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  1. Thank you for posting that. In my mind it proves I am not crazy. Or maybe it confirms it, who knows. Either way, no rust on your frame. GM is trying to help.
  2. I see you have a truck close to my truck. Could you take some pictures of your frame and post them?
  3. First let me say sorry for all the miss spellings, typos and grammar errors. I use talk to text for time reasons and its okay. I am trying to be as nice as I can on here. I did not hit anyone with attitude, that did not give it to me first. All the people that have been honest and respectful with me have got nothing but the same. Maybe I was not clear on this, but I am not looking for what someone thinks I should have done in the past. That is over and done. I am looking for what I can do moving forward to fix the problem. I agree there are two sides to every story and you are only hearing one from me, but I am laying this out as truthfully and as accurately as I can. What would I have to gain from being untruthful to people I am looking for help from? With respect to the truck: As far as I know I am the first and only owner of it. it came with a certificate of origin never being titled before. It was delivered to me in early March. The delivery person drove it to the car wash with me and i drove it back, About two miles. I just parked it in my driveway and there it stayed. No off road, no flood, no standing water. Then about two or three weeks later, after it rained I noticed the rust stains on my driveway under the truck. i thought that was odd and looked under the truck and saw the pictures I posted. I have only driven this truck about five times ever and I have been trying to get this addressed since early April with no results. With respect to the dealers: 1. Where I purchased it from. Said I was too far away to do anything. 2. Said I did not purchase it there, so they have no finical incentive to work on it. 3. Without even looking at it and after they suggested putting it on the lift next to one of their trucks off the lot to compare the rust and I agreed to that. then i was told to leave. 4. Same as number 3, except kept talking about rust on the suspension, I was not concerned about that. With respect to GM: They are now talking to me for about a week, but nothing has happened. If all of that is too hard to believe. I don't know what to say. It's the truth. If someone has a dealer that will look at it no questions asked, please let me know. I will take it to them. Heck you can even come with if you want.
  4. I can appreciate everything you are saying, but you should not have to do any of that on a new vehicle. I just don't know when new car dealers became so unethical. Admittedly this is only my 3rd new gm vehicle, so I don;t have much experience with them and my last one was 25 years ago. I have purchased several other manufacture vehicles sight unseen and never had any real issues, the same little things you have with every new vehicle. I have one from another manufacture right now I purchased out of state sight unseen, took it to a local dealer for service and had no problems. They never asked me once if I purchased it from them. They even took care of a few things under the warranty I did not even notice. Since all this I did crawl under it to look for rust and not one spec to be found. I could eat off the frame if I wanted to and as a germaphobe that would have to be extremely clean. I don't know if this is the norm with GM, but it should not be, I would not want to see anyone treated like this.
  5. Your solution is insurance fraud. Are they using AI on forums now? Hey Dad GFYM
  6. I tried local and they would not take me serious. Buying out of state was my option.
  7. LOL that is funny. Thank you for bringing some levity to the forum.
  8. Are you for real? What are the matches for? Who uses nag, what are you like 80? Not that big of a deal because it not your money. I suspect. And don't use the Lords name in vain.
  9. I believe this is true, but wouldn't they have to disclose it if was a material fact in the transaction?
  10. Can you elaborate on this? I have never had to Lemon Law a vehicle before. Thanks
  11. This is true and just to add on this. all new vehicles do not come with a title, they come with a certificate of origin. Once you go to register the vehicle with your state you are given a title. I purchased a race car several years ago and was given a certificate of origin for the dealer. I never had any intentions of driving that car on public roads, so I just kept it as a certificate of origin. Later when I sold it the buyer ran the vin through carfax and it had a report and it never had a title. I don't know how carfax obtains their information and maybe someone here does, but they had it in their system.
  12. Thanks that really helped, that should get it fixed. You post garbage like this and I have the bad attitude. You like some other people on here are confusing help with unprovoked personal attacks. That’s nice blame the victim of unethical business practices. Spoken like a true company man. Is that your official diagnosis? I didn’t know that health care was offered here. Thanks, but I never asked for your opinion about my psychological state of mind. Just what options I have to be made whole with respect to the truck. Practicing medicine without a license is a crime in all 50 states. I do have an actual therapist and her professional diagnosis is diabolically opposed to your unlicensed opinion. If you would like to debate her about that I can put you in touch with her, but I have a feeling you don’t have a license to practice behavioral health and won’t want to do that. So if that is the case keep your unsolicited reckless medical opinions to yourself. Anyway, you could not be more wrong, everything you said is wrong, except for “the people on this forum are not at fault” and I agree with that statement. Since you obviously do not know I will help you with this. When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with a warranty form the manufacture, in this case it’s GM, as the manufacture of this new vehicle they are the only one who warranties it and not the dealer. Yes, you can purchase separate 3rd party warranties, but let’s keep this simple. The dealer is just authorized by the manufacture to make repairs under that warranty. GM does not actually fix anything. So yes, GM is completely involved in this process and responsible for making all repairs under the warranty and some dealer will actually have to do these repairs, weather I purchased from them or not. The reason you should not have to do a PPI on a new vehicle is because it has a warranty to cover any problems. I have purchased several new vehicles sight unseen and never had any problems like this. I guess you’re one of those billions of people who crawl under a new car when you buy it, because you suspect rust. While I was at the last three dealerships, I looked across the lots and saw hundreds of people on the ground rolling around. So, I had to ask, what are all those people doing on the ground, rolling around and I was told they’re looking for rust. It’s the standard thing to do when buying a new vehicle ya big dummy. All new vehicles come rusty from the manufacture and it’s up to you to determine if it’s an acceptable amount or not. Then I thought about it for a minute and I remembered, yes, it is common to see people on the ground everywhere at a new car dealerships looking for rust. Oh, wait I know what this is, the new guy isn’t putting up with the off-topic personal attacks from the regulars, so all the cronies pile on. Well played, touché, you almost pulled me down to your level. I don’t know if this is for real or it’s just one person with 10 different accounts, but it needs to stop. If you really want to help, keep all your off-topic personal attacks to your pathetic self. That would be great. Thank you. This was not my first stop for help, but after one of my kids suggested giving it a try, I thought I would. I have not been around forums in ~20 years and I have to say there are some people on here who really want to help and I appreciate and welcome all the feedback. Then there are people on here who have their own agenda and to those people I say keep your rhetoric to yourself. Thank You
  13. I made the mistake of trusting the dealer and bought the truck sight unseen. But a walk around would not show any of this. It would have had to of been a crawl under. I only discovered it when it started leaving rust stains on my driveway. I have not contacted my insurance company, I never heard of them helping with something like this. I will give them a call. Thank you. Four dealers and GM yes, Lawyer no, i have not called a lawyer yet, last resort. It has been my experience when they get involved things get done, but they are the only ones who win.
  14. 100% a Troll. Yes FOUR DIFFERENT DEALERS. The one where i bought it and three different independently owned and operated. Which one do you work at? I'll bring it there. If you really want to help lets do that. Troll Or maybe the reality is when you don't buy a new vehicle from said dealer they do not want to help you no matter how nice you really are. Did you ever think of that? Troll No of course not, because you want everyone to think its my fault. Troll. I would get rid of it, but who wants to buy a rust bucket. Troll.
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