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  1. Copy that. I just have this feeling that I need to assert more pressure than what I normally would have to accelerate down the road. Maybe a short distance in the movement of the pedal is like a dead area and them boom she goes. It may be just me but my 2013 was not like this.
  2. Contacted my dealer today and they knew nothing of any key issue or GM changing the key size in the 2014 Silverado... We need a service bulletin # on this.
  3. Mexico starter bad... USA made starter good. Who would have know? The US worker that's WHO!
  4. With all newer vehicles I always turn the key on and let the computer do it's thing... I say give it at least 3 seconds to do it communicating and then I twist to crank. This is a good rule of thumb for all. My 2014 Crew has a little over 400 miles now and has not failed to start in -15 degree temps, has no vibrations and great radio reception. I couldn't be more pleased except for the holes from a bed liner that the dealer made... Now after contacting GM directly about the LED rings on the radio and fan control knobs they would not give me an stand one way or another. They just told me to contact my dealer. Sounds like an issue that will depend on your relationship with your dealer if you will get it fix or not.
  5. Well I am in day 6 with my Crew, which has a build date of 9-17-13. No LED rings on the radio and fan motor knobs. No cargo button light but the light only works while in park. My south of the boarder truck starts, drives good, but I have noticed that the accelerator seems to take quite a bit more effort to push down than what I am use to. Not sure if it's me or the truck and since it's really cold here in Michigan I am not running to the dealer to start to squabble. I am very happy with my truck, SO FAR!
  6. Hey guys I just took delievery of my 14 crew cab and mine does not work either... but I think you guys are being quite harsh on this board. Let's all take a deep breath and give this just a little more time to develope into a TSB. I don't think GM will issues a recall for such a trivial thing but I am not going to bash GM for some supplier oversight. I work within the supplier chain and crap happens. Grab a beer and lets see what happens... JMO!
  7. I may be interested... First what is your location. Just brought a 2014 Crew home 1-31. PM me with location and what you are expecting for your chrome trim.
  8. Just brought my 2014 Silverado Crew 4x4 home tonight. I must say I am amazed on the way it rides... so quite and solid. So my day one is a hit!
  9. You misunderstood my reply, I was referring to your post about fuel mileage decreasing. The winter blend does cause that; I was not referring to a miss in the motor.
  10. JAC50, hello from north of the border! Have you taken into consideration the winter blend gas? That does tend to lower fuel mileage.
  11. After 6 months of owning my 2013 I am trading it in for a 2014, so I am interested in these so called issues. I look forward to my new truck and will follow this posting.
  12. Looks like I got the same truck. Your right about the rebates, couldn't pass up $13,500 off the sticker. Mine is black leather on black. I really hate leather seats in the winter up here in Michigan. How is your cab noise? Mine is in the shop for some door seal replacement right now. I have a 2014 crew for a loaner and it is very quite.
  13. Yes, I was told by my dealer that this is controlled by a sensor... Where it is located, I don't know.
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