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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone would be able to help. My truck makes this rattling noice when being accelerated. When it started it wasn't that bad but has progressively got worse. It's worse when it's cold then goes away for the most part once the engine is warmed up. Sounds like it's coming from the front end. Thank you! 20220307_163644.mp4
  2. Hey everyone, thanks for the add! Got myself a 2016 Canyon SLE. I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas about something I've been looking through forums for before going to a shop. I was driving it to lunch and as I was turning, it completely stalled out on me. Battery was still on but no acceleration as if the engine cut off yet no indicators popped up on the dash. I quickly threw it in park, turned it off completely and restarted it no problem and its still driving smooth with no other issues. There anyone with the same problem before or ideas of what it might be?
  3. What package would be better, the 2019 Canyon All-Terrain Leather, or the 2021 Canyon AT4?
  4. I have a very nicely equipped 2017 Chev. Silverado z71 Quad Cab. Only have 6500 miles on it and bought it as a kind of retirement gift for myself. I use it for various things but mostly to go fishin or huntin in and tow my 18 foot Basstracker. The issue I am having is backing my boat back into the garage with it. I live in town on an alley and it is very tight trying to get the proper angle backing into the garage, especially if the neighbor is parked on the other side of the alley. I am wondering how much I might be gaining in maneuverability by trading it in for a smaller truck? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for any help.
  5. Recently installed a Blackvue DR590W 2-channel dash cam system into my 2019 Canyon. I used a Powermagic pro to hardwire it to the vehicle, and a Blendmount to attach it. Really like the video quality of these cameras. Check out my install video.
  6. I have a set of 2019 Chevy Colorado rims that are 18x8.5 and 6x120 and they come with tpms already installed. These will fit any 15-19 Colorado and the tpms just need to be programmed to the vehicle. MSRP on these rims and sensors are $2310.08 before tax and core charge (which is $50 per rim). I'm looking for $1600 obo they do not come with tires or center caps. Message me if you have any questions. I have more pictures of the back of the rims showing they are genuine GM rims but they are to large of a file to upload.
  7. decisions on vinyl wrapping the entire truck. mainly for paint protection but also for major visual enhancements
  8. hey im new to the forum and wanted to know if there are any other towing mirrors available for a 2017 GMC Canyon other than clearview. Thanks!
  9. I'm looking into replacing my aging 2002 Silverado Z71 with a new Canyon or Colorado, I'm eyeballing two at my local dealership that come with 15% cashback plus a few discounts. Options-wise they're very similar, one an extended cab Colorado Redline and the other a crew cab short box Canyon, 4x4s and V6s both. I've taken them for a test drive, and really liked how they drove-I found them both really comfortable, and they were (At least from my perspective) really pleasant to drive on the highway and handled great to drive around. But for those that have had one for a while, how are they to live with? I've seen issues with the 8-speed transmissions, but aside from that are there any known problems that are popping up with these trucks?
  10. Hey guys, so I did a review and install video for Clearview Mirrors USA. They were awesome and sent me out a set of mirrors for my truck. I did a full unboxing, review, and installation of the mirrors. They really are top notch. Be it pricey, but if you are doing any sort of towing with your Colorado or Canyon, these mirrors will definitely make your life easier. The mirrors are super well made, very sturdy. I am very pleased with them. All the info you need is in the video. Leave a comment and a thumbs up. Definitely go visit the www.ClearviewMirrorsUSA.com website and check out the product page.
  11. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 6-19-2018 GM is recalling a list of vehicles because a fuel line can detach from the fuel pump and thus present the chance for a fire. The full text of the NHTSA report is listed below. If you want to look up your own vehicle to see if yours is on that recall list you can do so here. Or you can hope that the snail mail system works and brings you a notice. If this recall sounds familiar don't be surprised. GM has had a long history of recalling vehicles for fuel pump and fuel line failures.
