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  1. I have a 2008 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ 6.0L engine, just broke 63k miles. Recently when I "floor" it and am in high rpms above 4800 there is a burning smell & actual rattling coming from either the engine or transmission. I cant quite put my finger on it, trying to get an idea of what it could be before going to a mechanic. At about 35000 miles they had to rebuild my trans because some of the gears got tore up & lost their bites, I use to drive it very hard and fast, but since then I do not.
  2. I just joined the site today and sure enough after i make a few post, i now have a problem with my truck. Truck has been great withno issues until i notied this problem recently. I have a 07 crew cab with the 5.3 4l60e transmission 4x4 with about 145k miles with factory remote start. I noticed recently when leaving work and I use remote start, many times the truck starts and runs for couple of seconds makes a clunking noise in the drive train and shuts off. It won't remote start again until I put the key in and take it out. Today it did it again so I thought to investigate why and i remote started when I was next to it. To my surprise it did it again, it made the noise but noticed the truck rocks back a bit. The clunking noise I think is the transmission engaging as it sounds the same as when I put it in reverse but quite a bit louder. Now the truck was parked on a slight incline so it was enough to roll the truck a bit uphill. When I started it with the key there was no noise and the truck didn't move. I tested it a few times and with remote start it always replicated the problem. The only time I notice it is at work and I park in the same place every time. I remote start every morning and it has never failed to start. I don't know if it makes the noise or if the truck rocks back any, but I am parked slightly up hill. I did it at the gas station on flat ground and it was fine. Anyone know what this might be? I am going to do some more investigating to see what variables causes it to replicate the problem.
  3. I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500hd SLE with 95,xxx miles. I starded having an issue where my truck would shift into 4hi by itself after about 20-30 minutes of driving. I used to be able to just put it back into 2hi. Then it became more finicky and I had to shift to AUTO 4wd, then into 2hi. Now it rarely lets me shift into 2hi, and never into 4lo. I am a first time truck owner and have only owned this truck for 6 months. I think it may just be an electrical issue because the truck started having some random electrical issues. Whenever I use my turn signals my left signal indicator stays illuminated for 5-10 seconds. And when I turn on my cabin light it flickers sometimes. I also have an issue where whenever I go over 70 on the highway my CEL flashes. I'm a broke college student and I refust to take it to the stealership until I have done everything I can to fix the problem myself. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi folks new to the site if I'm misposted please let me know and I'll try again. So to start with I'm running a '91 chevy suburban 2500 4x4 with the 350 motor. The problems I'm encountering are a follows, with descriptions. 1. I have a coolant leak but I'm not sure where it is coming from, I notice the coolant around my starter, but no problems with the starter itself. Also that is the only place I have seen the fluid. 2. My transmission leaks like a siv I have replaced the pan gasket and filter but to no avail. I notice the fluid everywhere around the trans on the cross member down the frame rails. That's about it for my leaks. And lastly 3. My steering wheel is upside down! How do I fix that? My alignment sit 180* out but the wheel is. Any help on any of my problems would be greatly appreciated thank you all.
