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  1. I’ll have to watch the o2 sensor voltages and see if the rear one is failing, but I’m fairly certain I melted the cat. I drove a little over 100 miles with it doing that, knew I should have parked it when it first happened
  2. Yep, that’s what it was. Replaced bank 1, sensor 1 o2 sensor and it cleared up all the codes. Now I’m getting the dreaded p0420 code
  3. Okay this is driving me crazy as I can normally figure most things out myself. Truck is a 2014 Silverado 1500, 5.3L (L83) I am getting a P0300 code as well as these o2 sensor codes: P0030, P0031, P0135, P0137 Truck was running 100% fine until Monday morning (6/21). Leave my house to head to work and I get on the main street to get to cruising speed. Truck pretty much feels like it goes into limp mode, I lose all power, for about 4-5 seconds or so. Then it downshifts to 2nd or 3rd, and I cruise most of the way to work without issue. Stop for coffee, hop in the truck, runs fine all the way to work, but about 2min from work I get my CEL on the dash. Didn't have my scan tool so waited until I got home. Pulled codes only for the upstream driver side sensor and then cleared them. They came back this morning, and now this evening the truck seems to be getting worse and almost sounds like it's about to stall out at times. That's when all the other codes popped up alongside them. Only thing I can think is there may be water in the fuel. Last time I filled up (Saturday, 6/19) I filled with the 88 octane stuff from Sheetz (believe it says up to 15% ethanol as opposed to 10% in the regular gasolines) and I still had a little over 1/4 tank when I filled up. I've ran that fuel for many thousands of miles with no hiccup (truck is FlexFuel capable) until this week. I picked up a new upstream o2 sensor tonight and that's when the truck started acting up more. On my way home from the parts store that's when I thought about possible water in the fuel, so I stopped at a different station and filled up with regular 87 octane; at this point I burned a little more than half a tank, added about 17 gallons on this fill up. At cruise speeds it runs perfectly fine, will downshift when I hit the accelerator too, but sometimes it sounds like it is struggling trying to get to those cruise speeds. Is it just coincidence that the truck started acting up after I filled up last? Or should I actually go ahead and replace the o2 sensor and see if that changes things? Would rather not just throw $$ at it in hopes of fixing it, but sometimes it beats having to drive all the way to the dealer plus taking time off from work. Any input would be awesome, thanks all!!
  4. I currently have a 2014 Silverado 1500 w/ a BDS 6" Lift on it and believe my tie rod ends are going out. With the BDS kit, they come with "special" tie rod ends, and looking at the part number in the manual for the lift, it is 401-2036. When I enter this into Google, it comes back as a Raybestos part number. I emailed BDS and they said I could use Moog part number ES80643. When I look up that part number, it looks like they are side specific. I emailed them back and asked them about this, but they say that I can use them for both sides. This kind of weirds me out because you would think you'd want to use a different part number if they are side specific. Does anyone else have any experience with swapping out their BDS supplied tie rod ends? And if so, what did you end up going with? Thanks all!
  5. Hey all, every time I start up my truck I get the "Service 4wd" message. Hooked up my scanner and got back the U0403-71 code (Invalid Data Received From Transfer Case Control Module.) I saw in a few other threads where others were saying their truck was locked in 4HI with this code, but mine doesn't. I can shift between 2wd and 4HI perfectly fine, with the front differential engaging/ disengaging and the transfer case doing the same. This issue only came about after I removed the front differential to fix it (when I re-geared I left out a part thus making 4wd not work at all, whoops), and when I removed it, I had left the truck in 4wd by accident. Basically what I'm curious about is if I just need to take it to the dealer to get the code cleared or the TCCM reset or if there is an actual issue with it. I haven't taken it in yet in case there is something I can do to fix it or not. Thanks!
  6. Reviving this thread from the dead. Have done a few things since I last posted over two years ago lol - new transmission at 133k miles - re-geared the truck to 4.56 at 143k miles (all by myself surprisingly, was sort of nerve racking, but nothing has broken yet) - new tires were put on at the end of 2018 or 2019, cannot exactly remember - Mishimoto transmission cooler - Transmission thermostat delete I will have to find a somewhat current pic of the truck. Hope everyone is doing well these days!
  7. I'll try and grab a pic, the wires are up tucked away in wire loom currently
  8. HD gasser. It may not have the numbers a 6.2 does but the whole truck is beefed up and made for being worked every day
  9. Been a good while since I've posted a pic of the truck or really have even been active on the forum. Nothing has really changed on the truck, but figure I would throw up a pic of her. She's definitely not a pavement princess by any means! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. Sold Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Bump Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. Sounds good, just let me know Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  13. As far as I know it does. It worked on my dad's 2009 and also my 2014. Probably compatible with MY18 if you send it in to get updated to the latest software Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Up for sale is a used Range unit. I had it on my truck for about 6 months then tuned my truck. Been sitting on my work desk ever since. Unit says it has version B7.6R3 but box says V8.1R1. I did send it in for an upgrade while I had it, so assuming it has the later version. You can always send it in to Range and have them update it for free as well. Asking $125 shipped, will be USPS priority flat rate, will send tracking number once transaction clears via PayPal F&F
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