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  1. I don't even look at the price half the time since there's not a whole lot that I can do about it. That being said the wife and I don't really go many places either, and neither of us are far at all away from our respectable jobs. I've always tried to have employment close to home that way I don't have to stress about these kinds of things as much. Some people aren't as lucky though. We also don't use anything lower than 89 octane in any of our four vehicles either. The 1500 Silverado & Mazda CX-5 get 89, the Cruze gets either 91 or 93, and the 2500 Silverado (which I haven't started driving yet) uses diesel.
  2. I spray all of mine down using Super Clean and then rinse it off. Works great!
  3. So at some point someone had installed the wrong shifter in this truck. It’s supposed to have the GMT900 style shifter with the manual gear selection button. Someone put the GMT800 style shifter in it for some odd reason. I bought the correct shifter as well as a new boot, and now everything works exactly as it should again.
  4. I’m going to start on rebuilding the entire front steering and suspension. I’m just going to gather all the parts I need and then tear it down and do it all at once. I bought some brand new AcDelco brake calipers a few weeks ago for the front. I painted and clear coated them yesterday.
  5. So I picked up a new project a few months ago, a 2006 2500HD LBZ Duramax with the 6 speed Allison. Truck has over 330k miles on it and needs a lot of work honestly, but I feel like I got it for a good price so I’m happy. Thankfully I can do the majority of work it needs myself.
  6. I usually wait 3 months but I read recently it's not necessary any longer...
  7. Not even the two I had without any major problems were flawless, but they were a lot better vehicles compared to the others.
  8. Got rid of my 2015 a month ago for issues with the 8 speed transmission. That was my last newer GM pickup, I've had six different ones over the years and have only had two that I didn't really have any problems with.
  9. Also swapped out the tow hooks for some red ones from Rough Country.
  10. Just before winter I noticed that the truck wasn’t running like it should. Looked under the hood and noticed that it looked like the PCV valve was puking oil. My best guess was it was clogged since I had previously run CRC GDI cleaner through it twice to clean out the carbon/oil residue. So I decided to gather up everything I needed to perform a walnut blasting to the intake valves when spring came. Last weekend I was able to get this done. The valves weren’t as bad as I was anticipating, but either way I wanted them to be as clean as possible. The truck now idles almost completely smooth which is the main issue I was having. I also replaced the spark plugs & wires while I was at it since I took the spark plugs out anyway to make it easier to turn the motor over by hand when checking that each valve was closed before I began blasting it. Below are some pictures from before and after.
  11. I have one sitting in my basement, but have not installed it yet. My transmission was replaced under warranty last year because it was hesitant to go into drive whenever the truck sat for 8 or more hours. It’s funny that they never installed a dipstick and use the excuse for it as people don’t need to do it themselves because they’ll screw up the transmission, but GM themselves can’t even get these transmissions right to begin with.
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