  5. My truck has 123K miles on it. The transmission is a 6 speed 6L80. About a month ago I was towing a 23' 8'6" beam, 5000 pound ski boat about 300 miles. The transmission temp maxed out around 193. About 100 miles before our destination the check engine light came on. It was late and we were going through small towns so I did not have a chance to check the code. I was in tow haul mode and never noticed any issue. The next day the CEL was gone. Yesterday I was driving around unloaded and had the truck fail to shift and rev up to 3K+ rpm. At that time I noticed that the CEL was back. I was half a mile from home. I do not believe that it shifted on the way home, it seemed to be locked in gear. Once home I stopped and restarted the engine. After restarting the CEL remained but the transmission seemed to function normally. Later I drove 15 miles into town to have the code read. The codes were P2715 and P0700. I did not ask to have the codes cleared. I have had an issue with the 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd shift where it seems to be a delayed shift with some revving between for years. This seems to happen when I am not accelerating hard or loaded. Today I drove about a 25 mile loop to talk to a transmission guy I know and take the kids for a snack. On the way I shifted manually up and down through the gears. It shifted smoothly. On a short divided highway section I floored it to accelerate. It downshifted twice. The first was smooth and good. It seemed to have some free revving with the second, although I may just be overly critical about this. The transmission fluid was changed approximately 10K to 15K miles ago. I am hoping that others can share their experience with and solutions for similar issues with this transmission. What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey all, hopefully somebody can help me out here. This past summer i bought a new Sierra extended cab SLT, and it seems all I have had so far are problems. I purchased the truck from a reputable GM dealer near my hometown. The truck was listed as a demo, the only driver being the actual owner of the dealership. I saved a good amount off the original sticker price for only having about 18,000km's on the odometer. ISSUE #1 - HISTORY I purchased the truck on July 7th 2012. I noticed on August 4th 2012 on the front drivers leather seat was beginning to "ripple" if that's even the correct terminology. I gave it a few days to see it it would "tighten up" after giving it a good clean up and conditioning the seats with the dealer provided solution at the time of purchase. I took a photo of the seat on August 10th 2012, a few days after noticing the damage. Nothing too serious, but beginning to bug me a little, considering I had just spent nearly 40K on a vehicle that I thought was well built.. I contacted the dealer I purchased my truck from and talked to the sales person whom I dealt with directly on August 13th 2012. I was told over the phone that leather on a truck this new would not let go this easily, and that I may be over exaggerating the problem. I brought my truck in the following day. I got a big story of how they had never seen such a problem on any vehicle, let a lone a vehicle this new. They continued for a little while and eventually handed me over to the service department. Service department told me it was an easy fix by re-tightening the leather from behind, a two hour job at most. I ended up getting scheduled for an appointment a few days later. On the day of my appointment I was told the upholstery person was too busy and they would give me a call when the situation got better to reschedule my appointment. October 23rd 2012 - A few weeks later, I was able to get the truck in for them to take a look. The service department wasn't able to fix the seat and would require ordering a new seat cover from general motors. November 13th 2012 - 3 weeks have passed since I was last at the dealer. The cover came in and truck was in for replacement. Job took about two hours. I was given a car for the day and came back in the afternoon to pick my truck up. (sorry for the blurry photo!!) Tonight (December 12th 2012) Second seat cover, same problem only worse. Keeping in mind, I'm a pretty small guy, so I don't think this is a weight issue by any means. The first time the dealer was unwilling to replace the whole seat, or even the bottom section. I almost fear that's what is needed in order to fix this problem. What to do? It almost feels as if the seat cushion is sagging underneath. I have never seen this on any of these trucks, sadly only mine ISSUE #2 Transmission is starting to slip when accelerating between 2nd gear and 3rd (its the 6 speed, 5.3L). This truck has just reached 40,000km (about 25,000 miles). Its hard to pinpoint it exactly, as I've only started to notice it at the beginning of this week. Please don't tell me its "just the way those transmissions shift" its not, i know it isn't. I'd hat to run out of warranty on my truck and all of a sudden left stranded with a blown transmission on the side of the road, and kicking myself for not taking action as soon as I noticed it. Any help and guidance with either issue will be greatly appreciated.
  7. I hope this info is helpful to others. My 2009 Sierra SLE (4x4 crew cab, 5.3L) started shuddering a few weeks ago when it entered 3rd and 4th gear. It was especially pronounced when going uphill or on hard acceleration. I suspected the torque converter based on other posting I've seen here on the board. I called the GMC customer service center (the truck has 47K miles and is still under warranty) and was very pleased with how they handled my case. The customer service rep (Joan) took all my info and had me on hold while she set up a diagnostic appointment with the closest dealership. I took it in and it turns out the torque converter needs to be replaced. Joan called me back right after I spoke to the dealer and told me everything was covered by warranty, how long it would take and when she would call again to follow up. I'm almost 50 years old and looking back on all the vehicles I've owned, I can't think of any car dealership that has gone to that level of effort for their customers- especially if a warranty claim was involved. My advice to others who are having mechanical problems on a vehicle is to start with GMC customer service...my experience has, so far, been excellent. I'd also like to say thanks to all the other folks who take the time to post to this board...I can't begin to list all the helpful info, tips and tricks I've discovered just by reading through the forums.
