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  1. Thanks OnTheReel, Glad to know I wasn't going crazy. Not so sure how durable it will be though. A lot of it flaked off after the first rotation. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks Redwngr. 140 was what I put them to. Old intuition said that was correct . Some of the stuff was rubbery and this piece had dried out. Didn't seem to hurt anything, but I've never seen it before. To my knowledge wheels have never been off until today since leaving the factory.
  3. Just a quick question for everyone, did my first tire rotation this morning. Couldn't find it anywhere in the manual, but is the wheel torque setting 140 ft./lbs? Every fullsize GM truck I've owned in the past 20 years has been, but my search turned up nothing. Also there was a substance on the wheel lugs I have never seen on any of my previous Silverado/Sierra trucks. Something like a plastic that had apparently been brushed on the lugs and dried. One such piece fell off. See picture below. What in the world is this stuff? When I'd start the lug nut back on the lug it made for some resistance. Had to be careful and make sure I wasn't cross threading.
  4. Looks like a Ford truck to me. The interior is where I suspect there will be the most changes, but looking back on Ford truck styling they never go too far away from their previous style. Almost always an evolution vs revolution. They'll continue to sell like hotcakes because....... why is it that's the case again? I forget. If they can learn to build an engine without all the issues with chains and tensioners on their OHC powerplants they might have something.
  5. Not a Ford fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but that is one of the most appealing things about their "new" 7.3 Godzila engine in the super duty trucks. Old fashioned push rod design, no over head cams with miles of timing chains and multiple guides, no cylinder deactivation of any kind, no direct injection- multi port injected. If they weren't so much more truck than I need, I'd be tempted to go drive one. 430 HP and 475 ft/lbs of old school V8 grunt!
  6. I wouldn't say mine is coming apart, but the seam is not even. Poor fit and finish for sure.
  7. Quite a bit of info here: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/230444-rattle-in-the-rear/#comments
  8. One of the best things I did with my house when we built was to put larger doors in. The garage is 24'x24' but my two doors are 8 feet high and 10 feet wide; we also did 10 foot high ceilings. We weren't that smart, but experience was an effective teacher. Our old house had standard 9x7 doors and I had to thread a needle every time I pulled through the door with my old F150. The antenna would always scrape and scare the crap out of me as well. Hope she fits for you; good luck.
  9. I wasn't thinking GMC. Got bowtie on the brain. But I guess they would be different for GMC vs Chevy. If they can be had for your truck, though, the Weathertech are great quality based on my experience with previous trucks.
  10. According to Autoanything, they show them available. https://www.autoanything.com/mud-flaps/61A4081A0A0.aspx
  11. Same rattle here. Had a similar rattle in the past on a 2013 Silverado crew. On that truck it was the latches that secured the back seat to the rear wall of the cab. Got in the back of mine yesterday and pulled the head rests. Sprung them ever so slightly at the bottom and the noise seems to be gone. Mine seemed to be coming from the driver's side rear. Made no difference if I had a rear passenger or not. Fingers crossed, and if the noise returns, I'll keep on searching.
  12. I've got a package from them scheduled for delivery today. Wonder if it's the hat or the mug? Maybe I got lucky and they mailed me a new truck......nevermind shipping weight is 2 lbs.
  13. Any properly spec'd quality syn changed at a reasonable oci with a quality filter.....change the name on the bottle to any of the majors and the same results are acheived 200K miles down the road. Over the years I've used Mobil 1, Pennzoil Platinum, Quaker State Ultimate Durability, Valvoline SynPower, NAPA Syn (Valvoline) and Castrol Magnatec.....in truth just pick your favorite color bottle or whatever is on sale.
  14. Silao built here too. Every GM truck I've owned since 2011 have been Mexican assembled. No problems to speak of with any of the vehicles, so as you say................................GRACIAS AMIGOS!!!
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