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  1. Crew or Double Cab?

    Go for the crew cab! I had an 09 Sierra that had the older suicide rear doors. When I bought my 14 double cab. You could not put anything in the back seat bigger than a small laundry basket. When my son was born I tried fitting his carrier in the door and it would not fit either. The rear doors are way to narrow now.
  2. Summer heating Issues!!

    Yes. I don't think the active shutters came out till the 17 model year. I have a 16 and it does not have them.
  3. These trucks have electric fans now. Not like the old style where the fans were belt driven. Which relied on the engine running some fast RPMs to spin the fan enough to keep things cool while not moving. This was the reason older cars would get hot inside while sitting in traffic. I used to shift into neutral and keep the RPMs up while sitting back in the day.
  4. So let me get this straight. Your 1-2 years (depending on when you bought it.) and 8,000 miles OUT of the warranty period that you knew existed when you bought the truck. Yet you want GM to cover the repairs more? Dude that's life man. Out of warranty means just that. Be glad they didn't charge you for the diagnostics and offering you a discount. I'd hate to see this post if it had been a major repair like the A/C or Transmission!
  5. Polorized Film on Outside Mirrors

    Like others above are saying. That is the auto dim feature on the mirror. It looks like it is stuck in the on position. Mine only does that at night. It helps cut down on headlight glare at night. The drivers side and rearview are the only mirrors with this feature at night.
  6. 2018 stepside bed gmc sierra

    GMC changed the lighting in the 2017 model to all blue dash lights like the Silverado. I'm glad I got a 16 that's still red.
  7. This is my guess to. One color for all trucks saves them inventory and manufacturing as well.
  8. The rubber insert comes out rather easily. As stated above I wash mine in the sink and reinstall it.
  9. 2018 remote start

    No you can't it has to be done at the dealer unfortunately. In the kit there is a code that the tech uses to call GM and get authorization to reprogram the truck for RS.
  10. Yes purely cosmetic. The Caddy folks want their engines with bling I guess. I told my wife about getting one of these a year ago when I 1st saw it. She asked why would you waste the money when 99% of the time nobody will see it.

    The 14-15 seats had a system that actually cooled the air slightly (can't remember the name). In 16 and up trucks they removed that portion of the seat and only use the fan system that you describe. I have the ventilated seats in my 16 and I.M.O. they are a total waste of money.
  12. This is normal. Your just seeing it because you used remote start and can see the back of the truck. It does the same thing if you get in and turn the key ,but most people are not looking in the mirror at that time to see it happen.
  13. 2017 Grill in 2014 Silverado

    I believe this has been asked here before. They won't match up. The grille was changed on the Chevy and the GMC in 2016.
  14. Did we get a sport button ?!!!!!

    Since that seems to be the lighting control area. I bet the +/- buttons control the dash lights intensity. Not cruise control.
  15. Chevy legends calendar

    I believe this is part of the deal where Chevy owners signed up for the 100th Annv. club. I'll bet some shop up on ebay.

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