  8. Hello, I have a 98 S-10 ZR2. 60k miles, owned since new. Last few years it has seen very little service, 1000 miles per year roughly. It has always run, and in particular shifted, perfectly. Transmission properly serviced every 20k or so with correct spec Dexron fluids. We use the truck seldomly. We used it in September on a 100 mile trip and it operated and shifted absolutely perfect, as it always has. I used it a bunch at Thanksgiving, and it started to shift really early into what I guess is OD, as it would take the engine down to 500 RPM, lugging, then shift back and forth. "shifting" through manually would make it work fine. I found a thread here: http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php/75572-4l60e-trans-problems that said that early upshifts can be due to confusion in 4wd status, and even a shorted wire on a 2wd can cause it to think it is in 4lo. I had pulled fuse #8, which made the 4x4 pushbutton selector deactivated when I was checking for parasitic draws (my battery drops voltage a bit faster than Id like, so I was checking it out). When I replaced the fuse, the truck went back to working like it always had. Perfect smooth shifting and no early shifts. The amount of mileage I put on with this "issue" was maybe 50 miles at most. After fixing that issue, Ive put maybe 50 more miles on the truck, all local, and it shifted and worked great, as it ever has. That is, until this morning. I decided to take it on a 40 mile interstate drive. I know my truck spins right at 2000rpm at 70 MPH. I noticed when driving that it was more liek 2300 RPM. I figure that the TC is not locking up. But what makes it very odd is that after doing the interstate mileage, when I was back on normal roads, the truck has started to do a very hard 1-2 shift, which it has never done before. So, any insight into this? All of this has happened in like four days of using the truck since last September, and all within even the same tank of gas - its not like Im driving the truck high mileage. Rodents are a possibility (chew a wire?), but I have never had a CEL, no indicator lights, etc. 4wd engages and operates, all is well. Any thoughts or suggestions? Recommendations on what to check or do? Thanks!
  9. Ok so just within a week 2 of our 4 work vans down for transmission problems great luck huh. So just to name a few problems with this van for about 6 months now I have been able to pull the key out of the ignition while running not sure if thats related to any electrical problems its been having as well. So last week on the way home it all the sudden started revving high before it shifted into 3rd then went back to 2nd and now it wont shift any higher than second, the reason im thinking its an electrical problem is the speedometer drops to zero during this and then comes back when I reach 35 mph and the battery light comes and goes constantly. Its thrown a few codes so I got them checked as well as the battery and alternator, replaced the battery and still does the same, they said the alternator is still good. The codes that came up were "Generator "F" terminal circuit fault", "2-3 shift solenoid valve performance", and "Fuel Injector circuit condition". Any Ideas? if somethings shorting what could it be? Thanks
  10. I have a 2004 GMC Savana 2500. This morning I noticed when driving it, it would shift really lightly into the next gear, like you would almost not even notice, different then normal though. After I parked for a bit I started the van back up and put into Reverse and nothing, so I tried Drive, and everything else nothing unless I rev it up I can see it move about an inch or two. Any Ideas, I just want to rule out everything before I take it in. Checked the trans oil OK and also that Park Neutral Position Switch on the side and the cable moves the arm on it. I drive this van everyday for work and if the transmission was going out wouldnt I notice any slippage or anything before, it was running great yesterday? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a 2005 GMC Sierra with the L33 5.3, 4L60E automatic, and push button 4x4. Every morning since I got the truck, there has been a strange issue that I can't seem to figure out. When the truck is cold, I can't seem to get the gear shifter out of park and into any gear. It just seems stuck. I can pull it back to 'unlock' it or whatever you call it, but it just doesn't want to move. No matter how hard I press the brakes, nothing happens. Once it is warm enough, I can hear it click in the column, allowing the shifter to move throughout the gears. After a few minutes of sitting with the heater on, for whatever reason, it will finally operate normally and then its fine for the rest of the day as long as the truck warms up first. Today, it was stuck 3 times because I only drove 1 minute at a time to each of two destinations. The brake lights operate normally when cold so I don't think it is a brake switch issue. Anyone have any ideas on what to check or what the problem could be? Its seriously bugging me.
  12. i need help to dertermine the problem with my transmission , any help is much appreciated 08 silverado crew cab 1/2 ton approx 120 0000kms it started off having a rough shift, just taking higher rpm to shift from a lower gear into a higher one .now its gotten worse, it really struggles to shift up, like it needs to have really high rpm , or steady pressure at a higher rpm , shifting manually doesnt change anything either.
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