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  1. Hey Guys, I’ve noticed that a friend of mine has the blue LED lights all over his dashboard, he says it came like that since he purchased it. He drives a 2016 Chevy Silverado & mine is 2017 but I don’t seem to have this option. Both our cars are LT 1500. Any tips or guides on how to activate it (if possible). Thanks ??
  2. Rotor and hub assembly removal/replacement 2015 silverado 1500 LT 4x4 Long time lurker, first time poster I was in the process of changing the brakes and rotors, which was going fine until I got around to the passenger front. I get the caliper bracket off and get the brakes out of the way. Then that’s when i did it, I snapped off the tip of a t-30 torx bit in the head of the brake rotor torx bolt. I’ve tried everything that I can thing of to get it out. Ive tried to drill a small 1/16” hole in the center of the broken bit to have an edge to work with. I’ve tried hand impact tools to just work around it and get the bolt out with no luck. I’ve watched a bunch of good videos, but had no luck so far. That’s bring me to a possible ‘solution,’ as I have to change out the hub assembly,Moog 515160, anyway. I’m think that I could just remove the spindle nut, and the hub hardware bolts and that should release both the rotor and hub as one piece? Thanks in advance for any thoughts, info, guidance! I’ll get some pics to add tomorrow in the daylight.
  3. Hey folks, This is my video of MODEST upgrades for the L86. I'm new to posting as well as video blogging so I apologize for the quality and such. I'd like to start making some videos on HOW TO's for this particular engine. I've done almost everything to this thing in my driveway. so to the weekend/garage warriors who want more let me know what you want to see and I will build a video and post it. Bolt on's or porting, oil changes w/e let me know.
  4. I’m not the handiest mechanic around so I ask you try your best to simplify your answers. First off, I have the four button 4wd and 4HI, 4WD Auto, and 4LO flash endlessly when I hit them, while 2HI stays solid. 4HI and Auto does nothing, no feeling or sound of engagement or anything, just flashes till I switch it. 4LO flashes but I feel and hear the clunk and it seems to have more torque. Any ideas where to start looking?
  5. Hello all, long time reader first time poster. I love the way the new AT4/Trailboss looks with the factory lift. I know it's also an option on the other T1 trims from the factory as well. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction with how I could lift my K2 the way those two are lifted. I'm assuming the way they've done it doesn't maintains a great ride quality and the default rake. Any ideas how I could accomplish that (~2" front and rear lift) on the previous gen using the same method they use to lift the Trailboss/AT4?
  6. I am looking at the Readylift 66-3086 2.25" FRONT LEVELING KIT W/ CONTROL ARMS - GM 1500 TRUCK / SUV 6-LUG 2017-2018 https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-gm-1500-truck-suv-6-lug-2017-2018.html For my 2017 Silverado 1500 LT with factory 17 inch aluminum wheels and 255/70R17 tires. After talking to the company, they said that I may need a 1/2 inch wheel spacer for the front so the control arms don't rub on the wheels. Is this true or is this something to try and get me to buy? The main reason I am looking at replacing the upper control arms is because I have an aftermarket heavy duty bumper with grill guard and it weighs around 200Lbs. That worries me with the factory STAMPED control arms it has now. If I need spacers, what spacer is best and cheap? Would I have to modify the studs? What else would I have to do so it doesn't rub? Thanks!
  7. Never been much of a truck guy and always been into more performance orientated vehicles but I really liked the looks of this generation and trim and one came up that was optioned perfectly and I made a lowball offer that they accepted so I now own a truck. I am very much a car guy and have a few vehicles/projects. As such I didn't really plan on modding the truck at all but obviously that did not happen. However I don't plan on doing any real performance mods to it and most mods I've done to date have cost <100$. The truck right after I purchased it before anything was ever done to it.
  8. I have a GMC Sierra 1500 it’s a 2013 and I need to do some body work. Basically I’m looking for information on replacing Both front quarter panel and if. Also any information about getting panels for the truck all the way around if you can get a set of new panels for the Truck bedside and for a quarter. Any information would really help thank you
  9. Hey guys! I've got a 2005 chevy suburban 1500 with stock everything (except tires). I have 265/70R17 BFGoodrich tires A/T yet they look somewhat small and want to beef up my suburban. I am somewhat inexperienced in this topic, besides from what I have read and researched. I was looking into the BFG's A/T KO2 tires (since they are bigger than my outdated bfg a/t tires) but I was wondering what is the biggest size I can get without having it rub the wheel wells, therefore not making me have to mod the front bumper or having to get different rims. Hope you guys can give me some advice and if you have pictures of what they look like or what my suburban might look like, PLEASE include them. Thanks
  10. Here's a dangerous chaffing issue I noticed on my 2012 a few days ago. The rear D/S brake line is rubbing against the fuel tank. It has already rubbed through the guard and about half way through the brake line. I just wanted to share this with you all so you can check your own trucks.
  11. I am looking for a complete front bumper assembly for a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500. I need the model with fog lights and without parking assist. I would like a new take-off or a like-new used bumper. 1 or 2 minor blems ok, but no major scratches, no dents, and no rust. Some phone-watcher hit mine and I need to replace it!
