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  1. lol, well thanks for replying... I dont know what to do, Its like these two switches are reversed polarity for what their function used to be I suppose. But if i reverse the polarity to the harnness (which i am only using it for AUX 4) it may screw up the indicator light which is working fine. What i need is something to reverse the polarity before i get to the latching relay, because everything other than that works fine. I thought there were others here that got the exhaust brake swithc working for something else other than that function...
  2. This is NOT something that resolves itself. As noted in bulletin PIC6220: It pretty much says GM is looking into the issue and there is nothing they can do about it. I had the dealer replace my camera and cable almost year ago, and it worked fine until i was plowing week ago and putting it into reverse a lot this message came back, and the picture quality is not the best as it was. Now its fine. It is something GM should have addressed by now and offered a fix at no charge. Any insight?
  3. This is intermittent issue, As of now its been ok. If it is intermittent would it still be software issue?
  4. How do you do the software update yourself? I had brought my truck is twice for it and they said it wasn't doing it, they've never seen it before and can't duplicate the issue. What a crock! Well before my warranty was up I brought it in for bunch little things and explained this to them again, showed pictures I took of the error message and it picture wasn't right. Mine still showed the picture and was operating but it had the error message on screen still. They ended up replacing the camera and cable which seemed to do the trick. I plow so I throw it in reverse a lot when I do, now it's been year or so and I'm experiencing same problem. Do you think there would be another update due? My warranty for this is up I think so I would have to do it myself. I am tech savvy so I could if its possible. Anyone know how? What was your fix and did it work? Thanks Gregg
  5. Hello, I have posted this in this thread here but have not gotten any answers yet. I will assume its not being watched anymore, but i still would like some help if possible. I have done this successfuly 5 years ago when I got my truck, but only used AUX 1, AUX2, of the switch bank i installed. Now i want to utilize the last 2 AUX switches. The problem I have is that the switches are acting different tha n the other 2 i used, they have 12V+ initially and when the switch is depressed the power goes to zero. The other 2 switches are opposite this. It is the Exhaust brake switch on the end of the switch bank i am trying to use. If i set everything up same I have the problem of the light being on all time and not being able to be switched off. Not sure i can reverse the polarity on the exhaust brake harness since this is the only thing i am using it for, but it may affect the indicator light feed which is working fine. I am hoping to come up with a solution where i can maybe do something to the board with the latching relays or the feed from the switch which is 12v+, i need tis to be nothing when in relaxed position and 12v+ when pushed to turn on the latching relay. I hope this makes sense and i can get some insight from you guys. Thank you
  6. So i guess no one is watching this thread anymore???
  7. How can i get pin 4 & 5 to work like AUX 1 & 2 did? The exhaust brake doesnt work like them. There is 12v+ initially, then when hit it it goes to zero volts. I dont know what CNG is but all i need it to do is turn on a latching relay when pressed, then turn off the relay when pressed again.
  8. I know this is old but hope you get it lol. I did this about 5 years ago and only used first 2 aux for lights. Now i want to use another and i was reading this over again and I am wondering if i did the indicator lights wrong. I do have it all working I use one latching relay for the relay to the light bar and another for the indicator light. So thats 2 for each switch. I have 4 hooked up now. This does work, But i see you say here to hook up the indicator to NO function and it will turn on and off with the switch . Does this work for you? I would help me out as I would not have to add another relay just rewire what I have
  9. So I can just spray right over the red colored grease coating? I was actually thinking of linex. It is coming off in few spots and is rusting little, but not much. Do i have to remove all of the grease coating?, I kind of power washed most of it off. I didnt use any cleaners or solvents. I love Amsoil products, I am a distributor myself. Can I apply this product over the rest of the frame that ddnt come clean? Have you used it before? Thanks for this info.
  10. crap! really? It just ran up couple months ago...lol
  11. Hello all, its been a while since been here but I need some advice. I took the truck upstate this weekend with my son to Hunter for off-road expo. We hit some trails and the mud pit! Was great, we had a lot of fun. Was the first time taking the rig off-road and it did great. Was nice to see what it really can do. What i did not expect (or know) was the dirt is not dirt its red clay! I just assumed power wash the truck when i got home and everything would be fine. Well...not! The body got cleaned just fine, but the undercarriage is another story. I powerwashed it best i can but seems the red had adhered to the grease coating that GM puts all over the frame and parts under there. I power washed it and where i got the red off, it took off the coating as well. Some, or most I should say, still is on there and wont come off. Looks like patchy rust, its terrible. Any advice on what to do now? Can i get it off without removing the rest of the undercoating or is it there for good now? Can it be cleaned? Can I go over the whole thing now with something else black...
  12. I have new wheels now but if you nean the chrome ones then yes, they are stock and i had to use a 2" spacer to allow turning radius. They were strong and worked great. I just got black wheels now. Will post new pick when i clean the truck.
  13. Just about 34. 5x11.5 And thank you, i appreciate the comment.
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