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  1. Hey guys I need some help please can anyone post a photo of the trailer wiring for my truck the colours of the wires names a Diagram etc please if it helps even further here is my VIN 2GTEC19V611169267 Thank-You
  2. 19127364 is the colour Number "Pewter Colour", but whats the "Graphite Colour" Number?
  3. Okay ill try to get one from a 2007-2013 but in the meantime can you do me a solid and find out then whats the number for a 2007 Sierra Classic Graphite number? and also do they still come in cloth? and if not why leather ?
  4. okay does it come in the original colour Graphite like is it number specific?
  5. Hey carnau VIN is 2GTEC19V611169267 what about this number is this the current replacement for the 2007 Sierra Classic 19127364?
  6. okay find out for me if its available or if there is an alternate oem part number since they made gmt800s until 2007 as you know
  7. Hey Thanks carnau is this OEM GM part you found on amazon or is this aftermarket? and is it for certain even in USA that 88978842 is discontinued?
  8. Hey everyone I have a 2001 GMC Sierra SL 4x2 here in Ontario, Canada and I am in need of the Centre Console Lid for the 3rd Front Row Seat I found the part number is 88978842 and its been discontinued atleast here in Canada can anyone in the USA help me find the OEM Part I know the Colour is Graphite if anyone can help Thanks I know Dorman makes it too but I wanted OEM
  9. anyone with part numbers for all of the above I would appreciate it Thank You
  10. Hello everyone I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 2 Wheel Drive SL 4.8L V8 Extended Cab Truck Here in Ontario, Canada and looks like I have a fuel leak because its smells like gas crazy and its leaking where the Cab and Box meet in the middle, now I'm not sure if its a line or the top of the fuel tank not sure, its getting looked at, but I want to confirm the OEM GM Part Numbers for the complete Fuel Line System from the tank to the front of the motor and, the OEM GM Fuel Punp Part Number and Fuel Filter OEM Part Number because I might as well do all of it, if anyone can be so kind as to all the part numbers I would appreciate it Thanks
  11. yea ill stick with 255/70R16 then speedo is still correct with this size
  12. ok so to be safe and have a correct speedo I should stick to 255/70R16 then?
  13. what happened SouthernSilveradoGuy85? wrong answer posted?

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