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  1. Along with: New interior Super cruise offered only on Denali trim.
  2. I hear you on the thin, brittle, fragile paint. I have some marks on the rocker below the door as well. This is where the older generation of trucks had a better design IMHO. The door covered the side of the rocker. I know the K2 and T1 trucks are triple sealed doors but we have a 2013 GMT900 in the family and that truck is just as quiet as my 2018.
  3. Firm up the truck. Air tires to max psi or at least the rear. A stiffer mono tube shock like bilsteins Sumo springs, Air bags, or helper leaf spring If you need new tires get load range E or LT light truck tire which has a much stiffer sidewall than the tires that came with truck. I specifically sought out the max tow NHT package. My loaded SLT 4x4 crew 6’6” bed truck has a payload of 1900 lbs & 11700 towing. it would be higher if it was a lower trim, no sunroof, less weight etc. FYI I’d never tow near max as that’s double the weight of the truck, get a trailer that big and heavy in some wind or swaying and you could be in for a crash. what’s different vs a non max tow? Extra leaf spring in rear spring pack. Larger ring gear in rear differential. Lower gears 3:42 vs 3:23 with 8 speed trans. FYI stock shocks on my truck were very bouncy, a quick reaction of steering input would make truck dive and bob like a ship on the ocean. I installed bilstein 5100 shocks all around which stiffened up the truck and it is much more controlled now. What’s your rated payload and towing? How much over? Can you put more gear in the trailer to relieve payload in the truck? While not overloading trailer payload. Of course if it’s a lot or you are not comfortable then don’t do it.
  4. Undercarriage / drivetrain rust. 2021 Ford Other brands
  5. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRxevu2UVj-pRTpqY334XxA/videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRxevu2UVj-pRTpqY334XxA/videos
  6. No catch can and you’re still using AFM V4 / V8?! How is this possible it’s still going?! [emoji6]
  7. Correct. Those are the only grease zerks I have found on my 2018 Sierra 1500
  8. Update: cleaning the wax off frame and negative cable didn’t solve the random service stabilitrack message. Still had a month of warranty left so took to dealer. They replaced negative battery cable due to high resistance. Hopefully that solves it.
  9. I’ve run 32.8” BFGKO2 285/70/17 on my truck with front lifted 1.85” from stock. No issues.
  10. I had my cluster pre programmed for hud. My slt has the heads up led brake assist so I think my windshield is compatible. Even with this kit you still have to cut your dash and fabricate a new cluster cover and upper dash trim? I’d like to have hud but don’t want to saw my dash [emoji22]
  11. Tapatalk is 50% off for 1 year ad free if using a mobile device. For computer web browser I use Adblock plus https://adblockplus.org
  12. Here is the TSB with the voltage drop test, Dash grounds G218 check, and starter heat shield shorting out on starter solenoid positive cable. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10168185-9999.pdf
  13. Is your issue still fixed? I have a 2018 and get service stabillitrack randomly and immediately after startup then disappears. No other messages. The G18 dash ground should not be an issue on my 2018. I did clean the negative battery cable frame ground on the passenger side frame rail near the front fender liner. Mine had a decent amount of wax blocking the connection. Haven't seen the message but its only been a week.
  14. Sorry to hear about the mishap but unfortunately ? happens! id suggest the following: 1. Dr colorchip 2. Decal 3. Repaint. It will be hard to match to rest of truck since it’s a dark color and several years old But it doesn’t have metallic flake in it so that’s a big plus on getting the new paint to match very close to the 2014 paint. Don’t beat yourself up too much. We’ve all had similar moments. Let us know how it turns out & Good Luck!
  15. My truck is a 2018 so it shouldn’t need the dash ground fix. I’m not having power steering issue but occasional service stabilitrack message in the DIC immediately after startup then it quickly goes away. The passenger frame ground had a decent layer of wax between the cable and frame. I cleaned it up with a paper towel. Issue hasn’t returned yet...
  16. 1st pic was what it looked like from factory after I removed 10mm bolt and neg cable. 2nd and 3rd pic after I wiped off wax with a paper towel. Will have to give it a few days or weeks to see if I get service stabilitrack message again.
  17. My neg cable didn’t even register a DC mv reading. My pos cable was 5.53 with a jump to 11.65. Got a low battery alert which also notified onstar? after doing this test. I got an diagnostic email lol. Battery voltage is 12.62 so maybe my battery is weak? Or my random service stabilatrack message is a different issue.
  18. Get rid of the spacer and add bilstein 5100 which will level the truck and give you an extra 1” of travel in the front. I’m running 5100 with 1.8” lift in front and stock height In rear. I have a slight rake which I like since I tow and don’t want to be nose high. I believe you can raise front 2.25” with 5100.
  19. Thanks! I have been getting a service stabilitrack on the DIC randomly on startup. Disappears quickly before i can Dismiss. Happens randomly once or twice every few months, only during startup.
  20. Personally I’d wait. New interior in 2022 models. Most likely slightly refreshed front and rear clip as well. Your truck will be worth a bit less the longer you wait but I’d say it’s well worth it since 2022 models will be released late spring / early summer 2021. Used vehicle values are high during this pandemic which will be with us for awhile longer.
  21. I sold my factory 20”s on craigs and picked up a set of 18” AT4 wheels off of a 2020. FYI any oem GM 6 lug wheel 2007 - 2021 off a full size suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Silverado, Sierra, Escalade will fit your K2xx. Must be 17” or larger wheel to clear the front brake calipers. Factory spare is a 17”. Don’t have to worry about offsets when using a factory wheel. Colorado canyon wheels will not fit as they changed the bolt pattern.
  22. What this guy said ^. On a related note I’d have a hard time deciding between the 6.2 gas and 3.0 diesel. They are the same up charge. I love my 6.2 but I don’t have a long commute so the premium gas tax doesn’t bother me. If I was putting on a lot of miles then I’d go diesel for mpg.
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