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  1. Happened to notice new PF63 boxes at the local Walmart this morning. Opened the box to find an ecore, so I assume I had my hands on one of the new ones. Didn't notice that it was made in China. With this turn of events I'll be using Wix WL10255's or the NAPA Gold alternative. WIX WL10255
  2. Don't know if it's better, but the Chevy is fancier than the GMC. It wears a bowtie everywhere it goes. LOL
  3. Very nice truck. Congratulations!
  4. Good luck with the Ram. They look like a really nice truck.
  5. I had a 17 GMC with the 8 speed and it clunked and clunked and never did seem exactly right, but in '19 RST it has been just as smooth as silk. No issues in over a year. Maybe luck of the draw or maybe they are actually figuring the 8-speed out. BTW sounds like a good deal to me too, and if you are needing back seat room for car seats the new crew cab has tons of it.
  6. Any wreck you walk away from.....all is well. Truck did it's job and GM makes beautiful new trucks every day. And most importantly, as you said, looks like the Good Lord was looking out for everyone involved. Take care and God bless.
  7. I've wondered if it is a regional thing. Almost all the crew cabs in my area (after the initial launch of the 19's which were first made in Indiana) it seems like are a Silao produced truck. Seeing a 1 VIN on a lot around here (North Carolina) is very rare.
  8. First and foremost glad you are okay. Truck looks like it did exactly what it was designed to do. Good luck with the replacement, 2021's are basically here, so maybe you can find a 20 and a great deal or get a newer model year truck with a 21. Trying to make lemonade here, as if it were me, I would want to choke out the loser who did this to you.....but no, no: puppies, and flowers and sunshine. Breathe. Now I feel better.
  9. Multiple Silao trucks since 2011. The first Mexican produced truck I was somewhat leery of, but it turned out to be a good vehicle. To be honest I really haven't had a bad truck with 3 as its origin. It seems like all the crew cabs in my area are almost always Mexican produced vehicles
  10. That has always been my experience with Randy Marion as well. Good prices until they start adding in $1200 for fabric protector, etc. You are running into one of the reasons I typically buy Chevy over GMC, the dealer pool is weak, in my opinion, in our area for GMC. Thought about doing the Laura GMC bit, but just wound up doing a Silverado myself. If you do run across a good GMC experience let us know.
  11. I was intrigued by the RAM 1500 when I purchased in 2019. They build a nice truck with lots of creature comforts. BUT they talk about brand loyalty and trucks, and for me when it came down to the final decision I couldn't go away from GM. I've been driving GM trucks since 1999. Very few issues over the years, and like tdowell, every time I'd read a little about the new RAM on their forums I would get cold feet. Also there is a GM dealership about 1/4 mile from where I work for any potential issues. The nearest RAM dealer, and it doesn't have a good service department, is about 35 miles a
  12. To each his own. I'm very shy about letting a dealer or (even worse) a quick lube place touch my vehicles. Took wife's car into Discount Tire last December for a tire rotation and got 4 cross-threaded lug/lug nuts and one lug with no lug nut on it. I haven't used my free GM oil change and probably won't. First oil change was NAPA Synthetic (Valvoline) and I went with the oem AC Delco PF63e filter only because Amazon had them for around $3.99 back earlier in the year. I usually run Wix or NAPA Gold though.
  13. Here's your truck: Just a short drive to Huntsville Alabama and she's all yours..... https://www.landersmclartygm.com/VehicleDetails/new-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-LT_Trail_Boss-Huntsville-AL/4463236573 Shows to be in transit.
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