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  1. Another question, Why is the damn dash so low in the premium interior? It felt like the "truck" dash made the cabin roomier although it lacked all the bells and whistles.


    Anyway still looking for a nice truck in the low 30k range....




    That's exactly how I felt when I ordered my truck! The LTZ interior reminds me of an import car. The lower models have a much nicer interior but you have to order back all the options, and still I had to go to the aftermarket for the ones you can't put back in from GM. Ford and Dodge have us beat for interiors I tell ya!



    Glad I am not the only one who noticed. I am guessing you cannot get the work truck interior with navigation? And maybe it was just me but when I set the blower on "Hi" in the work truck interior it was annoyingly loud. It didnt seem nearly as loud in the premium interior.

  2. Hey all. I went and test drove a 2013 6.2 1500 and a 2013 Duramax 6.6 2500. I really liked how the 6.2 handled and it felt like a much smaller truck compared to the 2500 (even though it is only about a foot shorter). The Duramax felt a hell of a lot more powerful off the line and punching it on the highway. I liked how the 6.2 sounded but it sure didnt feel like 400hp.


    Are new trucks in a "limp or breakin mode" ? I was test driving at 7000 ft so 403hp x 21% = 318hp. Maybe that is why the 6.2 felt down on power? (using 3% hp loss per 1000ft formula)


    Another question, Why is the damn dash so low in the premium interior? It felt like the "truck" dash made the cabin roomier although it lacked all the bells and whistles.


    Anyway still looking for a nice truck in the low 30k range....

  3. SuperchargedSS - I am happy to hear you like your 6.2. Is it great stock or did you put a tune on it already? Do the 6.2's only come with 3:73 gears? I want the tallest gears for highway driving. I rarely ever tow.


    Literally just got it last night. It's stock now. Averaged 16.7 miles from SC to FL. I have the Blackbear Autocal at the house for it. Going to tune it this week.


    This 6.2 came with 3.73. I've seen them with 3.42 before, but nothing more than those two.


    Sticker was $43xxx. I had some GM reward points and ended up with it for $33585.




    That sounds like a good deal! Was that price out the door or before Tax Title Registration, etc? What trim and options? Post some pics!

  4. This truck has all the options I want. Is 36K a good price for a 2011 6.2 with 12k miles? Has anyone done better during "truck month" with 2012's?


    SuperchargedSS - I am happy to hear you like your 6.2. Is it great stock or did you put a tune on it already? Do the 6.2's only come with 3:73 gears? I want the tallest gears for highway driving. I rarely ever tow.

  5. Hi all,

    Resurrecting this old thread. I am getting ready to finally buy my Sierra 1500 with 6.2. I cant find hardly any 4WD 6.2 trucks (preferably silver) in arizona so i may have to travel to a nearby state...


    I have narrowed the search down to these two options:


    2008 Sierra Denali 1500. 6.2 AWD, 80K miles $29k






    2011 Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2 4WD 12K miles $36k




    I would think I can get them down a few K.


    What do you all think?


    Could someone run a report on both the above vins? I want to know what gears and the 2011 1500 SLT has the "Truck insturment cluster" but has the SLT interior? never seen that before...

  6. As you can see, I'm not the only one "lieing" to you about the mileage that is achievable with a 6.2. Seems that everybody that owns one that had replied to this thread is a lier as well. We must all fish in our free time too. LOL.


    Then again, I too love to start a thread asking questions about something that I know so little about but call the people who do, lier's when they tell me something that may sway my mind the way that I don't want it to go. Must be 22 years old.


    Enjoy your Duramax. If I had oodles of money to piss away, I'd have one two.



    Sounds like you need to read over some posts. I did not call anyone a lier. I do appreciate your post on the changes to the 11 Duramax as I did not know all that had changed. I do not have money to piss away, the whole reason I started this thread was because a used Duramax NBS and used 6.2 are similar prices and I wanted opinions on each. I do not appreciate your previous post and turning it personal.

  7. Ok, the more i read this, the more I want a 2011. 50% quieter? wow. Damn, need more money or wait another year...




    "GM says its revamped Duramax is not only more powerful than last year's 365-hp model and cleaner-burning (with DEF injection), but 11 percent more fuel efficient and up to 50 percent quieter at the most common operating speed of 1500 to 1600 rpm."


    Then again, I bet the 2014 will have an 8 speed transmission, and get even better fuel economy and more power / torque of course. It never ends!

  8. If you are not towing a lot of weight on a regular basis it has been a time proven FACT that a diesel pickup is a waste of money over a gas pickup.


    6.2 vs 6.6 stock drag race, bub bye d-max but then again, who cares?


    EVERYTHING minus the cab and box sheetmetal and interior is different between an '11 and newer GM HD truck and their prior years. The engine is different, totally, the frame, suspension and brakes are different, totall, the drivetrain is different, totally. NOTHING under the cab is the same as a 2010 and older. The '11 and newer HD is a REAL HD truck, hands down, period, end of story.


    Diesel maintenance is FOR REAL and TWICE that of a gas engine which I can't see as nothing to worry about, myself.


    Diesel engines typically do last longer, yes.


    The price of Diesel fuel is greater, yes. Don't forget to add in the price of DEF as well, to that.


