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  1. also when i do the TSB do I need to clear the the ABS codes current and history or will it reset on its own? Thanks Everyone.
  2. Okay I should pull out the 60A Green Fuse correct? to be properly safe ?
  3. Hey everyone where is the Ground Location as per this bulletin 04-05-25-002E please pictures and diagrams so I can be sure Thank-You Everyone. document.pdf
  4. Thanks just as the diagram shows, which is same for the passenger side!
  5. Hey everyone I need your help I bought and changed my upper control arm with ball joint and the cam plates ( I believe they are called) I marked but are giving me a hard time? any help? Also those cam plates need to be facing the same why like in the diagram correct? because my passenger side is like that
  6. Hey everyone thanks for all the help I have had so far I have a question about where do I get/order can't find it on RockAuto the OEM GM/ACDelco Wiper Windshield Cowl with everything the left and right sides too?
  7. Okay i will get a new key cut to vin lets see Thank-You
  8. Guys I have an update went to a automotive locksmith and he confirmed that my vin and key code are right for my vin and he looked at my current key and can tell its a totally different key code which is why the key cut to vin doesnt work at all, my question how is this possible if even the airbag on and off switch works with my current key and the spare tire lock on the bumper so bottom line is someone went to great lengths to change all locks to match my current GMC key so if i want to go to what my vin says i have to change everything or just let it go like one guy said in the thread and just get a new key coded copied to what i have now, ive owned this since April 2003 so looks like prior to me owning it some monkey business went on and now key code to vin isnt so, when the time comes where I cant turn the ignition lock cylinder not sure what to do best would be to go back key code i think would make sense any thoughts and input from you guys is helpful
  9. correct redvett the key cut to the vin was not the same cuts I am still going to havent had time to get a key cut from a locks-smith to confirm if it was cut wrong or the the ignition was changed
  10. Yes I will try a locks-smith / other dealer just to confirm if the key code has been changed from my vin, its all because my ignition is sticking and dealer said to try a new key cut to code before buying the whole cylinder with keys the part number they gave me for that would be15799769 https://www.amazon.ca/Genuine-15799769-Ignition-Lock-Cylinder/dp/B00GU9YQEG
  11. i got the key code from the dealer printed out if i bring that to a locksmith to rule out the dealer cut it wrong with the key code would a locks-smith be able too? or can anyone pm me they key code to compare with what key code the dealer printed off for my VIN?
  12. dealer thinks my locks on ignition and doors where changed thats what they said and yes i brought my GMC Original key which is below here my original key

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