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  1. Hey y'all, I'm driving a 07 GMC 2500HD 6.0 and I want to put a muffler on it just for some good sound and I'm curious to see what you guys are running. I've don't know much in the way of this stuff so whether to buy a flowmaster, magnaflow or a large glasspack is beyond me. I don't mind it being loud but I don't want too loud if that makes sense.
  2. I just purchased a 2015 Crew Cab Denali, 6.2L and took delivery two weeks ago. Have considered upgrading the exhaust with either the GM supported Borla or the Corsa - both cat back exhaust systems. I prefer the look and sound of the Corsa system but am concerned about any adverse implications that might arise when having warranty work done. Can any provide advise here beyond just "go with Borla since it is GM supplied/approved". Anyone have any experience with Corsa and warranty implications? Thanks!
  3. Looking to see what others think . I just ordered morimoto 35w 6000k sierra spec hid headlights And morimoto 5000k led fog lights. Has anyone tried these on the sierra ? I also ordered the chrome and black front and black emblems , powder coated black . Should all be here next week. Has anyone installed these lights yet ? .. Also looking at exhaust and am coming down between the corsa sport or borla sport . Both would be single side duel tip. I drive a 2015 denali 1500 6.2 , only aftermarket is levelling kit with 24" dub venoms . Please give some advice if prefer different tasteful upgrades . Thanks guys !'!!!
  4. So, a couple months back I installed the Magnaflow cat-back, single in/dual out, exhaust system on my 2015 2500HD 6.0L Sierra (see some info/pics on the install and outcome below). http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/171270-2015-60-muffler/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1673626 Truly I am quite happy with it. Got a great deal online, sounds great, was able to install it myself with no major issues, got the dual tips perfectly aligned, etc... Fast forward about 2,000 miles. Still love it, however after moving it in my driveway I recently noticed a 3rd wet spot underneath my truck about the same size/shape/color as what had resulted in water dripping from the exhaust tips. So, I got underneath and noticed that some water was dripping from both outlet ports from the muffler. Now, the drips on each side are coming from where you clamp the rear pipes to the muffler outlets. Worth mentioning: periodically since installing, I have gotten back under the truck and checked every nut and bolt for loosening and re-tightened where necessary. There was some very slightly that tightened more after about 50-100 miles but absolutely none since then. Also worth mentioning: the outlet ports on the rear of the muffler are basically exhaust pipe diameter and stick out roughly 1", which is what you connect the exhaust pipe to, and clamp down on. The 1" that sticks out obviously is not a perfect tube; the welding imperfections stick out 1/4"-1/2". I did not want to clamp the exhaust pipe down to only half, or the tip, of the outlet port, so it is partially clamped down over welded material. I believe this is obviously why there is some water leaking, but I saw no way to avoid this. I found the point where I thought the pipe was clamped on just enough to be as solid as possible, which meant MAYBE a few mm's of weld bumps, and tightened the hell out of it. My question: how big of a problem is this small water leak, does it largely effect backpressure, performance, etc.? I am not very knowledgeable on exhaust systems as my last one was done at a local shop, but the only solution I can see is taking it to a shop and having them weld those pieces together to eliminate this issue. At that point, might they as well weld each connection together? Anyone have any other suggestions? Any and all feedback or insight is appreciated. I am pretty sure I know what a shop will tell me to do, but hoping to get the real scoop here first! Thanks!!!!
  5. All, I have a new in the box Borla #140535 Exhaust system for sale. asking $850.00 shipped to the lower 48 States for Free. let me know if your interested. only selling because I ordered this and my wife ordered me one and had it setup with the dealership to be installed while it was being serviced as a surprise. I am firm on the price, I paid $980.00. please check the Borla website for fit, my truck is a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab, short box, 5.3. can be emailed at [email protected] local pickup in the Dallas area and ill knock $50.00 off the price. Stainless-steel Exhaust System Kit with Chrome tips Touring; Cat-Back System Touring; Cat-Back System; 2.75 in Into Muffler 2.25 in Out; Incl. Connecting Pipe/Muffler/Hardware/4 in. Round x 14 in. Long Single Rolled Angle-Cut; Split Rear Exit; FEATURES: Straight-Through Technology Increased Exhaust Velocity Maximum Flow And Power CNC Manufacturing Ensures An Accurate Fit Made From High Quality Authenticate Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Pipes Ensures Legendary Quality And Durability Million Mile Warranty BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES is the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust. We began two decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for such "concourse classics" as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today's performance vehicles for the street, off-road, and racing.
