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  1. My 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 won't shift into overdrive. -It started with, my check engine light came on Blinking the other day but then the light shut off almost immediately. I had pulled over, once the check engine light shut off moments later I went to pull back out and the truck wouldn't shift into overdrive. The light has come on a couple of times before but it was never blinking and usually a couple days later it would just shut of on it's own before we could get it looked at. Does anyone have any Ideas as to what might be going on? - And please tell me it's a cheap fix, HAHAHA
  2. Hello Everyone, New to the forum and need some help! I purchased a 2019 Silverado LT 5.3l 4x4 (new body style) about two months ago. I recently put on some bigger tires, rims and a 2" RC leveling kit. Shortly after installation, the engine light came on and the truck would not sift out of Auto to 2wd or 4hi. I'm also feeling some wonkiness in the back tires and transfer case...feels like it is stuck in 4hi on dry pavement. I had the codes pulled and something is causing a P189A and P1899 (transmission) errors to trigger. I did some research and found the issues could be a result of a speedometer calibration issue caused by the bigger tires. I was told a speedometer calibration unit should resolve the issue. I purchased an inline speedometer calibration unit from Hypertech, set the parameters and installed it. Unfortunately, the problem is still occurring. Any suggestions from anyone? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for the help! Thanks Chris
  3. Hey everyone, I'm having trouble with my trans. 4l60e .. Out of the blue one day it would engage after start up for about 3 mins. Then it would completely fail .. No movement in any gear... Turn it off for a 5 min crank and it repeated.. fixed that problem... Filter and seal was bad and not allowing it to seal off and couldn't transfer enough fluid... After it was fixed it worked fine.. i had to use 4wd a week later and manually sifted to 1st and there was nothing it just reved no movement or noises .. Tried 2nd -3rd same results.. it works fine in drive pulls hard no strange noises or funny feelings..shifts through all gears fine .. Any idea why it won't engage manually? Thanks-B
  4. Hi, New Sierra with 9500 miles. Transmission has never been right, at first service complained that it lurches at low speed, such as parking in a parking lot and feeling like I've hit the concrete stop. Also noticed that when approaching a stop light, at 2-3 mph before stopping the truck will lurch. Dealer assured that they needed to change some 'codes' in the transmission. Now the transmission slips when it's cold. Upon starting, the first application of the gas pedal after a shift into gear (whether forward or reverse) results in the engine winding up as if it's in neutral. After a second or two, the trans will "slide" into gear and the truck will start moving. Reminds me of my old Willy's when the clutch was worn out and would slip. I'm getting ready to send the truck back to the dealer - any suggestions on what to tell them or other folks that have had a similar experience? Anyone know of any service bulletins addressing this problem? thanks guys
  5. Hey i'm looking for some help on doing a transmission swap in a 2002 Chevy Silverado Here are the specs of my truck: -2002 Silverado automatic transmission -4x4 -v6 4.3 engine Could someone please let me know if I need to find a transmission with the exact year of (2002). Or will other years interchange with no modifications needed. I want to be able to simply swap them. I am getting mixed feed back from the salvage yards around my area. Most of the are saying I have to get a 2002 transmission and others are saying other years will work just fine. Apparently GM changed the part number each year so it adds the confusion perhaps. There is one salvage yard in my area that has a transmission from a 2004 and they are telling me it will work just fine. They said if anything the fly wheel might not work and they said they will provide the fly wheel with the transmission incase it doesn't fit the flywheel thats currently on my 2002 truck. Thanks for any help someone can provide!
  6. Hey all, I am considering changing out all my fluids as I just hit 25k and this is mostly for peace of mind. Truck is 2017 Z71, 6 SP. trans. First, it appears most people do a pan drop drain and fill with gasket replace. Is that beneficial, getting some new fluid in while like 50% is still old/original? Second in the manual for capacities, I do not see trans listed, how do I know how much it even holds total? Thanks.
