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  1. Android Auto Stupidity

    Maybe uninstall the android auto app on your phone and re-install? Just my $0.02. Good luck
  2. Good news from Apple

    As an android user (no this isn't going to be an android vs apple post) the absolute best part with my android auto, and soon to be apple carplay is the ability to use waze for navigation. My favorite integration by far. My son has an iphone 8 and his car has carplay. Glad he'll be getting Waze for his in car display as he heads off to college.
  3. Frame hole plugs - question

    I've had them before as well. No issues with moisture. As stated they are a tight fit.
  4. Laughable dealership experience

    OP you did right by leaving. Dealer doesn't respect me I walk. When they call, and they will, they need to hear it again and tell them you are already working with _____________________- dealer. True or not true it's what they need to hear. When you do find that dealer that respects you as a customer stick with them. I don't play games. I tell them up front and if they start I'm out of there. Plenty of dealers in my neck of the woods.
  5. Oil Change Question

    First, I totally agree the oil seems to wick up the dipstick on these trucks. Even after sitting for a while. Secondly, I usually check the oil while truck is in garage totally level and after sitting all night; most reliable measurement comes this way IMO. Finally, as one of the lucky ones who had the HPFP issue, if you have this issue you won't have to guess about it. It will be extremely obvious that something is wrong. My oil level was consistently in the twisted part of the dipstick and the oil fill cap smelled more like a gas cap (if these trucks had one) than a gas cap. Oil level is now steady and on full. Almost 4k on the engine and oil since my HPFP fix; no ill effects to report.
  6. 2019 Ram thoughts

    Local dealer got a Bighorn 4x4 off the hauler weekend before last. Truck was parked unlocked. So I had a look around. For a middle trim package, the interior was gorgeous. Minus the cloth seats it was nicer than my current Denali in many ways. Materials seemed a cut above what I'd expect on that trim. Displays, switch gear, door trims panels, etc. I like the look, but every time I consider an FCA product that nagging gut wondering about quality always shows up. i could probably do an F150 as they have had a few years to figure out their truck, but I believe I'll let the early adopters figure out if FCA can build a quality product before I jump on board. I'm worried as well about the new GM trucks, lots of changes with lots of potential for early quality gremlins. I'll be sitting back watching for a while.
  7. I am a GM truck guy and have basically been loyal to GM since my first Silverado in 1999. However, one can easily see they are making these new trucks more SUV/crossover like. For the first time in almost two decades I may look seriously at a Ford, or even the Ram when my lease is up in 2020. I'm hoping after the first year of the new body style that true truck guys may take back the helm at GM. Otherwise, I may be moving on. If I want a single speed transfer case I'll look at a crossover. Pathetic.
  8. Not to hijack, but good to hear your issue with the HPFP was fixed and seems to be holding. Same here after my HPFP was replaced. The oil level seems normal and no gasoline smell. Mines a lease so if there's any engine damage it will be on GM's dime under warranty, or the truck will be long gone. Doesn't make sense how this happens to such a new vehicle. It must have been a supplier issue.
  9. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    http://www.wixfilters.com/assets/TechBulletins/WIX/57060 57045 GM Update English.pdf
  10. Chevy vs GMC

    If I'm not misunderstanding the data, a lower number is better. So with the cars you mentioned, Chevy has better scores. Beats me because I agree with your assessment of some of the Chevy cars. So how do they have 32 less problems per 100 vehicles?
  11. Chevy vs GMC

    So that would mean that Chevy cars are astronomically better than the trucks and suv's. They'd have to be to pull up the scores. But that goes against everything you hear about GM. They build great trucks and suv's, but their cars are meh. Not trying to argue, and your explanation makes sense, but just doesn't fit my perception. Guess that's why it's called perception, huh?
  12. Chevy vs GMC

    I partially agree; if i were driving a Kia, I might attribute it to just being an econo-brand and shrug off problems. But what about the brands from FCA or from Ford? They don't have the super luxury high expectations of quality, and apparently they live up to their expectations. Toyota is supposed to be the quality standard, at least among the mass producers, yet they are below Chevy. Also when I bought my GMC this time, I really wasn't expecting that much different regarding quality as compared to my previous Chevies. It's like a 20% difference in measured quality according to the data.
  13. First off, I have owned both with good satisfaction, and I am not trying to start an internal war of bowtie vs GMC, but I have a serious question about Chevy vs GMC quality. Lately in some of the dependability surveys, even those I personally question like Consumer Reports, Chevrolet has consistently shown a higher level of quality than GMC. I know for years I heard all the crazy stuff about GMC being a higher standard, using lock washers. etc. you name it. Of course GMC usually comes with a higher price point, but does anyone have a serious, legitimate reason why Chevy seems to show higher quality on the studies? Case in point here's a link to the 2018 JD Power quality study. Notice Chevy is near the top of the ratings and way below the industry average in number of problems per 100 vehicles, while GMC is above the average with 32 more problems than Chevy. I know Chevy includes car production in their numbers, but generally speaking my perception is that GM trucks>gm cars when it comes to quality. Considering they usually roll down the same line, does anyone have a valid explanation for the Chevy/GMC difference?
  14. Right, it is normal to smell a little gasoline, but if what happened to mine happens to you, you'll know. Son has a direct injected 2.0 Subaru. Same deal, slight smell of gasoline. So don't make that the "test." but as 17 Sierra said, a rising oil level means something is going on. I imagine what happened to me is going to happen to an unbelievably small number of trucks, and probably not to you. BUT doesn't hurt to keep an eye on things. Good luck to everybody out there.
  15. Dnt, Sounds all to familiar. I'm hoping lightning doesn't strike me twice and that this is a rare thing. As far as butt dyno is concerned I can't tell any difference after mine was repaired. If there's any internal damage it isn't showing up in oil usage, noise, etc. My truck was around 11K when it happened to me. I agree GM should step up the powertrain warranty on these trucks. Good luck with getting her buttoned up and this being a part of your truck's HISTORY. By the way if yours is like mine even though they replace the pump and change the oil, it's still going to have a gasoline smell for quite a while. I drove mine a 100 miles after the pump replacement and returned because the gas smell was so strong again. They changed the oil again. I guess the internals and crevices of the engine had enough gasoline in it to smell up the first oil change??? Still has some gasoline smell, but nothing like at first. Just a heads up in case that happens with you.

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