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  1. Could someone post the exact length of a GMC Sierra GMT900 1500 crew cab bumper to bumper? GM says 230 inches without rear bumper. If the damn thing won't fit in my garage then I will just get a 3/4 ton or see what length the 2014's are. Thanks!
  2. 4. The suspension is basically unchanged from the 2007.5 - 2013 trucks. GM calls the 2014 trucks all new because they added some high strength steel to the frame and I believe added / changed where the frame is boxed. I have read some Articles that the suspension is unchanged except for maybe different shock offerings. I my just have to buy a 13, I may not be able to wait for the 6.2's to be released this fall. If the MPG and HP / TQ is amazing then I will do my best and wait It will be interesting to see what the weight of the new trucks are compared GMT900. I know they added high strength steel to parts of the frame and cab. The hood is now aluminum and the beds are stronger rolled steel. If the truck weighs 300 - 500lbs less plus 50 more HP / TQ will fell like a whole new beast!
  3. I thought the reason they didn't release specs until next to the launch date is because they don't want ford or RAM to one up them. This happened when GM released the 2011 HD lml, they released specs with highest HP and TQ in the market. Then ford did a flash update to the power-stroke and beat GM's numbers by a few digits. The corvette is pretty much in a class of its own so they didn't mind releasing it's numbers right away. IMO
  4. Any idea what month(s) the 6.2 is available? Is the 8 speed available on Denali or at end of year? Any info on HD trucks? Thanks for your post
  5. What mpg city and highway were you getting with your 6.2? Since you have the Denali it must be AWD?
  6. Things have been slow around here, some googling brought up this- Kurt McNeil, GM vice president of U.S. sales operations, said the Detroit-based automaker will announce pricing, fuel economy and various performance statistics for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra later this month. We plan to put smiles on the faces of our customers, he said during a conference call Friday to discuss GMs February sales. http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2013/03/gm_2014_chevy_silverado_gmc_si.html
  7. I would go with the 6.6 ft bed. The current crew cab super short bed (SSB) is just two short for me. Hell, I can't even fit a motorcycle in there and close the tailgate.
  8. I have driven both and yes the 1500 is much more car like and easier to drive around town. I could get a gas 2500 but the duramax gets the same or better mpg as the 6.2 half ton unloaded and much better towing. You just get so much more truck (frame, Allison, etc) in the 2500 for the $$.
  9. Lol. My dad bought a 6.0 power stroke first year. All sorts of problems and only had 20k on it whe he traded it in. I sure like the 2011 HD's and rumor is the 2014 HD's are the same mechanical and frame, just the interior and sheet metal refreshed. New Duramax in 2016!
  10. Hi All, After saving $$ for years I am finally ready to buy a truck. Probably a Duramax since I want a crew cab and standard 6.5 ft bed. But if it is a 2014 I could get that configuration in a half ton gas. All you 2007.5 and 2008 owners, would you buy a first year truck again or no? PROS and CONS If I buy a 2014 then at least it would be new looking for the next 6 - 7 years if GM keeps their current refresh schedule. New AFM engines could be great or a nightmare. Buying a GMT900 - Bugs have been worked out and save a few thousand with incentives. Let me know your thoughts!
  11. Does anyone know the part numbers to replace all the fake wood trim with fake aluminum? SLT dash trim and trim for door switches?
  12. I bet the 5.3 "appears" to have the most problems because that is the most popular engine. It would be nice to know what percentages of engines were sold during the years. I have read that it is mostly AFM engines having the consumption problems which are all engines except the 6.2 is non-afm until 2014, then all engines get a "revised" AFM.