  12. I bought my 2015 4 x 4 Canyon SLT from a Toyota dealership used so I got very little info. Do I have the z82 suspension package since I have the SLT 4x4 because that's what I've been told. does that mean I can tow the 7k lb? can I update the maps or OS in the GMC intellilink system? Keeps giving me traffic warnings for situations years ago and doesn't indicate roads that have been built since 2014. Does anyone have any tips or things look out for possibly any proactive maintenance tips? Have seemed to notice a intermittent slight rough idling issue when stopped at a red light sometimes.
  13. Recently purchased 17 Canyon Crewcab SLE 4x4 and would like to go ahead and say thank you for the knowledge this forum has given me for the upgrades I’ve done to my truck so far. Will post in ‘what did I do to my truck ‘ soon.
  14. Here is a video showing how to install a Pop N Lock on a 2015-2017 Colorado or Canyon.
  15. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 8-27-2017 The 2018 GMC Canyon is a carry-over year. Most changes are cosmetic or updates. Here is the quick list of what is to come for the new 2018 GMC Canyon: Changes: New 4SB All Terrain model available after start of production All Terrain model is now available with (H2U) Jet Black leather-appointed seating New Black All Terrain grille center insert and lower bumper fascia (IOB) 7" diagonal Color Touch Screen with IntelliLink is now standard on 2SA, 2VL and 4VL (was available on 2VL and 4VL in 2017 model year) Color Changes: - Additions (GD1) Marine Blue Metallic (G9K) Satin Steel Metallic Color Changes - Deletions (GBV) Cyber Gray Metallic (GWX) Bronze Alloy Metallic
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 6-9-2017 U.S. News & World Report added the 2017 GMC Canyon to its list of the 9 Best Cars To Buy Right Now list this week. Makes sense to us. We at GM-Trucks.com feel the Canyon is a great truck, and with so many shoppers over at the Chevy showrooms checking out the just-arrived ZR2 Colorados, the GMC truck dealers may be looking to do a deal. We are fortunate to know the Managing Editor at U.S. News Autos, Jamie Deaton. She is long-time journalist and editor who knows trucks inside and out. We reached out to her and asked her if she could explain what this list really means. Jamie told us, "The Best Cars to Buy Now all have great deals available, but what really sets them apart is that they have good scores in the U.S. News car rankings, which indicates that these are cars you’ll actually want to buy, even at full price, and they have slowing sales – so buyers will be in a strong negotiation position even before you take the manufacturer incentives into account. The three factors are the hat trick of car buying: a great product, the potential to negotiate a lower price, and further discounts and incentives to help you finance the purchase and lower your total cost." That description matches the Canyon very well. Also included on the list of 9 is the Chevy Sonic if you are looking for a small runabout to go with your truck.
  17. Installed a set of iBoardAuto running boards on my 2017 Coly. Check out the install and review videos below: INSTALL REVIEW
  18. Selling a K&N intake I bought for my 2017 Canyon. I purchased it for a 2015-2016. I didn't think GM would have changed the engine that much. Asking $200.00 for it I also threw in a recharge kit inside the box too. Let me know you can get a hold of me through my cell 505-934-3915
  19. Small shop in Kitchener ontario, working on medium duty trucks, canyons colorados rangers dakotas, brakes, oil changes, tire installs on rims already. Follow link to Kijiji ad for contact information information Please view this ad: Light duty truck repairs , http://www.kijiji.ca/v-auto-repair-maintenance/kitchener-waterloo/light-duty-truck-repairs/1237560242?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android
  20. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-4-2017 General Motors announced its sales results for the full year and month of December today. The news was all upbeat for GM who touts Chevy as the industry's fastest growing brand. GM also claims a market share gain of 0.5%. We broke out the truck numbers and saw that Silverado was down 4.3% in 2016 vs. 2015 and Sierra was down 1.1% on the year. With the extremely high volume of sales these trucks enjoy that is certainly not to be taken as bad news. The Colorado and Canyon were up significantly, increasing sales by 29% and 25% respectively. By any measure, the midsize pickups from GM are a huge success story for the company and prove - beyond a doubt - that GM had the best foresight among the major pickup manufacturers. We won't be beating the drum that GM's car sales are of concern this year unless things go horribly of course. Instead, we will look on the bright side of GM's car sales. One bright spot is for sure the Chevy Volt. It is the second-leading seller among electrified vehicles in America and nearly doubled its sales to just under 25K units. Along with the Bolt, Spark EV, and ELR, GM sold 28,867 electrified vehicles in 2016, making it the top supplier of affordable EVs in the country. Why does this matter to truck owners? Because every ZEV credit GM doesn't have to buy from Tesla reduces GM's costs and makes room in the CAFE for cars like Camaros.
