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  1. Well after talking with the dealer some more yesterday they have agreed to put a new oil pressure sensor on the vehicle and see if that resolves the issue. They stated they would not be going any further than that however. After talking to a couple of mechanics and reading up on the symptoms typically seen with a faulty oil pressure sensor I'm not optimistic this will fix it. We did take it to a 3rd party mechanic but he said it would be $150 to do the test with a manual gauge so we decided against that when the dealer should be handling it. Looks like we will end up having to walk away. A real shame because for a 2007 this vehicle was super clean and everything appeared to be in excellent condition other than that. Oh well the search continues I guess.
  2. So I've been reading up on this and it would seem the oil pressure at hot idle should be around 20-25 psi. IF testing manually with another gauge confirms this vehicle is only at about 10lbs I think it would be safe to say this is a vehicle I should stay far away from correct? It seems likely it would be a oil pump going South or worn cranks bearings if it isn't the 'easy' fix of a new sensor. Or possibly O-Ring around the pickup tube leaking but that requires the pan being dropped. Any other possible 'easy' fixes? I know I could run some thicker oil in it and who knows it may run for years but I want something mechanically sound not something with a bandaid on it. The dealership didn't seem to want any part of addressing the issue yesterday. I guess they figure someone will miss the issue and buy it. I'm not looking at pouring a lot of money into repairs. In the end I will probably just end up walking but maybe dealership will come around and fix it. I am the same person as the OP. Just realized this is a different account.
  3. Maybe try a new ignition coil? Heat can cause expansion and if there are any hairline fractures it can cause issues at operating temp. Only to be resolved once it cools down a little bit. Sounds similar to your problem. Might be worth a shot if it isn't too expensive or you know someone you can borrow one from.
  4. Have you checked the wheel hub bearing assemblys for play? Common issue on these trucks my first guess would be one of yours has gone bad.
  5. Need to change the power steering pump on my 09 silvy 5.3L. It is leaking and whining during acceleration. Any particular brand you guys recommend? OEM? I'm reading mixed reviews on the cheap refurb units a lot of people saying they are noisy. Thanks for any input! Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  6. So I'm about to change the oil cooler block off gasket on my 09 5.3 Silverado. I have the Felpro oval gasket. One of the sides of the gasket is raised more than the other. What is the appropriate orientation? Does the raise point towards the inside of the block off cap or toawrds the block? Thanks! Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah as mentioned above sounds like your bulbs aren't seating well. Also check the condition of you connectors really well. I know several people including myself have had problems with these trucks burning up the low beam connectors. Not sure if it is a short somewhere or what but I've been through several. I would have the same issue sometimes they would decide to work and other times they wouldn't.
  8. Yeah sorry haven't updated. Grease was on wheel side. Got CV axle replaced and tires rotated and no change. At this point I'm fearing something is going on with the diff. I will take you advice for checking the diff and post results. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. Did you check the connector that plugs into the bulb really well for damage? I had a low beam go out and thought it was the bulb, switched it out and still didn't work. Then I took a good look at the connector and realized something had caused it to burn up and it melted. I don't know what the heck caused it but I spliced in a new connector and haven't had anymore problems. You say you have a little bit of power to the socket so this probably isn't the issue but I would give it a good look if you haven't already.
  10. No I haven't heard any clicking/clunking while turning but I have noticed on a couple of occasions I have the sensation of something clicking in the front end through the gas pedal but not while I was turning so maybe not related IDK. Usually while I'm driving straight at lower speeds. I'm gonna get it checked out to be sure. Hopefully it just needs to be cleaned and have a new boot installed then packed with grease.
  11. Actually might have found my issue. Was looking at front end and noticed drivers side cv axle shaft was black and had grease all over it where it had blown out. Passenger side shaft was clean. You guys think this is the likely source? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah I thought it was the hubs I have just had both replaced and it didn't go away. I will check out the ball joints however as the truck has 140k and has never had ball joints replaced to my knowledge. I'm not hopeful it is in the tires as I have owned many sets some wearing unevenly and have never heard any noise like this coming from tires. Sounds more mechanical in nature but maybe I will get lucky.
  13. As the title says I have a loud humming in the front end of my 09 silverado 4x4 which is at its worst between 45-55mph and upon deceleration. It seems to be coming from the front left side of the truck as the noise is not as audible when sitting on passenger side. It is not really that noticeable at other speeds. I chalked it up to wheel bearings and replaced both to no avail. I am going to have my tires rotated today to see if noise changes position. I have noticed scalloping on some of my tires but didn't attribute it to that because I have had worn tires before that have never made noise like this or this loud. It is a fairly high pitched hum/whiring noise. Tires are 285/65/18 bfg a/t 2s. I will post results after rotation today but do you think it could be a tire? If it is not a tire where do I got from here? CV axles or front diff? Could anything related to the braking system cause this?
  14. Well I have a bad wheel bearing/hub assembly in my 09 Silvy and I'm probably just going to go ahead and change both of them out. Seems to be a lot off different brands out there just wondering what you guys have had luck with? I was thinking AC Delco or Moog those are obviously a little more pricey. Any other brands you guys like to use?
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