  13. Now if you can get a color matched grill I just may have to choose the Chevrolet over the sierra!
  14. I was able to get the original GM part number from www.rockauto.com They list the part for $147.79 www.gmpartsdirect.com lists it for $113.11 - Guess I will go with them. If anyone has other options please share! 19241302 - REGULATOR GM PART # 19241302 CATEGORY: Front Door Window Regulator/Motor PACK QTY: 1 CORE CHARGE: $0.00 List Price: $221.78 Price: $113.11 You Save: $108.67 (49%)
  15. Hi all, My drivers side power window regulator went out (a few teeth are wore down) The metal is really soft compared to my original (the original bushings went bad but teeth were fine.). I am really dissapointed with LMC truck. I ordered replacement mirrors and a power window regualtor. Both lasted just over a year before I started having problems. The Mirrors self adjust when I close a door. Really annoying! Does anyone have a better parts house that stock parts made in the good ol USA? Some googleing turned up a few sites but their price is the same as LMC so I bet its the same crap made in China. http://www.classicpa...1/#.USFMeGdZPvY http://www.classicindustries.com/truck/parts/t70518.html http://www.ebay.com/...3034490&vxp=mtr
  16. Rumor is that the HD's will be available in august of this year. The only major change is sheetmetal and interior. The frame, engine, transmission will closely resemble the 2011 - 2013 model years since they were just refreshed. Speculation is a new duramax in 2016 http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/2011-up-non-powertrain/155930-new-2014-body-style-hd.html
  17. Thanks for the replys guys. I was just so pissed off and fusterated, I had to sound off about the whole experience. The search continues and i keep telling myself that patience will prevail.
  18. Thanks for the posts, Most people don't know Arizona has mountains and some city's average over 120 inches of snow in a year!
  19. I think black looks sharp but it shows EVERYTHING!
  20. Hi all: Here goes my RANT: Did I mention how much i HATE stealers? I mean dealers = stealers. The white truck that was supposed to be in "excellent like new" shape was definately not! There were several pant chips on outside of truck, the tires had about 10,000 miles left at most but they insisted there was at least 50% tread. The stock tires are rated for 50k miles (if you are lucky) truck had 33K. Salesman said I was being picky. I said of course I am when I am looking at a 40K + truck! Started looking at new 2013 SLE's with MSRP of 56 and 54K. I DEMANDED 10K off, after negoiating that for an hour, I demanded at least 8k off MSRP. The best they could do was $6500 off "Their price" which was an additional 2K over MSRP because they tinted the windows and treated the exterior and interior with some bull$hit! I told them I am not paying for extras I don't want and their answer to that was "we do that to all our vechiles, there is no way around it" Salesman was O.K. Then Mr. High pressure sales manager came out and wrote a note on paper that said: " I will buy this truck if you can take 10k off MSRP". He said I had to sign that in order for him to negoiate the price with the owner of the company. I said thats BS and told him that I will go look at another dealer. They said they want to earn my business, blah blah blah and that if I wanted to buy a truck today then I would have signed the hand written contract. They copied my DL for the test drive and got my address so who knows whats going to happen with that. I refused to give them my SSN and told them NOT to check my credit because I already have financing worked out. FU_ _ ! Waste of a day - missed work, traveling and getting nowhere! I guess I will just wait for a private party seller and avoid getting raped for thousands at the stealer, i mean dealer.
  21. Yeah, called on that one and it has a bunch of aftermarket accessories, lift, etc. they want too much for all of the stuff they added and I prefer stock.
  22. Thanks for the reply, I am a little unsure about the whilte too. Some people think white = Fleet or gov vechile and some think it is classy, lasts the longest and hides scratches / dirt. I really like the Mocha steel metallic but that color is kind of rare. I liked quicksilver too but silver seems to be more and more common on the road these days. White will probably be a good choice since it will live in my driveway. My garage is not long enough :-( I have read about a vibration at 65 - 70 on some LML's. There is talk of lawsuits... Guess I will have test drive it at those speeds for a while. What highway mpg do you get?
  23. I have been looking for a leftover 2012 GMC Sierra Duramax LML but those are hard to find (in my area anyway). What do you all think of this? I may get it this week unless a 12 pops up. Talked down to 43K + TTL 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT Duramax LML 4X4 - Carfax One owner who must have driven alot of highway miles 32,500 miles - service records indicate 8k mile oil changes. Is that ok? Summit White with Light / Dark Titanium Leather with heated seats Built 07/11 First owner 10/13/2011 - Thats when the warranty starts correct? 18" wheels with original Goodyear SR-A tires (they say 50% tread) SLT Convience Pkg SLT Preferred Equipment Group Adjustable power pedals Universal home remote EZ lift tailgate Rear parking assist Rear Wheel house liner Remote engine start Premium sound system Towing package Dual zone A/C Steering wheel controls Body color handles Fog lamps small mirrors (which i like even though they will suck for towing) Truck looks like new, even the drivers seat shows almost no wear. I would appreciate your feedback!
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