  7. A few months ago I installed a set of Texas Speed and Performance long tube headers and the catted y pipe they offer. Some then ive noticed the front of the transmission pan leaks a little bit. The bolt heads have trans fluid on them all the time and every now and then it drips onto the exhaust and I can smell it. I believe this is due to the heat from the catalytic converter that is positioned directly below the trans pan. I haven’t noticed any higher trans temperature and the fluid level of the trans hasn’t gotten low so it not a bad leak, just an annoying smell mostly. I’m trying to decide what to do and I thought I’d get y’alls opinion. I was thinking about making a heat shield to go between the cat and the trans pan. or maybe just tightening the bolts on the trans pan, if I remember correctly the torque spec on those is pretty low and the added heat from the cat might be enough to make it leak. Thanks for any input.
  8. I’ve read so many threads and seen a lot of methods but would appreciate some input please. 2017, 5.3, 6 speed Z71 do I need to drop exhaust to drop pan or not? Crawled under and took pics it looks like there is clearance... regarding aftermarket pan with drain plug on these, any adverse issues? Like the controversial rear diff covers? thank you all!
  9. I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 2 wheel drive 4.3l v6 and the transmission went out yesterday. I was wondering what transmissions are interchangeable with my truck. Please help.
  10. Anyone have issues with shifting between 2nd to 3rd and the truck revs up about 750rpm, or 1000 when towing then catches? Dealer told me it is normal but it has been progressively getting worse over time. Never did it when first bought it but started around 10,000 km doing it weekly where now at 60,000 km does it multiple times daily. Warmer weather does cause this to occur more often and harsh. Brand new transmission as well installed which never made a difference. Doesn't seem right to me as you can really feel when towing the stress on that shift. Wondering to the crazy flare up when under load would cause a bent engine rod recently around this transmission b.s.
  11. my transmission when I disconnect the cooler tube on the top of the radiator to go to the transmission no transmission fluid comes out and it's showing a code P O 894 I just recently had the transmission rebuilt it's got about a hundred sixty thousand miles on it when I had the transmission rebuilt it had 130000
  12. Hi, I have an 03' Yukon XL AWD with a 4L60E transmission. Does anyone know the torque specs for the transmission mount? From what I have found. the bolts that attach the mount to the transmission get tightened to 18 ft/lbs. However, I cannot find the torque for the nuts for the studs that go through the crossmember. The mount part # is 15113134 and here's a photo of it. Thanks!
  13. So my new to me 2014 Silverado with 95,000 miles just lost its transmission in the first week of me owning it. In calling around to local transmission shops the general consensus is that these transmissions will only reasonably last 80 to 100 thousand miles without either the pump or torque converter going out. Anybody have any thoughts or similar findings?
  14. OK Here's my sound. Truck is up on jack stands and I'm turning the rear wheels. Camera is under transfer case. Squeaks like this when leaving standing start and eventually stops when going fast enough (20 mph). Fluid in transfer case is fresh. Thoughts?
