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  1. 4 turns was 1”, still get slight rubbing but I can deal with it. I actually had to trim the front air dam a little while it wasn’t necessary at stock height. Still have 3/4” rake. Ride quality was no noticeable change, I’ll be getting an alignment done soon now.
  2. Not looking for 2-4” of lift and want to maintain a slight rake without adding rear blocks, just want to dial it up enough to eliminate tire rub with my 295/65-20’s on 0 offset wheels. Hoping 1” would do it. Has anyone done this, did ride quality suffer? Any issues with upper control arms / CV angles? How many turns was it?
  3. I just mounted 295/65-20 Toyo AT3’s on 20x9 0 offset BMF REPR’s, stock suspension height. I had to tie the front inner fender liners forwards, and still have some pretty serious rubbing at the back on my stainless mudflaps. Not sure what to do about them. They’re so thin that even if I remove them I will have rubbing on the hard plastic that they are mounted to. I didn’t want to have to either do a levelling kit or find some wheels that I actually like that have a positive offset.
  4. Speedometer seems deadly accurate now with the 295/65-20’s, go figure. I never checked it with the stock tires.
  5. Are dealers able to do this? Putting 295/65-20’s on a 2020 3500SRW and would like to be able to run the rears lower than the 62psi that triggers the low air warning.
  6. Despite what I read here I decided to try it and mine appears to be effective at -12 to -15 the last couple of days.
  7. On my recent 1500’s and the wife’s Yukon/Tahoe the block heater didn’t do anything until ambient temp was down to around -20 C. Is it like this for the duramax too? Haven’t been plugging mine in this winter as it’s been a warm one and temps haven’t been anywhere near -20.
  8. You won’t notice the lack of headroom that I did, I’m 6’5. If your inseam is anywhere close to mine though (34”) you’ll notice the dashboard extends out to almost hit your right knee, even with the seat all the way back. the difference in interior space is huge, I was shocked.
  9. Still has way less legroom up front. The seat doesn’t go back any farther than the crew cab. I’m 6’5 with not exceptionally long legs, 34” inseam, and my right knee is literally a short leg hair away from touching the dashboard in the Ram. I expect if I got in an accident driving one my right knee would be toast.
  10. I was very close to buying a new Ram. They’re a beautiful truck. Unfortunately there is no room in them if you’re tall, my right knee was against the dashboard and my head was brushing the headliner, with the seat all the way down/back. I couldn’t believe it. I was ready to buy it as I was really smitten with the truck but that was a deal breaker for me. I then drove the new GMC and despite finding it a little visually unappealing, I really liked how it drove compared to the Ram. The Ram felt really stiff and the engine felt laggy in comparison. So much more leg, head and shoulder
  11. Around 17-18 mostly highway with some city mixed in.
  12. I’ve gone about 2500 miles and my gauge says half full, no towing.
  13. First tank I got 18.4 hand calculated, 60% highway 40% city, 634 miles between fills. DIC said 19.4.
  14. How much did the 295’s effect fuel mileage and odometer?
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