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  1. As stated above, when I was shopping a few years ago James Black was the best I found for the GMPP. https://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html
  2. When and if this happens outside of warranty a light replacement isn't a simple and cheap fix anymore. On my 19 I had a small fender bender that resulted in the passenger's side headlight housing being cracked down near the parklight/turn signal (those were not led on the 19's) However the entire unit that contained the headlight, drl and park light had to be replaced to the tune of abour $1300. Gone are the days when you could go down to the junkyard and find a replacement for chump change. BTW I haven't posted this yet, but I traded my Silverado in May and went to the dark side for the first time in 20+ years. Now driving a new F150. I bought Ford's extended warranty and paid an extra $100 for full light coverage, just because of my experience replacing the LED on my Chevy. Stuff "ain't" cheap no more.....
  3. I used to pre fill the filter, but then I started doing clear flood mode so the engine would not start until oil pressure came up.
  4. +1 I never purchased with James Black, but I did price with them and they were initially much cheaper than my purchasing dealer. I took the price to the local dealer and they matched. But I've never read anything but positives on James Black. I would suggest sticking with the GM Warranty. Too many third companies are known for their shady buisiness practices. You can buy as long as your vehicle is under the original 3/36 warranty, but I believe it is less expensive if you buy at lower mileages.
  5. To give you an idea of, in my opinion, how overpriced Onstar is, compare it to Subaru's Starlink. Wife has a 2020 Subaru Legacy and three years of Starlink is $74. GM's monthly pricing is 1/2 of that. I can't see much difference in functionality between the two and there's no way I'm paying GM prices. Starlink overview
  6. +1 to this^^^^ If you have a reasonably modern Android, a verbal "OK Google" will get you almost anything you want without having to touch any button on the truck. I've almost quit using the GM interface as well. Waze integration in my opinion has made factory navigation a big no go, especially for the money.
  7. Well GM has limited the financial windfall for lease customers looking outside GM. Now GM Financial will only provide a payoff on leases to the customer or a GM dealer. You can buy out the lease and then sell, but you would have to pay tax. No selling to Carvana, Vroom, or another francised dealer or independent. https://youtu.be/sTokIf7yvzw
  8. Happened to notice new PF63 boxes at the local Walmart this morning. Opened the box to find an ecore, so I assume I had my hands on one of the new ones. Didn't notice that it was made in China. With this turn of events I'll be using Wix WL10255's or the NAPA Gold alternative. WIX WL10255
  9. Don't know if it's better, but the Chevy is fancier than the GMC. It wears a bowtie everywhere it goes. LOL
  10. Very nice truck. Congratulations!
  11. Good luck with the Ram. They look like a really nice truck.
  12. I had a 17 GMC with the 8 speed and it clunked and clunked and never did seem exactly right, but in '19 RST it has been just as smooth as silk. No issues in over a year. Maybe luck of the draw or maybe they are actually figuring the 8-speed out. BTW sounds like a good deal to me too, and if you are needing back seat room for car seats the new crew cab has tons of it.
  13. Any wreck you walk away from.....all is well. Truck did it's job and GM makes beautiful new trucks every day. And most importantly, as you said, looks like the Good Lord was looking out for everyone involved. Take care and God bless.
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