  15. Long time reader and first time poster. I recently started to have vibration issues with my 2015 Yukon Denali. It started after the last scheduled oil change and tire rotation. I noticed the vehicle vibrating quite often. I started paying more attention to it and realized there was a shudder in-between gears that became worse as the transmission warmed up. Took it to the dealer I purchased it at and it was a bit of a fiasco because they were backlogged and ended up taking it to another dealer who performed 2810175 (updated TCM with latest calibration and relearn). They handed me the vehicle and said all fixed. Took the vehicle home and it seemed to be ok but started noticing the shudder again. One question is after this, is it expected that there should be a relearn time for X miles while its relearning the shift adapts/pressures? Is there an estimated number of miles for this? It seems to shudder less often but when it does it seems worse than before. I've only driven it about 60 miles since the recalibration. I'm fully aware of PIP5337 and asked them about this but they said the TCC was not bad. The vehicle was purchased June of 2015 so its definitely manufactured before November of 2015 which PIP5337D mentions. As I drive it more and more, I feel less of a transmission shudder but more road vibration than I felt in the loaner 2016 Yukon SLT or my wife's Kia Soul. I'm wondering if its possible they rebalanced improperly. The road vibration seems to be at lower speeds. At higher speeds it is better but may just be the quality of the roads I am driving on at lower speeds. I do notice the TAC jumps about 100 rpm during most shifts and not sure if this is normal. It seems to do this when the TCC speed should be 0 (around 2000PM) shifts. I realize it would not be fully locked under 1600RPM. At this point, I am not really sure if I am just paying too much attention to every bump on the road or if there is an actual issue. Are there any objective ways to determine if there is an actual issue and express that in a way that will not completely annoy the dealer? I have already had to pull this vehicle from one dealer because they were so backlogged it would have been in the lot sitting for repair for 23 days. With that said, they planned on doing a tear down on it to inspect and thought it was the TCC. Any help or guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I’ve got a issue that just started last night. I was driving home, pulled from a red light and engine revved pretty hard before shifting. That repeated all the way home. Every time I slowed down to 1st gear and had to start again it would repeat. When it did shift I didn’t feel any other gears change, just the one change. Part of this trip was on the interstate and at 65 MPH the RPM was about 2500. Trying to figure out if I have a speed sensor problem of some type issue not telling it when to shift or if I’ve got an actual tranny problem. I have very little mechanical knowledge and it’s my first GM vehicle I’ve ever owned for about 3 mos now. Also I did figure out when the RPM gets to right at where it should shift, I can let off and tap the gas and it’ll shift much sooner and smoother than if I just stayed in the gas. Also noticed the oil pressure increased when pressing the gas from about 40 to 60. Don’t know if this is normal but I’d never noticed it before. Maybe only noticed it due to being particularly observant cause I was having issue. Also, separate questions, I got a check engine light a few weeks ago saying something about both main banks. Shop said it’s most likely vacuum leak somewhere. Previous owner is very knowledgeable and said to change O2 sensors and probably was not a vacuum leak. Any advice on this as well? Thanks.
  17. So driving the family to supper today in my 16 crew cab 5.3 nice hot 21*C day had the AC on and after driving thru some stop and go traffic for 20 min and getting to the restaurant I backed into a slightly up hill stall and pull forward to straighten out and back in again and we feel a slight shudder vibration. I checked the trans temp it was 88C and sat in park with the slight shudder and checked my transmission fluid it was slightly below the hot section but i was slightly rear end high. Came out to leave hour and a half later and could just barely still feel a slight shudder and it didn't get change with a rev of the engine. I drove it the 12km home and it felt normal no shudder at stop lights after we left. Im up to 106,000km and plan to get the transmission fluid changed and filter as I bought it with 72,000kms last april and am unsure now if the dealer did the transmission filter and fluid. Any ideas?
  18. I have an appointment to take my truck in for some transmission work next week for a vibration that started yesterday. At first it kinda felt like a loose wheel or a tire was going out of balance but throughout the day it got worse. If I'm in 8th gear cruising at any speed about every 20 seconds the whole truck shakes for a couple seconds and at every up shift it shakes when it grabs the next gear. If I run in manual in 7th gear I don't get any shaking at highway speeds just in 8th. Kinda feels like it maybe the torque converter? Anyone else experience anything like this. Truck just turned over 16k miles. Just curious what to expect for repairs if anyone else has had this problem.
  19. I have a 2007 Tahoe 2wd, 5.3L. The transmission gets hot, 190-200 degrees F, only when in overdrive. If I shift down to 3rd, the temp will start to decrease. Has anybody had this problem before or know of any solutions? Thanks.
  20. Hello all, so this weekend i took my 2000 Silverado out camping and on my 3rd day out i went to start the truck and warm it up and drove it around the campsite and everything worked fine, parked the truck and then grabbed the family and loaded up, went to shift from park to drive and the lever just fell loose, wont go into any gear from the shifter but if i get under the truck i can shift into all gears fine, then once in drive i can shift from drive to neutral reverse and park just fine but wont go to any gear from park, cable was replaced last year. No clue where to start but everything under the truck is connected and in working order. 2000 extended cab short bed 5.3l 4l60e. 2wd
  21. Hey Guys, I have this transmission that I found in my backyard of my landlords house and was wondering if you guys could tell me anything about it! Thanks. It also says M97 on the side and GM 14 stamped!
