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  1. I noticed the same thing. My 2017 6.2 max trailer is 2 mpg more than measured. I just did a 6000 mile trip, and the truck was consistently displayed 2mpg more than measured over 10 tanks of gas. Even the overall trip average, compared to measured was off by 2mpg, so I have to ask, If it is that consistently wrong, they should easily be able to correct it? I don't understand because my 2015 5.3 SLE was extremely accurate, and never differed by more than .5mpg between displayed, and measured. Some people don't care to much about what their mpg readout is, but I find this extremely irritating. My dealer also said there was nothing they could do, which is bulls**t BTW my truck displayed 23mpg ave. and measured 21mpg ave
  2. I just had my 12909 installed. I wanted a step over stock, still fairly quiet inside, and only a slight rumble that doesn't wake my neighbors when I hit my remote start. That is exactly what got! I left the flapper and resonator in place, the shop wasn't a muffler shop, just a regular garage, but they were easily able to fab a 3.5-3" adapter for the flapper. Charged me $85 cash. I am extremely happy with the sound, though first impressions were actually quieter inside than I imagined. This time of year doesn't lend itself well for window down impressions in Canada, and the roads are too slippery for any balls out blasts, but I can definitely tell its there when I roll on a bit. I will wait for the weather to warm up, and I will try pinning the flapper open for comparisons, but extremely happy with the sound
  3. Interesting, I have been wary of doing this because I don't want to break anything. As the 6.2 owners out there know, anything over 1/2 throttle off the line will blow the tires off, and trying to roll on usually has the transmission shifting into 2nd before you can get the pedal down..
  4. Are you Launching in Auto and switching to 2wd on the fly?
  5. You have to order the Max Trailer package to get them. I'm not sure if they offer that package with Denali or not?
  6. Here are some quick pics. Sorry not the best quality pics, took them quick These mirrors are not cheap! Mirror kit $834.01 DR Harness $165.43 DR Harness $160.56 With GM discount it was still $712, $132, and $128. It also took the tech 4 hours to install mirrors and harnesses. My kit was the first my dealership had ordered and installed, In fact I had to give them the p/n's to order them. All said and done $1396.15 installed....In Canada we get screwed!
  7. No power fold. To my knowledge the only way to get power fold is to order it that way. I ordered the Chrome mirrors p/n 23372181 with door harnesses, p/n 23171572, and 23171566
  8. My mirrors work as factory spec. Clearance lights on the front of the mirror come on with truck clearance lights, there are signals in the mirrors that come on with the signals. The white LEDs come on with the cargo lights in park or reverse
  9. Got the mirrors installed today. Full functionality! the L.E.D. markers and signals are surprisingly bright at night.
  10. I have a 2015 model year 1500. Like is said the sticker on the drivers door sill says Nov 2014
  11. I have been watching this thread for a while. I decided to pull the trigger, and ordered the trailer mirror kit with the door harnesses. I have an appointment this Friday for the dealer to install them. I cant wait to finally have these mirrors installed. From what I can tell my truck should be a AVF truck, the tag on my door sill says 11/14, but I don't see AVF code on the glove comp. door? I am hoping for full functionality... we will see
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