  21. For Sale: Black Sport Bar for 2015-2017 Canyon with red "Canyon" lettering. $800. Brand new, perfect condition, located in San Diego, CA. I'm just looking to change it out for a shell. Please let me know if you would like to see any other pictures or have any questions.
  22. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 11-09-2016 In a surprising result, the new 3.6-liter V6 and new transmission for 2017 in the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado LOWER the combined fuel economy of each by 1 MPG from 20 MPG to 19 in the 4WD versions and from 21 to 20 MPG in the 2WD trucks. The new engines do boost power by about 3 hp to 308, and torque is up by 6 ft-lbs, but at the same 4,000 RPMs. Clearly, GM didn't intend for the new drivetrain to drop by 1 MPG. Our guess, and this is only based on our general knowledge of the subject, is that GM is taking a more conservative approach to its MPG ratings. We have noticed many manufacturers have been doing this as the 2017 numbers come out. A recent example is the Mazda6. The EPA is calculating its fuel economy results differently in 2017 and many models will see such a dip. These results now mean that the Toyota Tacoma has a 1 MPG advantage than the Colorado and Canyon when equipped with its automatic transmission. Researching the Tacoma we noticed that its manual V6 MPG dropped by 1 MPG for 2017. It's not our job to just speculate, so GM-trucks.com has reached out to the Chevrolet spokesperson responsible for the Colorado to see if an answer is available. We will update our readers pending more information.
  23. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 8-29-2016 GMC released its first official images of the 2017 Canyon Denali today. Most of GMC Canyon Denali changes for 17 are very subtle. Can you spot any?
  24. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 8-28-2016 GMC has released the changes and updates for the Canyon for 2017. Like the Chevy Colorado, GMC's Canyon gets the new V6 and 8-speed automatic we detailed in our prior story. Below are the 2017 model year changes for Canyon. Mechanical Changes: - New Engine Code LGZ and Transmission Code MT5 (Details above at link) Exterior Changes: - NEW Custom Special Edition, includes (VAT) body-color grille, LPO, (D75) body-color door handles, (DL6) outside power-adjustable, body-color, remote, manual-folding mirrors, (VT5) body-color rear bumper, (PZX) 18" Dark Argent Metallic cast aluminum wheels and (IOB) Chevrolet MyLink Radio with 7" diagonal color touch-screen 1 - Not available with (PCX) Work Truck Appearance Package. - New LPO, SLE Chrome Appearance Package Code PDY, includes (VKY) Chrome door handles, LPO, (SCZ) Chrome tailgate handle, LPO, (VKU) Chrome mirror caps, LPO and (VQZ) polished exhaust tip, LPO - New LPO Stripe Package Codes SB7 and BYQ LPO, low gloss Black, includes hood and tailgate Interior Changes: - New Audio System Code IOB, 7" diagonal Color Touch Screen with IntelliLink, AM/FM with USB ports, auxiliary jack, Bluetooth streaming audio for music and most phones, voice-activated technology for radio and phone; and "Shop" with the ability to browse, select and install apps to your vehicle. You can customize your content with audio, weather and more 1 - Includes (UE1) OnStar and (VV4) OnStar with 4G LTE. - NEW Teen Driver mode Code TDM, a configurable feature that lets you activate customizable vehicle settings associated with a key fob, to encourage safe driving behavior. It can limit certain vehicle features, and it prevents certain safety systems from being turned off. An in-vehicle report gives you information on your teen's driving habits and helps you to continue to coach your new driver New Colors: - Mineral Metallic Code GJB - Dark Slate Metallic Code GPA - Red Quartz Metallic Code GPJ Image Note: Stock image. GMC has not yet released images of the 2017 Canyon
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