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  1. I am still holding out hope that the Denali will be launched with an 8-speed, offer a selectable 4WD transfer case and available with 6 passenger seating.
  2. I agree about the painted front and rear bumpers and grill with all terrain package. Too bad you can only get the painted bumpers with all terrain package. All Terrain package is only available with You cannot get 6 passenger seating with the all terrain package You can get 6 passenger seating on SLT package, SLT is required for the 6.2 this fall. All Terrain package is only available on 4WD models and is NOT available with these colors: Fire Red Cobalt Blue Metallic Bronze Alloy Metallic White Diamond Tricoat (Double cab models)
  3. The site seemed to respond better for me using Internet Explorer rather than Firefox.
  4. Build your 2014 GMC Sierra now available with pricing, available options, etc. http://www.gmc.com/sierra-1500-pickup-truck/build-your-own.html
  5. I bet the rear bumper is without side steps because it looks higher end than the plastic side step bumper
  6. Maybe they shortened the front end a few inches? The gmt900 engine bays had plenty of room and the new engines are same displacement. Still no dimensions and specifications page on the gmc or Chevrolet website to see if length, width etc changed.
  7. Yeah, I was hopeing it would be avail on sle at least. Good thing is that the 6.2 doesn't say that it requires a double or crew cab. We can still hold out hope that there will be a 6.2 regular cab short bed hot rod available!
  8. FYI - The official GMC Brochure is now available http://www.gmc.com/content/dam/GMC/global/master/nscwebsite/en/home/Vehicles/Current_Vehicles/2014_Sierra/Model_Overview/02_PDF/2014-gmc-sierra-download-brochure.pdf According to the brochure, the 6.2 is only available on SLT. The brochure also confirms that the crew cab is the same existing size as the GMT 900 but they added a few inches of leg room by " cleverly using the existing space ". Here are some additional points if found interesting... - Front 3 passenger leather appointed 40/20/40 split bench with 10 way power seat adjusters including power lumbar control, heated seat cushions and seatbacks, 2 position driver memory (does not apply to lumbar adjuster) and adjustable head restraints only available on SLT - good news for us who want a 6.2 and 6 passenger seating! - no subwoofer for front bench seat, Bose 6 speaker system is available without subwoofer. ( they must be using a center front speaker to count 6) - Rear DVD entertainment system only available with front bucket seats - Express down on ALL windows. - Steering column is now tilt and telescopic - Z71 package now includes - Rancho monotube shocks - High capacity air cleaner - Hill Decent control - Underbody shield package - Eaton Heavy Duty Automatic locking rear differential
  9. GM has said that the "new" crew cab is the same physical size as the outgoing crew cab, but it "feels" roomier because they moved the B pillar forward a couple of inches. I bet the extended cab (now called double cab) is the same size as the outgoing extended cab. GM didn't make a huge deal about larger cabs, just that they "feel roomier". If you have a SLT GMT 900 with the SUV dash, the new trucks may have a inch or two more leg room since the new dash is now mounted higher up in the cabin like the SLE GMT900 dash.
  10. Here are a few more 1080p videos. SIERRA SILVERADO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Sj1OlGSrE
  11. Thanks for the reply. Do you know when the rest of the specs will be released? Truck weight, length width, etc? I am curious to know how much lighter these trucks are compared to GMT900. I bet the Denail will launch with the 6.2 and 8-speed! Similar to how the GMT900 Denail was released with the 6 speed 2 years before it was avail in the other trims.
  12. I bet the 6.2 will be: 435 - 450 HP 435 - 450 TQ 15 city 17 combined 21 highway (4x4) http://wot.motortrend.com/next-gen-lt1-62-liter-v8-for-2014-corvette-revealed-with-450-hp-new-tech-280365.html#axzz2PGsqGmQR Saving and waiting......
  13. I am still holding out hope that the Denail will be released with the 8-speed. (at least we could see how much it helps mpg with 6.2) Similar to how the 2007.5 denali had the 6-speed when all other trucks had to wait until 2009. Hell maybe GM will surprise us with offering the 6.2 and 8 speed this fall. When GM finally introduces the 8-speed I bet fuel economy will go up 10% or 2mpg. That's the improvement the Ram 5.7 Hemi gained from 6 to 8 speeds.
  14. The specifications were previously supposed to be out by the end of March, but officials told MLive.com that March didn’t work due to scheduling conflicts. The trucks, according to GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson last month, continue to be on track. “There’s not any delay, but there’s not any reason to short-cut anything,” he told MLive.com. “We’re on schedule.” http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2013/04/2014_chevy_silverado_gmc_sierr_2.html
  15. March is pretty much over, at the current rate GM is releasing updates about these trucks, we will get the specs when they are sitting on dealer lots.
  16. 7 days remaining if specs are going to be released this month. Do these engines / trucks really exist? I keep seeing commercials for other 2014 vehicles on TV. Waiting...........
  17. Nice find. I am super excited to hear the HP, TQ, an MPG of the 6.2. I am anxiously waiting for the 6.2 to be released this fall. I want 6 passenger seating , selectable 4x4, and the 6.2. I hope it is released early fall :-)
  18. I am anxiously waiting for the 6.2 to be released this fall. I wonder if the Denali will be available at launch or not until this fall since it comes with the 6.2. I want 6 passenger seating , selectable 4x4, and the 6.2. So the denali is not my first choice. I hope it is released early fall :-)
  19. Thanks! Sounds like I may be able to squeeze it in and just have to park on the right side so I can get out of the truck lol
  20. Damn, sounds like you were Serious about getting the truck covered! Believe me I seriously thought about moving an interior wall forward to fit a 3/4 ton but one wall has all my plumbing in it and the other has stairs for interior of house. I have 2 double garage doors like you but to put a single I'm I would have to replace the header and to eliminate the center post, now that's some $$$.
  21. Thanks for the replys. Has anyone busted out a tape measure? I guess I could take one to the dealer 75 miles away or ask to take it on a loooong test drove to see if it fits in my 230" garage. Maybe if I cut out some drywall....
  22. The GMC site says that is the lenght WITHOUT rear bumper....
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