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  1. Anyone go from 5100 in front to 6112? whats the difference besides stiffer? 6112 is larger so more firm and controlled ride vs 5100?
  2. Bummer. Sounds like previous owner(s) didn’t maintain or treat it well? I’d pull a valve cover off and if it’s full of sludge then get rid of it. If it’s clean, then it’s had regular oil changes. I have the range device and it works great. Other forum members have had AFM lifter fail even when using afm disable device. Some have used afm for nearly 200k and have had no problems. If there is a lot of oil deposits and sludge then it’s a ticking time bomb. Service battery could be failing batt (get it load tested) or bad battery terminal connections or bad cables (high resistance in battery cable). The half ton vortec max should run strong and put you back in the seat as it is tuned more towards power vs the detuned 2500 6.0 Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Probably because they are not real people but actors. They know how proud GM is of using real people in ads instead of non-real people. They are just trying to hold back their discontent ;-)
  4. Looks good! I'm not brave enough to try that on my 2018. Did you use OEM GM lights and ran your own wires?
  5. Bummer. Could have been much worse if it was a larger trailer. I have a ding in my 2018 rear bumper due to Walmart parking lot. I was pissed for awhile but now I live with it. Only notice it when behind truck which isn’t often. I’ve been watching Craig’s but non ever come up with the holes for rear parking sensors. Cheapest I could find new was from online seller like shopchevyparts gmpartsdirect etc.
  6. My 2018 came with the new style mechanical pump. If your pump is a 2 piece design with a black plate on the back of the pump, you have the latest design. The old design is a one piece unit. There is a few posts on this forum comparing the old design to the new. The new pump has very different internal design vs the old pump. My VIN does NOT come back with needing the recall.
  7. As I understand it, GM is programming the ABS pump to step in when vacuum is below spec (when mechanical belt driven pump cant supply enough vacuum)
  8. Check local Craigslist for GM 1500 takeoffs. 1988 - 2020 wheels will fit. 17” is minimum wheel size (same as your spare) midsize Colorado and canyon wheels will not fit as GM changed the bolt pattern when they brought back the midsize trucks. I’m keeping an eye out for some 2019 - 2020 18” AT4 takeoffs.
  9. They should be able to tell you what the lift is for each setting. If you have someone turn your wheel lock to rock and look at your current tightest clearance with your 2.5” level, you can estimate your minimum lift you need to clear wheel/tire combo. i have 285/70/17 on a stock GMT900 wheel (about 1” narrower wheel tha stock K2xx wheels) tire comes out to 32.8”. They didn’t rub stock but were close to inner wheel well at full lock and reverse. With the 1.85” lift from 5100s, not even close to rubbing now.
  10. Looks like enough people complained to NHTSA about their sudden rock hard brake pedal and GM was forced to issue recall. I can set the service brake assist off just by pumping brake pedal a few times idling at a stoplight. My 2018 has the revised pump. Aka 2 piece pump (black cover on back) vs the early 1 piece cast pump.
  11. How much lift? Pic of truck with lift? Ideally, CV shafts should be as close to level as possible. Yours are not ideal but not horrible either. Maybe email cognito and ask them about the angles?
  12. Oh, a special time. New tires. Michelin Defender LTX is an excellent highway tire that will outlast nearly every other M+S tire for treadwear. They don’t have and aggressive looking sidewall but are all season. General grabber AT, Falcon Wildpeak, Cooper AT
  13. I installed 5100s 3rd notch from bottom or 2nd notch from top for 1.85” of lift. I still have 1.5” of rake which I like for hooking up trailer, then truck is near level with 500lbs tongue weight. Lowest ring on 5100 was stock height. Email or call bilstein, they actually respond to inquiries with meaningful answers unlike most companies today.
  14. Crazy this is happening on low mileage trucks. Guessing this ain’t powertrain coverage so if it’s going to happen, hopefully it’s during 3yr 36k. Now I need to take a look at mine. 9k miles on my 2018, purchased March 2018.
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