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  1. Good afternoon guys, So the AC compressor clutch on my 2015 Silverado 1500 LT, with the 5.3L V8 Flex engine just seized and snapped the belt. Time for some repairs. As I am out of warranty I was hoping that you guys could give me some assistance on the parts that need to be changed so I get this right the first time. By the image below (from GM Parts Direct), what number parts should have be ordering to complete this repair successfully the first time. I know I need #19 (Compressor) and #1 (Condenser assy). What other parts do I need? Also, I'm having issues finding AC Delco parts at a decent price. Would a Denso AC Compressor work just as good? Would a Keystone aftermarket Condenser be just as good? What Santech AC Ring Kit would I need? My thanks in advance guys!
  2. Hello All, 2014 Silvy and no AC, I have read all this forum seems to offer. My system is so low I couldn't just get dye in to confirm the leak, compressor wouldnt kick on. Im going to pull a vacuum to confirm the leak, then charge it that way since the vacuum should get me a jump start on getting the system to take refrigerant. Then find the dye with a light, I suspect condenser, but want to confirm before buying the part. Question for those of you who have done this. Did you add oil on this initial charge to get dye in, to protect the compressor? Or did you only add oil in after the fix on the final charge? If so, how much did you add each time. I've read 2 oz for a compressor replacement, but not how much for a condenser. Thanks, Josh
  3. The a/c on/off and blower position display on the mylink screen started rapidly flashing on and off. The air won’t turn on, it just acts as though it’s turning off and on very fast but on screen only. What would cause this? Any ideas what it might be? Thanks. (See video) F9520B0C-50EF-4173-825C-AD7A41320960.MOV
  4. About a month ago I purchased a 16 Tahoe LTZ with 37,000 miles. My driver side seat cooling works great on both the seat and the backrest. But on my passenger side I noticed that the seat section does not cool at all only the backrest is cool on that side. I’ve compared it with the driver side and I’m convinced there is an issue. Can anyone provide some insight as to what could be wrong? Are there 2 separate fans for the backrest and the seat? What should I look for and try before I take it in for service? Thanks in advance.
  5. Alright- high Miller here- 445 KM, (276000 miles) tranny rebuilt at 350. in the past month, I have noticed a rattle. Not steady, inconsistent, It is not- piston slap- present when engine is warm lifter- inconsistent lifter gone- zero power loss, truck runs great, drives great, no loss uphill. highly doubtful cat converter. Possibly AC clutch? Bearing in that area? It sounds like it’s coming from that area. Truck straight on, bottom left. I cant test because of GMs safety feature with the outside temp gauge on AC and stopping it (3 blinks) (Canadian winter) Has had anyone just cut this belt and said eff the AC? I have zero use for AC, summer I roll the windows down, I think it’s a waste of gas to be honest. Been through pretty much everything else. More of a nuisance then an issue. Truck drives great, no lights, nothing. Mileage dropped a bit, but could be Canadian winter. Im tempted to cut the belt, as it appears it’s got its own belt and from diagrams that’s what I can see. Thoughts? Tia
  6. The A/C belt in my 2004 Silverado 1500 4.8L snapped recently, and I believe it’s because one of the pulleys seized up. 2 days before the truck was making a relatively loud screech from the engine compartment at startup. The belt was a gator-type and installed on 12/10/17. I’m not an expert at engine repair, so what pulleys drive the A/C belt? And if one of them is truly seized, how do I properly fix it?
  7. 2001 Chevy Silverado Over the months I've noticed the AC getting warmer and warmer. Now it is barely colder than outside (which is about 100f). Details: Compressor cycles on/off; about 3 seconds on and 7 seconds off. I have attached a recharge can to the low side plug. The gauge reads~100 PSI (truck is at ambient temp which is ~65f). I have parts in the mail to convert my R12 manifold gauge to R134a connectors. I have no high side PSI value at this time. With recharge can connected to low side valve and with the truck running with max ac (again ambient temp at 65f): When the compressor engages, the low side gauge goes from 100 PSI to 5 PSI in a matter of 3 to 4 seconds. The compressor disengages. At this time, the low side PSI slowly raises back up to 100 PSI which restarts the compressor shortly after and the cycle goes on... Any takers on helping me or giving me possible causes (and what to do about them)? I have a nagging suspicion that someone slapped a recharge can on it and overfilled it. This vehicle is driven by 5 different people; no one fessed up so far... Have to wait for parts to test high side PSI. But I'm also worried that the low side pressure dropped so fast; I feel this is not normal? Thanks for the help!