  6. Looking for a stock 6.2 exhaust from a 2014-2015 truck. Cab and bed configuration does not mater, it will be cut and sectioned. Looking withing reasonable distance to DFW Tx. Thank you, Wes
  7. Hello everyone, Very excited about my new 2015 Silverado already lifted 6" with 35's, a push bar, and running boards. I'm looking for a decent exhaust that will sound mean! Will it void my warranty? Any recommendations? is there any that work better then others I've read about v-4 mode sounding bad. Have any exhaust makers overcome it? I'm also interested in adding a Sub enclosure, and amp to my my link 8" factory stereo with bose speakers in the doors. Has anyone had any experience upgrading this factory stereo yet? I see a enclosure with 2 10" subs on Crutchfeild for like $1199 ugh, then the amp they recommend is a kicker 1600 like $800 more. I'm almost willing to bite the bullet and do it, but if i'm going to spend that much it better be very impressive! THoughts with upgrading the factory my link system? currently it just seems like not enough sound comes from the back and the speakers in the front doors get very over worked trying to carry all the bass. Look forward to chatting Bill
  8. I have a 2015 w/ 5.3L V8. I love the look of dual tip exhaust tip like the Borla setup pictured below but really have no need to redo any of the other exhaust components. Has anyone successfully accomplished a similar look, maybe with a simple clamp on style type of mod, on the OEM exhaust?
  9. On the left side of the engine on my 2000 Serria sle 5.3 on the exhaust manifold there is a leak comming from the part that sticks out of the manifold and is sealed with a plate and two bolts what is that called and can i buy just that plate or do i need the whole manifold???
  10. Check out our exhaust systems for the 2014-2015 GMC Sierra! Bring out the roar and rumble your GM engine is supposed to have. Added performance and improved sound - order yours today! #borlaexhaust - building excitement! Find your parts here: http://www.borla.com/chevy-silverado-1500-exhaust-systems/ Follow us on Facebook.com/borlaexhaust or on Instagram @BorlaExhaust
  11. Any recommendations for aftermarket exhaust for the 5.3l that has the best fuel economy? Also any other suggestions for easy upgrades to increase fuel economy? Thanks, Sam
  12. I ordered my 2008 Silverado in August of 2007. Before it even left the lot I had my GM dealer install a GMPP Performance Exhaust System made by Borla. I have been pleased with this system for its entire life up until this past month. I heard a tingy-vibrating noise from underneath during certain resonant frequencies of the motor. Then it got to the point where when I slammed the door or went over a bump that the tingy sound became a rattle. I recently rolled under the truck to find that my stainless steel GMPP system had rusted though! I am very surprised by this, as I thought that Borla systems had a lifetime warranty. Is this something that GM should cover? I have this part on my original vehicle invoice but I am out of warranty on my truck. Any thoughts? Has anyone else had this issue? I have attached some pictures for reference. I should also note that it rusted through downstream of the muffler. Upstream of the muffler the clamp is cracked and looks like it's ready to break off any day now.
  13. I have an extra (brand new in box) Borla Atak exhaust system (dual side exit) for a 14/15 Sierra or Silverado. Retails for $1,000-$1,200, i'm looking to get $900 for it. I'm based in Long Beach, CA. My truck has the same exact system and it sounds awesome. 310-404-3411
  14. Looks like I am going to sell my aFe catback for my 2014 Silverado 1500. Its the one with the polished tip. I paid 400 for it and id let it go for around $300 not interested in shipping it. Its in great condition, the tip has some pitting because of rocks kicking up at it from the tire etc but all of the piping and muffler are as good as brand new. This isn't an offroading truck or something that I've dragged bottom on. I am selling it because I want to try a different system out that is much louder than this. This has zero drone and is very quiet at cruising, decent at WOT and acceleration. Nothing as what I would classify as "loud" This is the catback.
