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  1. GM Selling Less Vehicles, At Record High Prices

    Doesn't the whole fleet ordeal lower resale value?
  2. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    The thing is fugly.
  3. Daryl Z71's 2006 Silverado Z71 Re-build

    Thanks! Don't be jealous though because it was an involved job. lol!
  4. I like it, my wife loves it. Makes me happy as now she's more likely to want a GM product for her next vehicle.
  5. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    I much prefer the Sierra over the Silverado.
  6. Impressive, but I'm glad I won't be the guy having to work on these things in the future. They're making them harder and harder to work on in your own garage.
  7. Sounds like they are careless which is something I've experienced in the factory I use to work at.
  8. Gas prices are slowly climbing again...
  9. If they style the front bumper correctly on this I think it will look awesome.

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