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  1. I wish to swap out the speakers on the front doors of my 2008 Silverado LT 1500 Ext Cab. The service manual states that the push knob has to be removed prier to the removal of the inner door panel. Questions: #1/ Is that the detent tab on the cab side of the push knob? #2/ To disengage the detent tab, do I push in or try to pull out? #3/ If in fact the detent tab faces to cab, why does the manual state to lower the window beforehand? Another question. Would it be possible to work on the speaker without bothering to remove the cable from the cable retainer, and simply swing/rotate the door panel out of the way?
  2. After my post yesterday, I went out and tried the radio again, and the front and rear speakers on the right side worked, and worked throughout the day. Just a few minutes ago I tried again, this time only the right front speaker was working, and maybe the speaker on the right door post. Only the speaker on the left door post works on the left side. It may be a speaker problem. But before I start swapping them out, I sure would like to be able to check out connection #212. I also wonder if this could be heat related, with expansion and contraction of connections, or affecting the radio.
  3. The 2008 (Extended cab) Silverado (UQ3) has developed an intermittent problem with the radio speakers about two weeks ago. A few days ago while doing some trouble shooting, it was just the left side except for the left door post (Tweeter?) speaker that wasn't working. I did get the driver's door speaker to work after numerous attempts, by cranking up the volume. Never did get the left rear door speaker to work. Today I went out to try the radio, and now all speakers, accept for the left door post speaker, are not working. Last week I pulled the radio and disconnected/reconnected the two connections on the radio. I didn't see any other connections in the radio cavity to try. At the time I really hadn't really read up on the trouble shooting procedures for the radio, speakers, and antenna. I have now gone through the service manuals and found that connection #212 may be the problem. I tried my hand up behind the dash to try and locate connection #212. Not a chance. The page numbers that I've looked at in the GM 2008 CK9/TRK Service Manual. 11-172, 11-121, 11-552, 11-553 The connection is shown to be located, "Behind the centre A/C vents". Is there an easy why to access connection #212 without having to tear into the dash? Or, now that I know what meter readings to take, just pull the radio again and try that. Also, could this problem be caused by the extreme summer heat? I had this truck since it was bought brand new in the fall of 2007, and I've never had this problem before. Sorry for the long post, but I was trying to leave any obvious questions, answered.
  4. I previously used Google and they were called wheel covers/skins. I bought the 2008 Silverado brand new in the fall of 2007. These were on the truck. I found this information on the Service Parts Identification tag in the glove box, PY9, P03 On the build sheet that a member supplied, it shows P03 - Chromed Wheel Centre Caps. On the build sheet that came with the truck it says, Chrome Appearance Wheels. On the sheet prepared by the salesman, Wheels - (4) 17" Chrome Appearance Wheels -inc: chrome centre caps This was for the 2008 Silverado.
  5. OK. So they're still called hub caps. What is the GM stock number for the hub cap? Also what is the GM stock number for the centre cap?
  6. For a 2008 Silverado with 17 inch rims. What is GM's stock number for these (attached photo) wheel covers/skins? If not called wheel covers and/or skins, what does GM call them? In Canada, what would the price per unit be from a GM dealership? Also, have they become scarce? The sales person at the Brantford dealership informed me via email that, "At this time I do not have any wheel covers available for the steel wheels." She made no mention as to being able to order them and my next email sent asking when they would become available, wasn't answered. Once i have the stock number and correct name(s), I'll be contacting nearby dealers for availability.
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