  15. i've had my 04 silverado 2500 with the 6.0 for a few years and i just hate the stock exhaust, and i'm tied for my options for a nice aggressive sounding system i would prefer dual outlet and all i've found are bolt on generic cat back kits and i just want something different any recommendations? i'm debating just doing a simple glass pack set up like my 03 4.3 i have but i dont know how it will turn out and i don't really want to waste cash. if any one has any good ideas or has done similar set ups some feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 3/19/2015 Corsa has announced new exhaust systems designed specifically for the all new 2015 Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon SUVs. Engineered to work with the 5.3-liter V8, these cat-back systems are 50-state legal like all Corsa systems. Corsa says the systems weigh in at seven pounds less than the OEM systems and improves airflow by up to 53%. Using Corsa's Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, the exhaust note is tuned to have a high-performance note under steady-state power, but to have a deep, robust note under throttle. Polished or black exhaust tips with laser etched Corsa logo are offered. For more information see Corsa's website.
  17. Going to Lemon my 2014 GMC sierra Denali 1500 6.2L so I am selling all of the aftermarket parts. Corsa Exhaust for 6.2L Crew Cab Short or Std. Box 3.5" Catback Single Side Exit, twin 4.5" polished tips PN:14866 $1000 http://www.corsaperformance.com/viewpart.aspx?partnum=14866&cfg=1478 Dual Liner Short Box bed liner, includes upper tie down cuts outs pn: GMF145861 $275 local sale only http://www.dualliner.com/shopping/vaf/product/list/?category=%3F&year=10&make=6&model=108&bedLength=10 Access Lorado Tonneau Cover pn: 42319 $300 http://www.agricover.com/access/lorado/ Volant Cold Air Intake PN:155546 $25300+250 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/vnt-155546 The truck has 7k miles, bed liner, and tonneau have been installed for 5k miles, exhaust and instake were just installed @ 6500 so its basically new. None of these parts have any wear or damage, all was installed properly, mounting hardware for everything is in great shape. I will ship all of these parts via UPS except for the bedliner, since its too big! I am located in Minnesota - South West Metro. Everything is certainly available for pickup locally, haven't listed elsewhere yet. Any questions email me @ [email protected] I have an account with UPS so shipping is discounted slightly, send me your zip code and I can provide you an estimate within a few days since I have to get everything boxed up. paypal is the preferred method of payment to [email protected] Thanks!
  18. I recently bought a new 2014 Silverado Rally 2 Edition Pickup and even though it was a GREAT truck it was just not for me. I enjoy Muscle Cars too much and I went back and bought a new 2015 Camaro 2SS 1LE. I just cant leave them alone. I wish everyone much luck with their trucks!! I also have this exhaust tip that I purchased, I paid $60 for it and if anyone wants it I will sell it to you for $25 shipped. It doesnt have a scratch on it. Below are the particulars about it. It fits exhaust on the Silverado's and may fit more just not sure. It clamps on and will not come off...so if interested email me direct at: [email protected] Jim Black Powder Coated Inlet: 2 3/4" - 2 1/2" (Adjustable), Outlet:3 1/4", Length: 7" (Short side)/ 9 1/2" (Long side)
  19. Hey guys new to the forum! Just purchased my 3rd GM vehicle! I previously had a 2007 5.3 Silverado LTZ, a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V, and now a 2011 Gmc Sierra Denali! My truck is 2wd and obviously has the 6.2 (L9H). I'm ready to do some upgrades and I'm not exactly sure the best route to go performance wise. Here's what I'm thinking. Would love to hear your guys input. I am no gear head but I'm learning so bare with me! Intake- Was thinking a Volant intake for the closed/insulated box that provides cooler air, but at the same time Wouldn't it provide less air compared to a non-enclosed filter box? Either way heard the Volant was the best route and saw some for 250-300$ on eBay. Exhaust- I want something that's going to be a little bit louder but really just looking for good power gains. Also I don't want to spend $1000+ on an exhaust. I've read that I can accomplish the same thing by going a cheaper route like cutting the resonator off or adding a Y pipe. Headers- love the sound and power gains you get from headers. Just not sure what size to go. Tune- I will be getting my truck tuned at Houston House of Power by Chucks Tuning, who does a really good job with gm motors. Ready.... Go! And thanks in advance! Glad to be apart of the forum!
