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  1. That is nonsense. Dealers are NOT required to attend any meeting or presentation of any kind. Made up bs.
  2. The BMK23 is not designed for this engine. The only kit that would work is the BMK21 single remote kit.
  3. Their goal is to see the customer often and increase profits. All you are to the dealer is someone to be exploited for all the maintenance $ they can get from you. I know someone who buys a new vehicle every 5 yrs. and in that time he puts about 50,000 miles on it, yet he goes in every 3,000 miles/ 6-months for an oil change and whatever the dealer recommends. Spending money to keep it in good shape for the dealer to resell. He is waiting right now for his 2023 Canon Denali to trade in his 2018 GMC Terrian Denali with only 45,000 miles.
  4. Been like this for some time. Mine was grungy at 25,000 miles, had lots of bugs. OEM filter was made in Canada and truck was made in Mexico.
  5. I did not know a 2015 had adaptive cruise control. My 2015 Sierra Denali did not have it. Thought that cam years later? My 2021 has it and I never have any issues.
  6. My land line is with Spectrum (CATV) Business and its only $19.99 month with $49.99 300mb Internet. Was paying ATT nearly $150 month for same services. What ATT was charging mega $ for, Call Forwarding and Caller ID, is included with Spectrum at no extra cost. Not to mention ROBO calls and spam are greatly reduced because they stop know issues. Plus I got a 2nd line free for a year, cell phone that I forward all land line calls to, save another $49 monthly. .
  7. Oil changes are the number one maintenance service and lead to 56 percent of repair opportunities for the dealer. Statistic I read in an industry publication.
  8. Completely stock? 160-200 is normal operating range. How much the trans is shifting will increase the temps.
  9. No way around it, all vehicles must pay the transportation charge. Union negotiated contract, no vehicles are exempt and have to go through a dealer for delivery to the customer. Chevrolet has option for the Corvette called museum delivery and besides the extra cost option and the plant right across the street, the vehicle is delivered to the local dealer and you cannot avoid the shipping costs.
  10. Everyone made is committed to the production lines. Base engine in the Escalade and Yukon Denali and those vehicles are hard to find.
  11. They are bound by contracts with shippers and teamsters, so you can't pick it up.
  12. Mine does the same thing with my Samsung A53, the phone does not support wireless charging....That's your problem, incompatible phone.
  13. Reset the trip odometers to zero! But it will take many miles to average. 0 miles can't be averaged..
  14. Here in my area all 91 octane is ethanol free, Citgo, Shell, Holiday etc. 87 and 89 are Ethanol blends. The only premium with ethanol is Mobil and its 93 octane. So if you are using 93 octane is most likely ethanol blended. Near Lake Superior and very few boaters will buy fuel with ethanol content.
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