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  1. I have BFG E rated 33” tires on my 2018 Sierra for winter. 285/70/17 Yes mpg went down maybe 1 - 2mpg on highway. Gas is cheap and I’d rather have a tougher tire for nearly the same money as the lower load range. I’m running 265/65/18 Goodyear fortitude ht on AT4 wheels for summer. Mpg is up +2 over the BFG. Big part is that these are smaller diameter 31.5 vs the BFG 32.8”. I did account for the speedo off when calculating mpg with the larger tires. Go with the ones you like instead of settling [emoji106]
  2. My 2018 slt premium plus came with those horrible “Chrome clad” 20” wheels that are actually an aluminum wheel with a PLASTIC chrome cover glued on. Premium my azz. I’ve since sold those and went to 17” BFG 285/70/17 for winter. They are load range E and honestly ride is about the same. I have 18” AT4 wheels 265/65/18 Goodyear wrangler fortitude HT for summer and they are a little softer than BFG and stock 20” but not much. I run 44 psi for better wear and mpg. Lowering air pressure to stock 32 / 35 psi hardly makes a ride difference for me. I’m running Bilstein 5100 shocks as well so that stiffens everything up. My truck is max tow so rear springs are stiffer and possibly front as well vs a standard half ton.
  3. Pickup bed campers certainly have their place but... A family member bought one and it’s a big PITA to slide in and out. Once it’s on the truck don’t really want to daily drive truck with big camper. Definitely feel it’s back their on corners and windy days. He has 3500 truck single rear wheel with airbags. Not much room when you are in it vs a travel trailer. I agree with others that don’t do a slide in on a half ton. If you must get one, get a pop up as they are lower profile and a little lighter but I’d still root for a pull behind trailer you can easily unhook and have a nice unloaded truck to drive a long with more space etc.
  4. Some stranded prob 20 gauge wire I had laying around. I bet it will work fine with your 2015.
  5. I did same thing on my 2018 K2xx. You either need to buy new sensors. Or have yours removed from stock snowflakes and put on AT4. GM changed the frequency of TPMS on T1xx gen. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/236104-winter-to-summer-tires-t1xx-at4-wheels-on-k2xx/
  6. I stripped 1.5” back of wire on each side. Reverse camera comes on with cargo light switch only if I am in P or N. When in Drive I press cargo lamp switch and get msg cargo lamp enabled but nothing on screen. 2018 SLT w Denali cluster mod.
  7. In short: Better to have tailgate installed and closed. Running boards, front air damn, tonneau cover aid in better aerodynamics and increased fuel economy. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2013/05/2014-gmc-sierra-single-cab-photographed-in-gm-wind-tunnel/ https://www.torquenews.com/397/gmc-busts-top-4-myths-truck-aerodynamics All that said, I didn’t notice a difference when adding tonneau cover.
  8. Yep. I’m 5’11 and approaching 5’10” or less as I age. I blame gravity. If I body slam the driver fender I can just reach it. Careful the “high strength” steel is thin! Don’t even breathe on the roof or it will dent. Either find something to stand on or climb on the tire. The HD’s have a nice step built into the front bumper where the half tons have plastic.
  9. See my review of extang solid fold 2.0. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Tri-Folding Tonneau bed cover review after 2 years of ownership
  10. Use a wire instead of diode for cargo lamp/reverse with rear camera linked to cargo lamp switch. There are a few reports that 2016+ trucks can’t turn on cargo light while in drive
  11. Apparently it filters less than stock paper filter which leads to increased airflow. I believe this is how most aftermarket CAI systems work, the filter doesn't filter out contaminants as well as stock restrictive filter but the tradeoff is better airflow. More info Cost: $100 + shipping https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-performance-air-filter-84520923 Upgrade the performance of your vehicle with this Performance Replacement Air Filter. Rigorously tested for durability, long-term efficiency, and seamless integration, the filter has been tested to reduce airflow restriction by up to 10% at 330-g/s, providing increased performance both on and off road. Built with a performance appearance, this drop-in replacement filter contains 5 less filter pleats, which allows for an increase in airflow performance, and boasts a filter efficiency of 99.5% when tested to ISO5011. This filter requires no additional calibration and does not void the New Vehicle Limited Warranty..
  12. I assume there are a lot more 6l80 out there compared to 8l90. I thought the 6-speed was the reliable trans vs the 8-speed? Does the 8-speed suffer from this issue? Mine still has the factory fluid (only 11k miles on my 2018 8l90). Shifts fine most of the time but occasional lurch during cold start and clunky cold shifts.
  13. Definitely mention your wear to dealer if you are within 3yr 36k. You can get font and back katzskin “leather” for $550 eBay if you install yourself. Supposedly katzskin is a little better than oem “leather”.
  14. Here’s my driver seat 2018 11k miles. Installing the driver side grab handle (and using it to lift your azz off seat) helps prevent side bolster seat wear.
  15. I prefer stockish look and no “bro” wheels that stick way out of the fenders which then throw rocks and ? down side of truck and onto others behind. Don’t care for black wheels as they pretty much just blend into tire and wheel well. I don’t mind chrome. It doesn’t rock chip like painted bumpers. All that said it looks pretty good.
  16. I have a Samsclub energizer (Walmart everstart maxx?) from 2014 in wife’s car. Only a 4 cylinder car but it gets driven almost every day, short trips and still going strong in 2020. I have a yellow top optima that’s 15 years old in my 79 k10. That one was made in USA. Supposedly their quality went down hill when they moved production to Mexico. Hopefully optima has improved since then. Still running my stock battery in my 2018. I occasionally throw my noco charger on it when truck sits for more than a week. When it dies, I’ll take a hard look at optima, odyssey, Sams / Walmart. Is AGM worth the extra cost vs standard lead acid?
  17. I think the 18” AT4 wheel looks great on K2xx generation. I promptly got rid of the stock 20” chrome clad (chromed plastic wheel cover) wheels that came on the premium plus package. More info on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxevu2UVj-pRTpqY334XxA
  18. The AT4 wheels were also sold with Goodyear fortitude HT 265/65/18. I picked up a set for $700. No TPMS sensors but found some oem GM 315 MHz sensors on ebay for $30 for all 4. Acdelco # 13516164 worked for my truck. Watch out for Chinese lookalike sensors on eBay and Amazon. The ones I purchased were removed from new takeoffs.
  19. Google result: UQA Bose Sound System premium 7-speaker system with amplifier in center console 1 - Included and only available with (Y3I) Infotainment Package II.
  20. I've towed 4k lbs across desert with 110 outside temps and my 8l90 trans temp was 190 - 215. My truck is stock 6.2L max tow. Can I mod the trans thermostat like the 6l80 or just leave it be?
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