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  1. On 3/31/2019 at 6:02 AM, Yotaman said:

    Final update I hope. Over a week with no alarms coming in but I was confused they replaced the Brake fluid reservoir level switch and that seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure why I never got low alarm but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth. New owner dealer service mgr replaced it under factory warranty too. So hopefully I have many more miles trouble free.



    Is your issue still fixed? I have a 2018 and get service stabillitrack randomly and immediately after startup then disappears. No other messages. The G18 dash ground should not be an issue on my 2018. I did clean the negative battery cable frame ground on the passenger side frame rail near the front fender liner. Mine had a decent amount of wax blocking the connection. Haven't seen the message but its only been a week.

  2. Sorry to hear about the mishap but unfortunately ? happens!


    id suggest the following:


    1. Dr colorchip

    2. Decal

    3. Repaint. It will be hard to match to rest of truck since it’s a dark color and several years old  But it doesn’t have metallic flake in it so that’s a big plus on getting the new paint to match very close to the 2014 paint. 


    Don’t beat yourself up too much. We’ve all had similar moments. 

    Let us know how it turns out & Good Luck!

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  3. 6 hours ago, acc412 said:
    Good evening all,
    Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and a safe one. 
    I currently have a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT A/T 5.3 4x4 with 71,****** on it. A few "dealer"ships have caught my eye on some 2020s and I wanted to see what you guys have to say about them. 
    I still owe around $10G on my truck but have gotten some good trade offers on it around $31G. 
    Is it worth it to trade in right now or hold off until a new generation comes out?

    Personally I’d wait. New interior in 2022 models. Most likely slightly refreshed front and rear clip as well.

    Your truck will be worth a bit less the longer you wait but I’d say it’s well worth it since 2022 models will be released late spring / early summer 2021.

    Used vehicle values are high during this pandemic which will be with us for awhile longer.

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  4. Guys/Gals,
    I have no clue about rims.  All I know is I am done with 20's rims and want to go back to 18's has anybody bought rims from Costco?  Looking for 250.00 per rim easy to clean don't understand all the Offset and other nonsense.
    Thanks...shoot me some ideas!

    I sold my factory 20”s on craigs and picked up a set of 18” AT4 wheels off of a 2020.

    FYI any oem GM 6 lug wheel 2007 - 2021 off a full size suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Silverado, Sierra, Escalade will fit your K2xx. Must be 17” or larger wheel to clear the front brake calipers. Factory spare is a 17”.

    Don’t have to worry about offsets when using a factory wheel.

    Colorado canyon wheels will not fit as they changed the bolt pattern.
  5. Moving to Texas? Take the 3.0 out on the interstate and check out the acceleration 70-100. 
    The acceleration 0-30 in the 3.0 is about the same as 70-100. It just does not bog down. 
    Then do the same in the raptor. See how many more downshifts, noise, and effort the raptor takes to accelerate or maintain those speeds. Take note of the lack of acceleration unless it downshifts. 
    Also, I can get on it a lot more with the diesel and be way more low key to my girlfriend next to me without her telling me to slow down [emoji23]

    What this guy said ^.

    On a related note I’d have a hard time deciding between the 6.2 gas and 3.0 diesel. They are the same up charge.

    I love my 6.2 but I don’t have a long commute so the premium gas tax doesn’t bother me. If I was putting on a lot of miles then I’d go diesel for mpg.
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