  8. After replacement of a dead battery, the driver side AC circulates between Warm, cool, and Cold approx every 90 seconds while the passenger side works properly. Based upon research, it seems that this is a common issue and that fixes may be to 1) initiate a re-calibration using a scan tool 2) perform some steps that require removing a fuse, adjusting the temp, shutting the truck off, etc. I've done each of the recommended procedures, however I am still experiencing the same issue. We also tested the Ac unit for leaks by draining the Freon, measuring the capacity, then replacing it back into the system. The Freon level was at proper lbs therefore proving no leaks in the AC system. Any idea's of what may need to be replaced to resolved this issue or other steps to try to rectify the issue?
  9. My ac is blowing cool air but not getting cold as it use to get. Also notice that the radiator fans don’t spin fast anymore. It come on but it goes really slow. Engine temp gauge normal. Anyone can help me with this?
  10. Just thought I'd share this letter I recieved from GM Canada today. I don't have this issue but I hope it could help others that paid for a repair in recouping your hard earned cash on an obvious manufacturer defect.
  11. I have a 1999 GMC Sierra 5.3 L.When I am driving down the road at 60 to 75 miles per hour the temperature gauge will read around 190 degrees when I turn on the air condition after a while the temperature gauge will start to climb up to about 230 to 235°. Then I will turn the air-conditioned off and the temperature gauge will slowly go back down to about 200°. Can anybody tell me what check for to take care of the temperature problem. Joe
  12. Eddie 70

    New Condenser

    From the album: Truck Stuff

    Showing the way the transmission cooler is attached to the AC condenser.
  13. I'm posting this for my Brother, 2010 GMC Sierra Z71 Extended Cab. His A/C recently stopped working. When he presses the button it flashes three times and does nothing. The other day he was able to get it to work but it stopped working again and doesn't know where to start looking. Any Suggestions or common things to look for first?
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a 2014 Silverado V6 LS. Last week my AC went out for the second time. Truck has 44K miles so is out of warranty. The first time they replaced the defective hose issue I have read about. I have not diagnosed the latest problem yet but was planning on doing it this week. Then today, I was running errands and I heard a loud squeal and seconds later I had no assisted braking and had to really push down to stop. When I got home I looked in the engine and saw the belt had snapped. I purchased and installed a new one and fired up the truck. The squealing was loud and when I looked the vacuum pump was frozen and the belt was just spinning on it. I also noticed 3 days ago that the electronic thermostat number was stuck at 51 degrees most of the day even though we are in the mid 80's in Dallas. Either this truck is having a really bad week or there is a connection. Any ideas?
  15. Ok, so either I am a little slow (very possible!) or I am missing an important step...my '08 had the remote 'synced' to my truck...and it would recognize when I (my remote) unlocked the doors and my wife's...and it would adjust the seats to the person...when you use the remote start it would recognize the outside temp and if it were cold outside, it would turn on the seat heaters... When I first got my truck, I synced my remote so it does recognize me as 'Driver 2' and my wife as 'Driver 1'... Now, I went to my settings and worked through all the steps I found in the owners manual, my truck still recognizes me, but it will not automatically move my seats back to my position (if my wife drives my truck) and it won't turn the cooled or heated seats on... Again...I know this is first world problems and all...but I figure if I have the options I paid for, I want them to work... Any advise? or are there some key steps the owners manual left out that I need to go back and try?
  16. Having issues with my AC and HEAT, they will both blow out hot and or cold with nothing funky going on, but no matter at what speed its on it will hardly come out. I swapped out the blower motor and blower motor resistor and still nothing. I saw on some other forums that some wires / connectors had heat damage either at the resistor and the fuse box but all looked fine to me and I was getting the correct voltage. What should I check next? Thank you in advance
  17. 2003 SILVERADO HD AC Isuues: the truck has 155K miles AC stopped working, compressor not coming on. Only 25MV at compressor. Both high and low pressure gauge at 32 psi with AC on no change in either gauge with engine running. Before compressor stopped working the autozone fill can with a gauge red OK range when the compressor cycled on. Any ideas, should I add more R34 to bring low side up to 65 psi low side?
  18. Hey guys, I've got this issue at hand and I really don't know how to address it because my lame dealership's answer to everything is "This is how it is. This is how GM built it!!" Now we all know that in all our GM pick-up trucks (2014 and up) all we have is 4 AC vents in the dashboard. I have a 2016 Sierra Denali and the vent in the dashboard next to the passenger side window blows at least 50% (if not more) lesser air than my other vents. I took it to the dealership and they say "you can compare it to any other truck here in our lot and you will see it's the same." So I compared it to my friend's identical truck which he picked just a month before me (Also 2016 Sierra Denali) and his AC was working much better than mine. Even in his truck that specific vent blows out lesser air than the other vents but not as less as mine. I reported this to the dealership and showed them both trucks for comparison however they very ignorantly keep saying it's the same when it absolutely isn't. Anybody else face this issue (With their AC, not the dealership that is)? And if you did, how did you overcome it? I look forward to your help and advise. Best regards.
