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  1. @doubeleive I’ve owned several sets of BFG KO and the KO2. They are very quiet for an aggressive all terrain but like all tires get noisy once they wear down to less than 50%. The noisiest tires I had were Cooper Discoverer ATP which is very similar to their AT3. They started out quiet but at 60% tread left they were extremely noisy on the highway.
  2. @M1ck3y Yes I can. Fun fact the passenger side of the bumper has a larger gap between fender and bumper than the drivers side. Came from the factory that way. Most people don’t notice but I can’t unsee it with my OCD
  3. Installed bed rug which happens to match snugtop carpet. My first bed rug and it’s very nicely padded on the bottom which makes crawling around in bed pain free. Also has a foam on the side’s which is a small amount of insulation when truck camping 🏕 My truck came with the spray on bed liner and the Velcro bed rug uses does not stick well to the bed liner even after using their promoter which they were very stingy with. Not a big deal I guess since it’s mostly to prevent air from getting under it and ballooning up at highway speeds. Not an issue with a tonneau or camper shell / topper.
  4. Got new BFG’s! Tire prices supposed to rise again so decided to drop $$$ and upgrade now. Bilstein 5100 on top notch in front for 2” lift. 2” moto fab block in rear replacing factory 1” block raising rear 1.25”. First pic Goodyear Fortitude HT 265/65/r18 31.5” Second pic BFG KO2 275/70r18. 33.2”
  5. Discount tire matched the eBay tire deal that’s going on expiring today so I decided to drop $$$ and get new BFG’s Bilstein 5100 on top notch in front for 2” lift. 2” moto fab block in rear replacing factory 1” block raising rear 1.25”. First pic Goodyear Fortitude HT 265/65/r18 31.5” Second pic BFG KO2 275/70r18. 33.2”
  6. Your truck looks great! I like the color matched topper / camper shell as well. How are the BFG's holding up? What pressure do you run? Are yours E load range? I am debating same size 275/70/r18 and have same wheels. Bilstien 5100 4th setting on front for 2" of lift and 1" rear lift.
  7. @seamus2154 % agree the GMT800 generation had the best seats in any GM truck / SUV. Hell even my 1997 GMT400 seats are better (not being rock hard) than the 2014 - 2021 generations. Wonder if the cloth seats are better than the leather appointed ones? Oh well, I do enjoy the heated and cooled options
  8. Not sure WTH GM was thinking with the seats in K2XX and T1XX. My fake leather seats are hard as a rock. Reminds me of plastic stadium seats or a park bench. The back seat has more give and comfort!
  9. Nice! Congrats! I still prefer the wheel wells of the k2xx generation but I like the new frontend and hood. Finally a new interior that differs greatly from T1XX and K2XX generation. I am excited about super cruise but currently it's only offered on Denali Trim. SuperCruise only works on mapped roads. Lots of * but its cool that it's finally coming to trucks and SUV's. Hopefully it will come to other trims in a few years. I prefer the good ol column shifter as well. Too bad it's only on lower trims. I bet you can't get a well optioned truck with column shift. Theres always a cutoff on certain options that require the bucket seats then you are stuck with console space wasting shifter which is as mechanical as a button shift.
  10. Several months ago I got a CEL for intermittent P0442. Cleared and went away for months. Recently got it again and now it’s a permanent P0442. After checking the purge solenoid in the intake I moved under the truck and saw that someone attempted to jack the truck up under the Evap canister. Last shop I was at was Discount Tire / Americas Tire over a year ago. I guess the code took months to show because the plastic Evap canister was sealing since it was shoved hard into the metal holding tab. After months of road vibration it developed a leak. A new canister is $150 so I put some JB Weld in the hole along with bending the bracket back down.
  11. If you are going to attempt to fix this yourself do not use the brush on touch up paint. Use the spray can and make sure you shake the hell out of the can to mix the pigment thoroughly. The longer you leave the peeling paint the more it will peel as moisture gets underneath it and forces it to continue to peel. Amazon.com: Dupli-Color Olympic White Exact-Match Automotive Paint for GM Vehicles - 8 oz, Bundles with Prep Wipe (3 Items) : Automotive FYI - $13 a can at local O'Reilly auto parts vs Amazon. Olympic white and Summit white are the same color just different names Chevy / GMC. Lots of youtube videos on how to fix yourself. Takes a lot of time, patience, sanding, blending which is why shops charge $$$
  12. 2018 6.2 crew cab standard bed SLT. Excellent engine. 8L90 has been fine for me except cold shifting is a bit clunky and lurches until warmed up then it shifts excellent. I prob have the hydroscopic trans fluid still but i'm in dry AZ and its only got 18k miles on it so will attempt to flush myself at 30k miles. Friends and I notice the not smooth idle of the 6.2 but its totally normal. Towed 7klbs from 1k ft elevation to 7k ft and no issues going 70 mph up long grades. Premium gas is the downside especially in my area where its at least 40 - 60 cents more than regular. Still I'd choose the 6.2 again. Only other motor I would consider is the 3.0 I6 Duramax since it has all the torque of the 6.2 at a nice low rpm with excellent mpg but downside is 2/3 the hp of the 6.2. Of course the 5.3 is a good engine as well but for the small premium upcharge go for the 6.2 if its available in the truck you want. L86 6.2L EcoTec3 Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More - OnAllCylinders
  13. True. Due to the semiconductor chip shortage, this affects options like DFM, heated seats, rearview camera mirror, etc. You still have all the physical hardware for DFM but the computer chips are missing to activate it.
  14. 2007 - 2015 5yr 100k miles powertrain 2016+ 5yr 60k miles powertrain
  15. I just drive around in L7 (have an 8 speed) around town because I dislike the constant V4 / V8 switching. I always leave AFM enabled on highway trips. Had a Range device but disliked the GMC app always complaining it couldn't get data from my truck because a device was plugged into ODBII port. Also replaced stock muffler with a Magnaflow 12909 along with a AFE intake. Left the resonator after the muffler and do not experience annoying helicopter noise when in V4. I can tell its in v4 by the noise now when low speed driving but on highway its unnoticeable. Still nice and quiet on highway until above 50% throttle input then it sounds like a proper v8. Flow through muffler design and no annoying flapper squeak when cold. FYI - No noticeable mpg improvement with muffler and Cold Air Intake but its sounds a hell Ofa lot better. Supposed to give a few more HP and TQ as well. Black Bear Performance :: Intake Comparison Test Results - 2016 Direct Injection Models
  16. Here is a how to video. He mentions that the replacement bolts are different size than stock.
  17. Fixed? How many miles? Why did it bend pushrod? Mistimed AFM event?
  18. Well I'm out of ideas. I still get a service stabilitrack occasionally, along with B127E especially if I turn truck off and then restart after a few minutes (like when in a long line at drive thru). I also get a random service safety restraint system, airbag light, along with U0140 Lost communication with Body control module only if i leave a door open when truck warming up for several minutes. Shut truck of and restart, no message and airbag light goes off, all seems normal after that.
  19. I still randomly get a service stabilitrack or service safety restraint system once in a few months. I used to get them fairly often. Replaced positive and negative battery cables, cleaned ground under passenger front fender liner and driver seat on frame rail. More info here: Guessing its a loose connection on harness somewhere...
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