting down to -10F with my 2011 6.0 gas.
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