  20. I already know That the Super 44's sound really great on the 6.0 engine. I know quite a few guys with them though and just want something different. I have heard the original 40 and like it but am not crazy about it. I want some thing that's pretty noticeable in the cab but not too overwhelming. Also, I know that it is not recommended too go over 3 inches when running duels, but I have heard that 2.5 iinch is louder than 3 inch? Sorry for the endless text, videos don't do any justice. I have an 2001 2500hd crew cab by the way.
  21. Who & What: Borla is looking for a 2014 Silverado or Sierra that they can borrow to R&D a new line of GM full-size exhaust systems How long: The company will need to borrow your 2014 for approximately 2 weeks. Where: The truck must be in or near the Los Angeles/Oxnard, California area The deal: You'll get an installed custom Borla exhaust system, for free If you own a 2014 Silverado or Sierra, live in the Southern California/Los Angeles/Oxnard Area, and this deal interests you, please post in this thread.
  22. I am brand new to the site. Hoping to become more educated about a problem I do not believe I should be dealing with! I have owned many automobiles and never had to worry about my exhaust manifolds falling off the engine! First time GMC truck owner and honestly surprisingly very pleased with product up until I had a thorough inspection of vehicle for servicing advice. Notified the driver side rear exhaust manifold bolt broken off (head missing). I have been noticing a ticking, hissing sound upon engine start up. Almost sounds like a worn belt screeching? Mechanic tells me he will have to remove head in order to remove bolt and then recommends replacing all bolts with better quality (better temp. tolerance). What is the down side of leaving it? Is this a documented issue with GMC 2007 plus trucks? The internet is loaded with complaints? GM has even engineered new bolts? Is this not an admission of faulty engineering? My truck has only 95,0000 KMS. on it! Is this covered under GM emissions warranty? Does anyone on this site have any advice?
  23. We are pleased to announce the release of 2014 Silverado & Sierra exhaust systems from Borla Performance! This generation gets also gets the option of our world famous ATAK (acoustically tuned applied kinetics) system - for that aggressive, deep roar & rumble! Beef up your exhaust note and improve performance! http://www.borla.com/products/silveradosierra_1500_catback_exhaust_atak_part__140572.html Get yours today!
  24. I did post this a couple of days ago, in the mods part, but i am wondering if anyone else with a 6.2 has bought the borla 140300 exhaust. I really wanted a "sport" sound, and for some reason they don't offer it for a 2010. I have been researching for a very long time and now that i pulled the trigger i am worried i made the right decision. i also noticed that corsa only had one exhaust for up to 2010 and then offered the touring and sport. any feedback from borla owners with that model exhaust would be appreciative. thanks!!!! it should be with noting that borla has to make this for me as they are out of stock!!!
  25. for what I would like to call the final change for a long time, I just ordered the split rear exhaust. after exhaustive research (keep it stock, muffler swap, borla, corsa etc) i decided to pull the trigger and just buy the damn thing. although i do love the stock sound, i have never been a fan of the blah appearance out the back. if people are interested, i will post a sound bite, after i get it installed. that was the most frustrating thing, was finding a similar truck setup with a nice video. the only one i found was a 15 second at idle or if they had a 6.2, they had cams, headers etc, so it wasn't good for my purposes!!,
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