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  1. Hello, I have an Undercover Lux tonneau which when closed prevents the tailgate from opening (by design). What it doesn't prevent is some clown (sometime me) from pushing the tailgate button to attempt to drop the tailgate. That's causing the paint on my tailgate to get a bit scuffed, and also causes me to have to adjust the undercover lux. The last time this happened was 120 degreese in Mesa, and I didn't feel like crawl;ing into the bed alll the way to the cab to adjust inges (it has to be done with the tonneau down, or removed completely), so I waited a month for cooler weather. Anyhow, my idea is to put a push button switch like they used to have in door jambs for interior lights so that when the tonneau is down the tailgate is disabled. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the power up / down tailgate? Thanks
  2. Hello, I had my bed rug installed by the bed rug dealer. Water drains fine - you can use a hose on them to wash them down when needed and all the normal bed drains work fine. I've got an Under Cover LUX on top of mine, so I don't get much water in it
  3. I had one in my 14 and loved it. I didn't get one in my 19 and regretted it, but it turned out well as I traded the 9 for a 20 fairly quickly. I did get one in the 20 and still love it. They provide a bit of cushioning when you are in the bed, which is good on my knees.
  4. My 19 LTZ Z71 had them on all 4 My 20 LTZ NHT does not.
  5. Get the 6.2! I traded my compromise 19 for a 6.2 2020 - however I also went from Z71 to the max tow package, so mine's a little different than your choice
  6. You should check with Dennis Fichtner out of Billings, MT. Here's his info from the Corvette forum: email me at [email protected] You can also visit our dedicated warranty website at www.dennymenholtprotectionplans.com to view the plans and you can also request a quote thru that website. My direct phone number is 406-896-3082 or my personal cell is 406-698-6355. Dennis Fichtner Warranty Specialist Denny Menholt Chevrolet Billings, Mt-
  7. My 2019 was fairly flawless, except for the following issues: 1) It was the wrong color. 2) The engine was the wrong size. 3) The suspension was the wrong one. So I traded the Gray 5.3 Z71 for a Red 6.2 Max tow
  8. I have the technology package with the two trailer camera provisions and the bed camera.
  9. Did you order the Technology Package? It comes with "HD Surround Vision with Two Trailer View Camera Provisions" Or the Trailer Camera Package It come with "Bed View Camera which provides two trailer camera provisions" I'm not sure if you can get the "two trailer camera provisions" otherwise.
  10. That would be nice! I was just thinking the same thing, but I went with the blackout flag ones. I still need to wash the truck and install them.
  11. Here's a better picture now that it's for sale
  12. That's so your truck stays exactly where you want it - back up to the trailer and when you go to drop the trailer onto the ball you don't get frustrated because the truck rolled an inch or two
  13. I'm sorry that I don't have a better picture...
  14. I will try to get a picture tomorrow.
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