  22. I have a 2015 Yukon Denali, it is lifted with 35’s, the lift has about 1500 miles on it now, I have had no issues up until recent. The issue is I’m getting a pretty loud metal on metal clacking or tapping noise from some where in the front diff or transmission. It is most predominate from speeds 30mph down to about 10mph. The noise will start when I let off the gas while driving to coast or slow down, it will do it intermittently at higher speeds but not near as much but it is the same issue for sure. It seems like it starts after I let off the gas and the rpms drop down to around 1200 or less in a coast. The noise will start off not as loud and progressively get louder if I coast without touching the gas. As soon as i touch the gas the noise will go away, it does not do this in manual mode only in automatic. I have had the lift looked over multiple times and now I don’t think it has anything to do with it other than the additional Strain may have caused and already underlying problem to become more profound. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  23. My 2018 denali changes one of the digital gauges to tranny temp when I press tow-haul. Does the 2019 AT4 with tech pkg do the same, or do you have to go in the trailering app, etc.?
  24. Hello all! First post here! What brought me here was the 8l90 torque converter lockup shudder issue. Most times I'd just take this truck to the dealer and let them sort it out, but as it's out of warranty, this is not something I'd like to pay >$600 to repair (this price was quoted to me for the flush and filter change). After talking to a few service advisors I've found that each of them planned on using a different solution to attempt to alleviate the shudder. The first was going to proceed via one of the bulletins and do a triple fluid swap and filter change, the others were just going to do a standard flush and fluid swap. I plan on owning this vehicle for another few months until the 19's become a little more negotiable but cannot stand to let this shudder go on that long and am a bit worried about destroying the torque converter in the process and washing a whole bunch of parts down into the transmission. So.... my question is if anyone has performed this fluid swap themselves, if it alleviated the issue, and if the filter change is necessary? I saw that many of the Corvette guys were swapping to the Mobil 1 fluid with some success, however, I didn't think this was as much of a fluid performance issue as it was a suspended clutch material / dirty fluid issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
  25. Hello, This is a 1999 Chevy Silverado 5.3l, 4wd push button style, 4L60E transmission, 153k. I have a green fluid leak (T-case fluid) coming from the front axel input shaft seal, drivers side. It obviously gets thrown around all over surrounding components when driven in current condition. The leak will accumulate about 2 or 3 drips on the ground overnight. It's been going on for a good while judging by the amount of fluid caked on everything. I've only driven approximately 50 miles since i noticed issue, all in 2wd. My questions are whether or not i risk significant damage to the case if ONLY driven in 2wd while also adding fluid as needed? Also, is there an "inner" seal in the transfer case that will be exposed when drive shaft is removed from t-case? If so, what is the responsibility of "inner" seal and is there a reason it should also be replaced simultaneously? When i'm in that deep i'd rather do whatever is necessary and logical. Thanks for any help with stated questions and I also love to hear any related advice or experience! Taking it to a shop is not an option as I have little money and major trust issues. Trust issues stemming from several bad experiences in the past and most recently, pertaining to this vehicle. I bought this truck for $6,500, everything is in VERY good shape, recently had a 90k motor installed @ 150k (i purchased it at 152.5k) as a private party transaction from the auto shop owner who installed the second motor. Turns out recently installed engine either has a cracked head or head gasket as the black light test reveals coolant coming from exhaust among other confirmations... AAAGGGHH. That's a completely different story that's being dealt with but figured i'd share my reasons for NOT TAKING IT TO ANYONE mentality. Auto salesmen/mechanics can be total sleezeballs. From now on it's my way or the highway, to my own dismay haha.
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