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  1. 93. A look at the compression ratios with the 5.3 will tell you the same thing. sure, it’s got antiknock sensors which retard the timing when predetonation Or “pinging” is sensed, but a motor with 11:1 should be running high octane pump gas.
  2. Installed my GM black bowties that I ordered, and tomorrow I’m doing GM bed lights. hope the lights work good, seeing in my bed at night and when I go hunting has been tough.
  3. why dont you mock it up. i dont see why it wouldn't, unless the lengths are different, or the hangers are in different spots but i dont think 19's and 20's changed that much from 2014-2018's...could be wrong, but unless someone knows for sure, take whatever you see or hear with a grain of salt. you'll absolutely need the new style bumper to use the whole system. cut and couple the muffler in place of the mbrp. this is a big reason why im going with a corsa touring. sports are too load for everyday. youll be "that" guy. they sound good on youtube though...
  4. I think with any type of metal, it’s over recycled. I think that has a huge part of why things are rotting. Then again, if proper metal prep procedures are done prior to painting, this shouldn’t happen... goes with steel, iron, copper, etc. the quality isn’t there anymore.
  5. I’m looking into tuning and didn’t read a single page but this one, what do you think the reason is for GM to be retarding the timing on 2016’s? i have an autocal from my duramax, I need to unlink it from ATP trucks, and give the info to blackbear, but I don’t have a laptop at the moment, I’d have to get a charger and battery . I know how to scan and load tunes on the efi live programs. Is the Diablo i3 just as good or comparable with their canned stuff? I know it’s not as customized..I mainly want to hold gears longer, not be in 6th going 40mph around town, be lugging at 900rpms and in 4cyl. But I want more response, afm off, less tq mngmt, firmer shifts, 93octane. Just wake it up and maybe get a little more juice out of it, I know the gains aren’t much on the dyno but the ass dyno, it’s night and day. Truck is stock, I’m getting a corsa catback, keeping the stock intake which breaths fine, cai’s are a waste of money if you have no other mods done to the motor, longtubes with high flows are in the future after my tuning, no forced induction or cams in my plans, if I were to get into my motor I’d go with a supercharger. Is going blackbear worth it for my uses over a diablo i3? Looking for real responses from people. From what I know myself, efi is the way to go, but I think with my mild case, diablo would be fine. Conundrum... price difference isn’t shit because I have a autocal already.
  6. I love at3’s. Just got my wife’s jeep some and my 2016 Silverado a set of at3LT’s. My duramax had them. Awesome tire. Dry wet mud dirt grass. Great tire. Got 60k out of them. Mpg’s? you bought a v8 truck. Not a car.
  7. I used to spin out a lot with the sra’s on my 16. Junk. Absolutely junk. Put on cooper at3 LT’s. ****ing awesome. Bites good wears good and not bad off road either
  8. If you have to motor tore down, why on earth would you put a stock cam back in? atleast go with a stage 1 or stage 2 cam. Seems asinine.
  9. Manual 5th for around town. Use the money saved toward a tune
  10. I’m an at3 guy through and through. My old duramax had the at3 My new 1500 has the new LT model in 275/65/18, got them Saturday wife’s Jeep has the regular at3, got them Saturday, previously had them too. Great wear, traction, all around great tire. I get them every time I need tires.
  11. I feel those roll ups will leak and bind up. Too much BS for what it is. I’ve seen people kick the shit out of them at stores when they need to use their bed. Idk what brand it was but I laugh my balls off. I’ve seen it a few times actually. I’m using my extang trifecta from my 2005 duramax on my 2016 1500, and it’s just as water tight as it was new, fits close enough, could be 1” longer and 1” wider, but my bed stays dry from the car wash and even when I blast it with the hose up and down the sides. I use the vinyl conditioner they sell once every few months to 2 times a year minimum, and it sits outside 24/7 365. It’s 6-7 years old and still perfect. The more moving parts, the more bends, the more seams, the worse you are for water tightness. Rubber seals dry rot quick in hot climates with a lot of sun.
  12. I have the same year and same truck. I have the motofab 1.5 up front as well, and have been researching coopers new line of at3’s for new rubber. You have the setup I’m going for. Any way you can grab pictures straight on of the truck to show the width of your tires? Maybe turn your wheel as if your turning left? im going back and forth with 275/65/18 and 285/65/18, but now you got me going on 275/70/18 due to no rubbing and I can actually see someone with the same exact everything as I have. I like the sidewall of the xlt’s better than the lt’s But it’s not a deal breaker, the tire size is going to dictate it. thanks!
  13. That’s correct! but if you actually press a button, you’ll see that the other settings are still in auto. Example press auto. Ac will be on auto, blower direction will be auto, fan auto, fresh air intake or recirc auto. Everything will be in auto. Press the recirculate button or any button. You will see that the fan will still be in “auto” and now it will bring in fresh air due to you changing the setting. The display for the hvac will pop up and tell you the status of each control. Hard to explain. Jump in your truck, and turn auto off (if it’s already on) and back on, then change the blower direction or something. You’ll see it. Until you change the fan speed, the fan will stay “auto”, or any other feature from being auto controlled, even though the light is “off”, the settings you did not touch will be in auto still. 2016 lt silverado
  14. I’ve noticed while in “auto” mode, I can change the vent locations, recirc, ac, and fan speeds, while still staying in “auto”. Maybe you have the fan speed “manually” set while in “auto” mode? Take it out of auto and put it back in i leave mine set at 70, auto mode, AC manually on, vents to feet and windshield, recirc set to outside air, and don’t touch the fan speed knob. The fan will ramp up and down automatically, while keeping the AC on for dehumidification, air won’t be blown at my face or hands, while having fresh air intake. Best setup I found. remote start will be full speed, until key goes in and turned. Phone calls will have the fan slow down. The auto fan setting in the menu is for the fan speed once the temp is “satisfied” in the truck. I have mine on low. If it’s satisfied, why run high, or medium? The temp has already been achieved...
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