  19. Having some ac issues. I'm sure this has been asked this a thoand times and I'm sure this is not the correct forum but I'm new here and still figuring out how to post. My ac was blowing kinds Luke warm at stop lights. While evacuated the system and recharged and finnally got it back but now it is just nearly cooling on drivers side and HOT on the passenger side; any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. OK HERE WE GOOOO!!! I have a 2013 GMC Sierra Nevada 4.8. I live in Manitoba Canada where for 10 months out of the year it is below freezing! Last week we had a warm day so while my wife was shopping I decided to turn on the AC while I was waiting for her, I got the 3 flash light and it went off, I thought it was because it was to cool still. Than I noticed me temp gauge start to rise. I have owned this truck since it was new and pull a small 5th wheel around with it I have never seen the temp gauge move before. So I sat there waiting to here the fan kick on... It never did, slowly the temp went back down, but within 15 minutes it was back up again. I'm wondering is it possible that a fan relay could be gone and that is why the highspeed fan never kicked in as well as why the AC won't work. I also tried it yesterday and had the same problem.... I'm stumped!
  21. Hi All, I got 2010 Silverado v8 5.3l, I'm having some issue with my AC. The compressor is not cycling and its getting iced (attached pic). What will be problem.. Thanks
  22. I tried to recharge the AC system by using adapter and added R-134a refrigerant...it took about one and half cans of refrigerant and it started blowing cold but than suddenly engine cut off now whenever I connect that electrical connector to compressor engine cuts off ....so I was told to change compressor...correct me if I have wrong info.. if not any instruction guide to change AC in my 1989 GMC S15 What type of oil and how much oil I should add along with refrigerant? also how much refrigerant should be added? I mean what is capacity? Also, any diagram showing low port in this model?
  23. Hey guys, after 3 years of going without my old Silverado (and driving a foreign family sedan) and constantly scanning dealers, I finally made my move on a 2015 Silverado 4wd crew cab LTZ! It's the first vehicle I've owned under 70k miles so naturally I can't stop staring at it...Hell, if I could, I'd park the damn thing in the living room so I can watch it in my sleep! Anyway, I'm new to this website too and I already have 1 thing that is off about this truck (its the same thing that happened to my '06 Silverado). Maybe someone could point me in the right direction where to ask or if its been discussed before... I've tried researching it, but cannot find anyone that's noticed this or if its a problem. When the AC is set to top vents only, the bottom vents are still partially open. When I select the blend option, I can notice the bottom vents open a little more. So the blend door actuator is working, but not fully closing off and damn that AC is nice and cool, but too cold for my feet! Do I have a defective actuator or are they supposed to always blow air towards the floor boards? I hate the idea of bringing out duct tape on a brand new LTZ, but hell I'm the one who's hot (literally and figuratively) and not my feet!
  24. Started up after sitting about 10 mins since last stop. Outside temp 60 degrees; humidity 100%. AC on "Auto" at start -- 72 degrees. Turned down to 70 degrees -- all of a sudden rapid air blowing out of dash vents warm on driver side, hot on pass side, no air in rear. Reduced fan speed but recirc and changing to floor vents would not work. Turned system off then on -- same result. Turned vehicle off then on -- same result. Drove 4 hours with AC off. Turned off vehicle overnight -- started next morning -- everything works! Hooked up OBD -- no fault codes! Is this a computer glich or faulty damper? Vehicle has 3,300 miles. Thanks....
  25. First time to post here... so my apologies for giving too little or too much info... Got a 2006 Sierra SLT Crew Cab Z71. Its just now getting cold enough for me to use the heat in the morning and for some reason it is acting crazy this year. No problems in the past. When my truck gets up to temperature I turned on the air and ran the digital temp number up 90 and nothing happened - air stayed cold. I turned the air off and then back on and it got hot immediately but 30-45 seconds later it returned to cold air. I repeated it a few times and it was hit or miss about 50/50 when the air would start blowing hot again (and it was hot - not warm so I don't think it has anything to do with the heater core). I have heard of the a/c being on and then going to hot but never the other way around. I do suspect that it wasn't actually going to a/c but to the ambient air outside the truck (40 degrees). It was like this on both the passenger and driver side - unlike when I hear of only one side acting crazy. Anybody ever experience this or know what is going on? How do I fix it? Can't go without heat - pretty soon I will have ice on my windshield that will need defrosting. Thanks in advance for the help!
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