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  1. If I were in the $41K range and it were me I'd just take a weekend trip up to St. Louis and pick up a brand new 2018 SLT with the 6.2. Nothing like that new car smell and basically for the same money. https://www.laurabuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-GMC-Sierra_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_SLT-Collinsville-IL/3335469863
  2. I have a $60K Denali; my sons' have $22K Subaru Imprezas. The backup cameras on the Subarus are about 1000% better for night, visual clarity, color, video quality, etc; there's absolutely no comparison. No other truck brand camera experience, but this is one small thing GM should work on with their trucks.
  3. Squeaking gas pedal

    I no longer own the 14 in my original post, but I had a issue with the current Denali. When it happened I just did the often discussed board remedy of sheming a piece of wood (I think I used a broken paint stick) into the assembly. It worked. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about just do a forum search. Things like this shouldn't happen, but in the grand scheme of things its a small problem compared to some of the truck issues you see discussed here and on other brand's boards. Happy motoring!
  4. Yeah but in the real world I still think the 5.3/6.2 will be less thirsty than the Hemi or Coyote/Ecoboost. In early December, TFL did a mileage test on 1/2 tons Raptor, Rebel, & Trailboss. Not the most fuel efficient offerings of the manufacturers; rough heavy tires, lifted up in the air, etc. But guess who did the best of the 3? GM.
  5. I am also intrigued by the F150 with the 5.0 when my lease is up. Ford has the oldest of the Big 3 bodystyles and I am hoping there are deals to be had. BUT currently I'd be really leery of the 5.0 in the 18 trucks. They are having a problem with a rattle in the engine when letting off the gas. It is widespread enough for Ford to issue a TSB 18-2354 and is discussed in the video below. The early forum scuttlebutt is that the TSB fix doesn't fix the problem. I hope Ford gets this sorted out as I'd like to consider one in about a year.
  6. I owned a Tundra and it wasn't a bad truck. 2007 model which was the first year of the "current" bodystyle. A Toyota with 55K miles is nothing. The 5.7 is a strong runner. There were some things I disliked about the Toyota, specifically the 4x4 system and not having a locking rear, but if you've been happy with yours I'd stay put. It seems that all the manufacturers are pushing so much technology for government CAFE requirements that I'm not sold on the reliability. Dual turbos, etorque, dynamic fuel management, stop/start. You name it it seems to be on the new 1/2 tons. I'd give them a year or so to work out all the kinks.
  7. Hello from WNC

    I'm right here with you brother in all this winter wonderlandness. Congrats on your truck and if she's like my previous GM trucks, she's a snow tank.
  8. Spare tire usage

    I did a calculation here: https://tiresize.com/calculator/ In 1 mile there is a difference of 6 revs per mile in my 20's and in the spare. Not enough to ever worry about. IMO, driving on a curvy road would have a much larger affect on the rear end in terms of rotation than this little of a difference in tire size. Where I live curvy roads are a way of life. Good luck getting everything back to normal.
  9. About a year ago I had a high pressure fuel pump failure on my 1 year old 5.3 GMC Denali. An internal seal-at least that was what I was told- was allowing dumping of fuel into the crankcase. The pump was replaced under warranty. Details: Obviously having large amounts of fuel in the crankcase is not good, but the truck seems to be fine and all has been well for about a year. No oil usage or other issues. Still there is a possibility of issues down the road. Having gasoline on the bearings can't be good for anything. Truck is leased and with this problem in it's history it will more than likely go back to GM at the end of its lease.
  10. $1500 off email

    Well I must be old school, because I got a snail mail $1500 off coupon today from GMC. Like most in this thread must take delivery before 1/2/19. Came a year too early. My lease isn't up for a year, unless they want to make my remaining payments--seriously doubt that's going to happen.
  11. The Ram is a nice looking truck and I'd never say never, BUT when it comes to expectations I think I'm more comfortable in putting trust in GM or Ford trucks. I know everyone has their internet amplified horror stories, but I really worry about FCA's ability to make all that technology work out of the warranty period (within the warranty period for that matter.). I'm hoping however the Ram hype helps take some of the price tag wind out of GM's sails. They are especially proud of their new trucks. Right now if I were buying an F150 is the best deal in my area. We'll see what the situation is in a year when the current lease is up.
  12. Laura GMC

    Whew almost $1300 in fees is steep not to mention all the add ons. You aren't convincing me to look south in the future. Not familiar with Banks.
  13. Laura GMC

    Yeah, I'm not really sure about a trip to Miami either. My dream road trip to buy a truck would be to go to Caldwell, Idaho to Dennis Dillon. They are already showing $14K off the new Ram 1500, but then again I'd be driving home in a Ram. Sure would be a pretty cross country drive though. https://www.dennisdillonchryslerjeepdodge.com/new-vehicles/ram/#action=im_ajax_call&perform=get_results&model[]=All-New++1500&page=1
  14. Laura GMC

    I haven't priced anything with Randy Marion in quite some time, but if they operate like the used to they more than make up their discounts with dealer add-ons. Last time I priced they had a $1200 add on upholstery and paint protector. They wouldn't budge on including it in price. I don't have time for their games. Never bought from these guys, but their advertised prices are good. Have to take a road trip to Miami though. https://www.bomninchevrolet.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&year=2019&model=Silverado 1500&drivetrain=4WD&bodyStyleClassification=Crew Cab Pickup - Short Bed
  15. Glad you are okay. Hope everyone else is as well. That looks like tale-tell texting damage to me. My guess is it is not totaled, but as stated check into diminished value. From Google: Kansas is a diminished value state, which means you may be entitled to the diminished value of your vehicle after an auto accident. ... You can't submit a Kansas diminished value claim if you were the at-fault party in an accident, or if the damage was caused by something other than a collision.

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