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  1. This is hideous. It worked on the early 14-19 k2xx models very well, but this is fail.
  2. Worst day ever

    Is this real life?
  3. Does anyone know if the assist steps from a '14-'18/'19 LD will fit a '19? Lots of cheaper options out there. Looking for Crew cab steps in chrome or the wheel to wheel steps. I have a CC standard bed on the way. I am in Michigan.
  4. RST 2 Tone

    This screams Douchebag.
  5. Do any of the stubby antennae get good a.m reception?
  6. Actually, the GM wont let a chevy dealer do GMC warranty work again.
  7. My 2013 is limited at 40 in reverse. It is also a quite high RPM at that point. I think higher speed would be quite controllable, but the biggest problem is doing 40 in reverse on a 85 degree day. The radiator is useless without forward movement of the truck to push air through it. The fan gets pretty crazy after a reverse jaunt.
  8. I can't say enough about how much I love my Tweels on my mower, but no thanks for my truck. They get right full of mud. I is the greatest feeling not worrying about air pressure though!
  9. Save your pennies and get the Weather Tech no drill. $100 shipped from them.
  10. I vote floor mat hitting the pedal.
  11. A little I6 info “Video”

    Interesting but you will never see me spending the extra cash. By the way, same torque as the 6.2 gas.
  12. One of the problem areas I experience on my truck is paint loss and chipping around the wheel well edges. They always get rusty first too. Why doesn't GM give the Silverado similar fender will trim that the Sierra has? If the Chevy dealer was not in my town I would just buy a Sierra. What gives? GMC Chevy
  13. This is encouraging. I went to the dealership last night and my salesman searched for a CC standard LTZ in white and there were only 5 of them in five states around Michigan.

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