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  1. flyin99


    Has been SOLD. Thank you
  2. flyin99


    For sale. Used RX catch can, converted to a dual unit. Has Elite Engineering clean side separator and Air Raid intake tube attached, that goes with it all. Also has the hose that connects the two valve cover tube together. SOLD......SOLD...…..SOLD...…..
  3. We've got a good tuner down here, as well. If you're ever down this way (Central KY)....James Short...http://www.shortuning.com/...Look him up......really knows the LS stuff for sure. Love your truck, by the way!
  4. Hey Shane.... I know RPM Transmissions has done some 4L swaps into the new Camaros, as I've been in one. Looks completely factory, from the shifter and gear selector, etc. I don't know the cost, as I bet it was $$$$$$$, but I do know they are able to do them in Camaros. I inquired about this swap, for my 14 Silverado and was told it was indeed, NOT plug and play by any means, but.........."is" possible........may be expensive though...they just asked what power I was making and what I wanted to do with the truck, etc.....I haven't followed up any more than that....... Just fyi
  5. Here's mine.......I used the 07.5 to 13 style lights......just drilled round holes and silicone the heck out of them and the screws.
  6. Well..........it poured down rain, today..........Headliner is still happy, so far!! I've been nervous all day long....lol
  7. Well the new ones use a larger square hole to mount and these use a smaller square hole (for the plug) and mount with screws, from the top. I just made a round hole, that the square plug fit in and put silicone around it, the screw holes and the perimeter of the lights.
  8. Sorry, the phone made it sort of blurry.......I'll keep trying!
  9. Oh I was shaking so bad......lol "just do it.........just do it". I kept telling myself.........After that first one.......ahhh, we're committed now!! I sure do like the look.........wish GM would do em from the factory though, on 1500s...lol
  10. Installed the 07.5 to 14 2500HD lights on my 2014 1500. I like them. I know some don't ....It wasn't really hard.........I had a harder time figuring out how to wire them for power...........went under the hood to the fuse box.
  11. I know some people don't like these on 1/2 tons and I'm cool with that. I purchased a set (out of original packaging) and am trying to confirm which side light this is....drivers or passengers..? They're for the 07.5 and up trucks, but I like the style of the smaller lights. (Hoping they'll work on this roof).....If anyone can confirm or not.........are the screw holes for these lights in a straight line across the roof and the angle of the light makes them look the way they do, or do they also mount at an angle, as opposed to the center light, which of course is straight...? Thanks for any help.
  12. I knew about the staying on part, after keys removed. I just wasn't aware I could walk up to my truck (not running and keys in pocket or whatever) and open the truck door and push radio button to make it turn on. Surprised me, to say the least..Pretty neat though. Thanks for all the info and replies!!
  13. I know GM vehicles have the delay and all, where radio stays on a while with keys off, after running. This was a new one to me and yes I could have searched the manual, but didn't. I was outside last night and didn't have my phone on me and wanted to check the time. Opened the truck door and thought "maybe if you push something on the radio, it will display the time"........radio came on....starts playing right on.....keys in the house......This is normal now? Pretty interesting
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