    Initial cost of a Diesel is higher, yes.


    Resale value of a Diesel is better, yes. (minus the Ford Powerjoke 6.0l debacle)


    Even with all of that said, again, that just proves what I originally said, if you don't tow heavy loads on a regular basis, you don't need a diesel, imo.



    Wow, I didnt realize all that changed? Is it really that much better of a truck for 2011? I thought with the incresased HP / Torque, they just did a tune since you can tune the 07-10 and get 130hp & 260 Torque. I thought about saving more and waiting for the 2014 truck release but am not sure if I want a first year and will like the aggressive styling everyone is going to.


    I thought I was sold on a 6.2 half ton but after reading duramax's getting 19 - 22 highway mpg and the used prices of the trucks about the same, i thought why not go big?


    Trucks I have driven and are in family - 2008 Powerstroke with tune, 2005 Dodge 5.9 Cummings 3500 with tune, 97 chevy 5.7 Gas. I am aware of the ride differences between diesel and gas. The turbo will definately put a smile on your face! I am a Chevy / GMC guy so that narrowed my choice to these two trucks.


    Truck would mostly be a weekly driver and family trips. Rarely towing. I've always wanted a nice new truck. I keep vehicles forever!


    I am used to seeing 1500 crew cabs and I saw a 2500HD crew cab standard bed today. I thought, Holy $hit that thing is a big bastard! But when you look at the dimensions there is only a 10in difference. Why the hell do the specs list "Length Overall w/o rear bumper? what does the rear bumper add 2 - 3 inches? I doubt either will fit in my garage. Are they selling trucks without rear bumpers? ;-)



    1500 Crew Cab short box 230.2in or 19.19FT

    2500 Crew Cab std box 240.2in or 20.01FT



    1500 Crew Cab short box 5377 lbs payload 1623

    2500 Crew Cab std box 7294 lbs payload 2706

  9. Frogfish and SouthCo, are you unhappy with your gassers? Just want to try something different? I was sold on a 6.2 for the past few years but then started looking at prices for 2007 - 2009 Duramax and they were damn close or cheaper than a 6.2. So what the hell! Plus adding an extra 100hp and 240 ft lbs torque with a tune is awesome! I wish the gassers had that much hp hidden away. Must be because of the turbo... Downsides for me on a Diesel is maint costs, stiff ass ride, increased tire wear, and F'N big ass truck! I know the 1500's have a rep for driving like cars. I do wish GM would offer a standard bed on crew cab 1500's. If Ford can do it then why the hell is GM not? I just can't get used to the ultra short 1500 beds on crew's.


    Maintenance costs on Diesel?

    Never had one but everyone's told me that it's a lot more than a gasser.


    Can you get a power bench seat or do you have to go captain chairs?

    I've never seen that option. Maybe when 8-tracks were out??




    Interesting info...



    As far as the bench seat goes, I like the option to seat 6 but would dont want all manual adjustments.

  11. The Duramax got the urea injection in 2011 w/ an all new chassis, it also got a lot more power. But in all honesty your going to have a tough time finding a nice low mileage diesel for under 32k, at least around my area anyway.



    Why did they change frame? Problems or just something new to promote? My 32k range would prob be a 2007 or 2008 maybe 2009. If there is a big difference in later years then I will have to save.


    My brother has a 2008 Powerstroke and he recently did a exhaust and chip. Holy $hit that truck is a whole different animal! Burnouts are no problem and a large increase in HP, torque, and even better mpg!


    If anyone has recommended engine upgrades for Duramax that improve HP, torque, and mpg please post!

  12. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a used 2007 or newer GMC 1500 with 6.2 or 2500 Duramax 6.6. My budget is 32K or below. I rarely tow but will have this truck for a very long time. I believe the 6.2 gets 18 MPG highway so i would think the Duramax gets the same unloaded? I would appreciate your insight on what problems or improvements any years have and what you all recommend. I live at 7,000 feet and drive a lot of mountain highways. Truck will mostly be driven unloaded and for trips, errands. My thinking is if the Duramax gets similar mpg as 6.2 then why not buy an HD with a turbo? I wish they made a 1/2 ton diesel!


    My dad owned a Powerstroke 6.0 ford that had all sorts for engine problems, so i definitely want to stay away from any years with problems.


    What years do you recommend? Is there any large difference between 2007 - 2012?


    MPG for 6.2 AWD or 4x4 stock and tuned?


    MPG for Duramax 4x4 stock and tuned?


    What to look for on a used truck?


    Maintenance costs on Diesel?


    Can you get a power bench seat or do you have to go captain chairs?


    Which years had the cloth seat lint problems?

  13. GREAT info in this topic. I remember back in high school, my auto shop teacher preaching about coming to a COMPLETE stop before shifting gears. Most of us thought it wouldnt do much (if any) damage. Sounds like he was right!


    Have you had any 6 speed GM trannys (6LE 70/80) or something like that in for repair? I'm sure there aren't as many out there as the 4 speeds since the 6 was only in Denalis and SUV's. 2009 year available in the 1500's.

    I could have sworn I remeber someone saying the 6 speeds were mostly selnoids.


    What do you think about their build quality comared to the 4 speeds?



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