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  1. That sucks! i too have a summit white truck. I will never buy another one ever again lol. See everything on it and the little rust specks embedded all over the sides(mostly winter months) from the brakes i guess reacting with the salt up here in Ontario are enough to drive you crazy after a wash. Nice as white stays clean or at least gives the appearance, but pain in the ass. You'd have never seen this on any other color.
  2. I have found a couple annoying rattles in the dash of my 17 crew. I found the "most" annoying one inside the passenger fuse panel compartment. Made it sound like it was resonating thru the whole dash. There is a fuse block/wiring harness square plastic thing in there, Jammed a peice of cardboard in there and good to go. A new rattle has just started towards the drivers side....haven't found that one yet lol
  3. Mods, feel free to move to news or delete but didn't know where else to put this but apparently someone working at the fiat plant snapped this and put it on Reddit. Anyone see it yet?? I find it looks like that spaceship thingy from war of the worlds with that chrome eye brow ha https://www.autoblog.com/2018/01/12/reddit-user-leaks-photo-of-unmasked-2019-ram-1500/ weird looking
  4. http://driving.ca/chevrolet/silverado/auto-shows/detroit-auto-show/2019-chevrolet-silverado-debuts-in-detroit-with-a-diesel-under-the-hood
  5. Yeah true. You definitely have more than a lean issue it seems. You're a stronger man than i lol. I couldnt bare the thought of all those washers under there and the bumper uneven lookin. Hope you get this resolved, if not at least a new truck out of this bro
  6. ah crappy to hear man hop you get this all figured out. Id be pissed also. I too think something is up with my truck on the right rear. No matter what flat surface i park on my rear passenger fender to ground is always an inch lower. my bed to window as you measured is spot on but when i stand back it seems as though my truck sags towards the rear passenger tailgate, very weird, ive had it in and they told me everything is fine(i think something is up as well). I hate looking at my truck from the rear and always noticing this. I have a 2017 sierra crew. Never had this issue with any other truck ive owned. They always looked and measured out level from side to side. Not jackin your thread, just wanted to let you know there are others with messed up lean. Love my truck but what the heck eh. Good luck and keep us posted man
  7. I had a funky smell going on whenever i put the air on in my new 17 sierra with only 4600 kms. Funny story is i noticed a squished mouse behind my front right passenger tire one day and didn't think anything of it. Well fast forward a month and a bit with the smell getting worse and for whoever entered my truck always said "what the heck is that disgusting smell" my niece wouldn't even get in lol. I guess i got used to it. Well i decided to check the cabin air filter and low and behold a huge ass ripped apart nest with two decaying dead baby mice. I guess the mother must have tried hopping out one day when i left with the truck and lucky i ran the fkr over lol. Not so lucky for it tho. So yeah i lived with this going on and smell for way too long before i checked! But anyways imaging had i not got their mother and she reared those, man my truck probably woulda been a disaster. Anyways, New cabin air filter, a good vacuum and plenty of lysol she smells like new again. Now im paranoid and always want to check it lol
  8. So is there no way we can get this or what? For random members to post tsbs that they've come across? What's the big deal?? I don't understand. You'd think I was asking for money lol
  9. I agree! So can we get this(Tsb posts)to be a sticker mr moderator?
  10. I totally agree with this! I've been here also, I've found a tsb related to an issue I was haveing a couple years ago with an older truck. Turned out I've had the problem for the whole time I owned it with only getting the run around at the dealer. I later found a tsb and brought it in. They did the fix and truck was fixed. Blows me away why they just can't look this up. But as you said above, a lot of incompetent employees the dealers have these days. Would like to see a tsb sticky done regardless of if GM frowns upon it. Heck they don't seem to care giving you the run around, so why should we
  11. Thanks, I thought so as well! Can't believe there is no pinned sticky on this already! Hello moderators??!! Anyone know how we can get this pinned? Thanks
  12. Hello, pardon me if i cannot find this, but can we have a pinned post dedicated for TSB's? I have a 2017 sierra and have found so far 2 service bulletins for my year by searching the forums. I printed one out for future reference but i cannot find the other i read a few weeks ago. Can we get a pinned post for them if we dont already have one??, and can someone share with me if we do??, as im a long time member and i dont see anything anywhere. You'd think it'd be sticky, if none then lets get one, moderators?.

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