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  1. Same here. Did a proforma on the value of the 6.2 in the past and it always holds its value.
  2. Haha, good. Well, I was parked and restarted twice and nothing happened. Then I put it in drive. When I moved ahead it shut off the message. Weird glitch. Thanks for the ideas!
  3. Unhooked my trailer and cannot clear this message. Cycled the truck off/on, hit the steering wheel button. Nothing. Any ideas?
  4. My local dealer Dave Hall Chevrolet in Marlette, MI had one Yesterday.
  5. I don't do any serious mud or rocks, but I drive off road through big drainage ditches on sand hills and have never bent anything. I see your point though. I got some OEM takeoffs because I use them every time in and out of the truck. Without them my leather seat bottom suffers. I am in and out of the truck 20 times a day. They protect the body from stone chips too.
  6. To the OP, I thought only HD trucks are built in flint?
  7. Agreed. They really add light out the sides of the headlight beam to the ditches to spot deer.
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