  12. I currently have a mbrp exhaust and a k&n cold air installed just wondering what peoples opinion on throttle body spacers are and what other performance parts people recommend thanks. 0
  13. Hey Forum - Any idea what the part number is for the puddle lamps on the bottom of the exterior mirrors? I have the heated/power mirror (not the larger tow mirror). Can't find anything on this at the moment. Anything aftermarket or better than stock would be good information too. I found this listing, but it doesn't list the puddle lamp on the bottom: https://www.oempartsquick.com/oem-parts/gm-mirror-assembly-20979683?origin=pla&medium=super&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4v-_3ozA3gIVxI2zCh06MgrgEAQYASABEgJbSfD_BwE
  14. I’m sure this is already here somewhere but I didn’t see anything recent on this specific question. Does anyone have any recommendations on swapping out the headlights on a 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT? I feel like a flashlight would give me better light down road than the junk stock lights. From what I’ve read the stock projectors suck. What did y’all end up doing to make your lights actually useful at night? Complete new housing, HID conversions, LED conversion? Thanks in advance! -Zach
  15. Hey guys someone recommended this site to me and I just recently Purchased a 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT Texas edition, I am very interested in Color match bumpers i have heard there are plastic covers for them and i've also heard that there are painting options i'm leaning towards the plastic covers does anyone have any suggestions, i have tried finding the threads on this but being new to the site i have had some trouble, im interested in alot of different things tow mirrors, spray in bed liner all sorts of things i'm going to continue to search the forums if someone could help me out with my questions or point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it. Thanks alot guys.
  16. RE: 2014 - 2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Wondering if any one has installed Readylift or Cognito UCA's with their leveling kit. Did you have to cut off the service perches/bump stop? If not have much clearance do you have between the UCA and the stop?
  17. Hey guys, like the title says, is the 16/17 GMC Sierra 1500 grilles easy like the silverado ones now or are they still harder and you need to take off bumper pad etc.. I wanna color match my shell and am wondering how hard it is before I get too involved. I searched the forum and lots of info on 2014 and 2015 but couldn't find any for 16/17. Thanks for any help guys.
  18. I need to replace my fuel tank on my 2006 Chevy Silverado Reg cab short bed 1500. I can not find a used fuel tank anywhere the has the two ports on either side of the fuel pump. Anyone have any idea of where I can get a used one?? Also, why does every other tank I see online only have one port next to the fuel pump, not two like mine?!?!
  19. Hey fellas I’m new to this forum and was torn on which topic I should post this question in. Okay as you can see I have a leak.. I drive a 2002 Chevy 1500 4.3 V6 4x4. I have a coolant leak the size of Texas underneath passenger side directly above the starter and right below the furthest back spark plug on passenger side. I am stumped. Is that head gasket or lower intake or, or, or? My question is how do I figure out for sure what is causing this leak? I’m not the most advanced mechanic but usually if I can take something apart I can put it back together with the help of asking questions and YouTube. (Lol) I appreciate any help I can get from you!
  20. 1) 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 double cab 4wd 2) Ordered 3.5” (upper and lower spacers) front leveling kit 2.5” rear level kit. 3) stock 18” x 8.5” wheels 24mm offset 4) new tires are going to be BF Goodrich KO2 but want wider/bigger than stock tire size 5) what are my size options and/or how do I figure out my size options? thank you
  21. Looking at buying a 2012 Ltz 4x4 with 125,000 miles on it for 13k. yay or nay? Looks to be well maintained, seems solid on the test drive.
  22. ***EDIT: Now that we've listed this truck for sale in a few places online, we've lowered the price to $10,900 OBO!*** All - I've finally decided to let go of my '03 GMC 1500HD. This has been a great truck for me, but I have one more vehicle than I have garage bays, and I don't want to leave it sitting outside. This truck is loaded (see my signature), and I have kept detailed records since purchasing it in 2010. I bought it with 91K miles, and I'm selling with 170K. I average 6-7K per year with it over the past few years, and it's a garage queen. It has spent most of its life in Texas and is completely rust-free, with no irreversible modifications. The engine, transmission, auto 4WD, and Quadrasteer systems are all rock-solid. I can provide much more information on request, but I am reaching out to the forum to see if anyone is specifically looking for a good Quadrasteer truck. We're asking $10,900 OBO, and I have an offer on the table a little north of $10K right now. I can let it go for that, but I'm open to a better offer from someone that will appreciate the unique features of this truck. Thanks in advance for having a look!
  23. Hello, I'm new to the forums here and needed some assistance in replacing the shocks and tires on my new Truck. I just recently purchased a 2016 Silverado High Country with 35k miles on it and after a week a driving it around I feel that it rides a little to stiff/bumpy for my liking. I know it's not supposed to ride like a Cadillac or an Audi or anything like that but my previous 2014 Sierra All Terrain seemed to ride pretty smooth. I have heard that replacing the stock tires and shocks can help with that issue but I have no clue as where to start. Was hoping some of you GM truck enthusiasts could help enlighten me as to which shocks and tires I should look into purchasing for an overall more comfortable ride. Thanks in advance
  24. Hello, I currently have a 2015 Silverado ltz 4x4. A few months back i installed a "2.5" leveling kit and some 33 inch Trail grapplers. I feel that the truck just doesn't have the height and clearance that I would like. I feel like I am still driving a car even after the leveling kit. I am wanting to install a lift but I am unsure as to which one or size to go with. I know lift kits are a "get what you pay for" type deal and I want something that will last and not destroy my front end. I am also unsure as to which size to get? I do not want something crazy maybe a 4 inch suspension? I want something that will look good and not look too silly. If anyone has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.
  25. I’m looking for any information on swapping gen3 5.3 With a gen4 controller (I want to use the 6L80e transmission.) I know the knock sensors are in the valley cover and it has the 24x reluctor and 1x cam sensor. I’ve heard it is possible to relocate the knock sensors to where they are on gen 4 block and swap reluctors and cams to work with the gen 4 controller, does anyone have any experience with actually doing so?
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