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  1. 1-GM Fluids are from the lowest bidder. Don't believe that because GM uses it, its the best, its only good enough for them. 2-Chattering in the locker is indicative of worn out fluid, change the fluid. Use the GM junk or your favorite aftermarket brand. I recommend AMSOIL. 3-DO NOT USE friction modifier in the G80 Locking rear differential. Friction modifiers are designed to be used in Limited Slip Differential WHICH are normally installed in cars. Truck use a different system which is designed to lock up and adding more friction modified can cause problems similar to what you are experiencing. Posi or limited slip differential are designed to slip as opposed to the locker which does NOT. GM Marketing info
  2. I truly believe GM expected a high failure rate with AFM/DFM systems but they are committed to it and are willing to live with the consequences. As a service tech I know put it, its not if a lifer will fail, its when you have to worry about.
  3. The part of the country you live in is probably a big contributor to this, e.g forest fires, factory and power plant emissions. My nephew has been driving black trucks for almost 20 yrs, Sierra HD and I asked him about the paint, said not a problem. He lives in northern Wisconsin...
  4. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits product manufacturers from conditioning consumer warranties on the use of any original equipment part or service. Furthermore, a manufacturer can only deny warranty coverage if it can demonstrate that a non-original equipment part or related service caused a defect to occur in the original product. In the case of motor vehicles, new car manufacturers have ignored these conditions outlined in Magnuson-Moss and have misled consumers to believe that they must have dealer service shops install only original equipment replacement parts or fear having their new car warranty voided.
  5. Low quality oil could lead to increase oil use.... Higher volatility oils will lose more of their volume to the environment, i.e. boil off from engine heat. Dexos allows up to 12% loss and that amounts to almost 1 qt of oil burn-off as being acceptable. So that right there could explain where the oil is going.
  6. The best.... https://www.amsoil.com/p/p-i-performance-improver-gasoline-additive-api/
  7. I have them on my 2021 (22's) and have 21,000 miles. I been through 2 winters and although they are not the best snow tires I got by. But then again, I use AUTO all the time in the winter contrary to what many believe is advisable. I was going to replace them the first winter but I could not find anything. All I could find were winter only tires and I don't want to be swapping tires spring and fall. But I am retired so I don't have to drive when its that bad. My 2017 had 22-inch Dueler A/T with an aggressive tread that was good in snow but they discontinued that tread design in 22-inch.
  8. If you are sitting at 1100 you are not in line yet for production. Your dealer MUST get GM to accept the order. When GM accepts the order, all the parts are available and will be allocated to your car build.
  9. I been using a 0W-xx oils since 1996. The only difference between a 5W-30 and a 0W-30 is the cold flow rating (W). The are both the same at normal operating temp (210°). Your owners manual even recommends a 0W-30 in cold climates.
  10. The VIN is the serial number on the plate. Sounds like the State MAY HAVE issued a new VIN for the vehicle in the past. If so they probably affixed a sticker with that number on the vehicle at the time. If it was restored they may have inadvertently removed or destroyed that official sticker. You are going to have to jump through the state hoops.
  11. The deposit is to reserve the vehicle. I doubt you will find anything in the papers you signed guaranteeing a price or even guaranteeing its your vehicle. On the flip side, you would not want such a guarantee because it could also bite you should the vehicle come in damaged or not what you ordered, you would be locked into buying it. I doubt any dealer would be foolish enough to put that in writing as THEY have NO CONTROL over if the vehicle will ever be built and at what price it will cost them. What they told you can easily be misinterpreted.
  12. These new modern engines use technology that is hard on engines and oil so the oil filter is a critical part of the system. You often hear the phase "Its cheap insurance" from 3,000 mile oil change enthusiasts, So changing the filter is cheap insurance in my opinion.
  13. I agree, you are not doing the engine any good by leaving a used filter in place, its cheap insurance to change the filter with every oil change.
  14. Did you use the correct viscosity, 5W-30 - 6 qts? Do you have a catch can installed? Don't really see how the engine oil would do this, sounds more like transmission, engine driven accessories or vacuum leak.
  15. I have these on my 2021 Sierra Denali Ultimate and had them on my 2017 as well. NEVER one issue even in winter when they are packed with snow and ice, always work as designed.
  16. Salesman's job is to give the new customer a run through of the new vehicle. My salesman rode with me to the gas station explained all the features and put in whatever brand on gas I wanted, even premium (had company credit card) fuel in my 6.2L.
  17. Investor owned and driven companies such as GM are all about $$. Engineers may set the spec's but the bean counters are required to seek out the lowest prices on lubricants/chemicals. And like almost everything made by a low bidder, short cuts are taken and lower quality additives are used to meet the low price of the bid. The goal is to make it last the warranty period, after that it’s the customers problem.
  18. Lots of dealers are going to be gone. I was wondering why a local Cadi dealer of many many years no longer it one. The accepted a GM buyout upwards of 1 million $. Only selling less the 25 a year makes converting their business to sell and service EV's a loosing proposition. They would need to invest in infrastructure. training and parts/tools. They say about 17% of the Cadillac dealers accepted the buyouts. Now they are offering it to Buick Dealers. Also;
  19. I am guessing this a sealed unit so parts like a lens are not to be found. Have you tried the dealer? I think this is your only choice.
  20. I must be one of the lucky ones? No problems with my 2 cards, personal and business. Everything is the same as before. I don't do any online payments though, write check every month. Get po'd with all the security hoops to jump through. GM only does things that make them money.......
  21. High Country has the rear G80 locker as standard equipment.
  22. They have the law on their side, you messed with it and they say you caused the issue. Good luck fighting that because they will NEVER cave in.
  23. Probably won' get another dealer to touch it. Its bound to have been entered into the repair his what this dealer determined and no other dealer will want to touch it.
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