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  1. Hi there anyone know the GM Part numbers for the fog lights kits ? Thanks
  2. I just want to be certain so I have 2001 GMC Sierra SL and a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado LS so under the bumper/radiator area there should be the plugs for the fog light? Silverado has power windows and Sierra does not. Can anyone confirm for sure if I give my VIN of each? What GM parts are specifically required after that? Thanks everyone.
  3. Hi, would just like to know if both my trucks have wiring for fog lights by giving my VIN? And if so after where would I find it under the front bumper? Thank-You
  4. Hi I have a question about the light bulbs inside these controls can i order bulbs from GM Dealer or do I need to order the whole switch? Thanks
  5. Hi just want to confirm a 2002 Silverado RCSB wheelbase is 119" Inches?
  6. Hi guys sorry about asking this again where can i find the proper zip ties / clips for the transmission cable?
  7. I would appreciate if anyone can find out what the part number is i can only find the part number for the cable itself
  8. Hi everyone I have a question the automatic shift cable under the truck one of these black clips/ziptie has come loose what is the part number for it please and where can I find them? Thank-You I have attached a photo as well of what I mean
  9. Hi I hope everyone is safe, I have question and a problem I went to replace my original Door Check Strap on the passenger side front door of my 2001 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Truck with the latest one GENERAL MOTORS 15173407 and I felt after replacing it the door felt funny open and closing but never made any noises. I double check everything by losening the 2 door bolts inside the door and one of them decides not to come out and further checking the bottom of the 2 nuts/bolts is just spinning. How do I and can I reach from the back of that to get plyers or vice-grip to hold the bolt from spinning and take off the nut and put on a whole new GENERAL MOTORS 15173407. I appreciate everyone's generosity and help if anyone has had this happen before. Thank-You.
  10. This is what is happening to my wipers will the wiper pulse module fix it? anyone had this happen before? Thanks
  11. Hey everyone have another question to ask my 2001 GMC Sierra V8 4.8L 2GTEC19V611169267 a couple of years now the wipers don't park next to those small black lines on the bottom of the windshield where they should (due to ice frozen on wiper blades couple years back) all wiper speeds work except to park they bump up a little bit 2 inches or so above what should I do? I have new wiper arms from dealer as the wiper arms the black paint finish was fading so the nuts on the arms are tight. What causes the wipers not to park next to those small black lines on the bottom of the windshield? is there anything to rule out first before buying parts? Does the Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module fix this problem for sure? Thank-You.
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