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  1. Stock exhaust for 2015 Sierra crew cab with standard bed. Located in Kansas City area. $100 obo
  2. Thinking about doing this but not sure how it will sound? It's a larger V6 so I'm thinking, not bad? FlowMaster, Borla? This isn't something you can easily "take back" so I'm looking for people who have actually done it and are pleased with the sound. I'm not going to do it if it sounds like a "V6".
  3. Hi guys! I’Ve got an ‘05 Sierra as well as an ‘05 Tahoe. I made this video of the Flowmaster in the Sierra and plan to mod the Tahoe the same way. I made this video of the Sierra thinking it may help some guys decide which muffler they’d like to go with. Let me know what you guys think. Click for Video with sound clips
  4. Hey everyone, as the title says; I’m looking for your advice/input on an exhaust and tuner set-up. I have the AirAid MIT and K&N filter installed on a leveled 2016 Sierra with the 5.3L V8. Muffler: I was originally planning on installing the Flowmaster Super 40 single in/dual out, but I’m reading mixed reviews. I want to notice the exhaust, but I do not want to be annoyed by it as it is our “family” vehicle at the moment. I like the refined deep growl way more than an obnoxious cackling. What comparable mufflers are out there around the same price as the FM S40(~$110) with possibly better performance and a more refined sound? Tubing: Which is better sound/performance wise? Would a single muffler with 3” in/3” tubing to 4” tips sound more refined as opposed to a single muffler 3” in/dual 2.5” tubing out to 4” tips? I will be removing the resonator. Tuner: My truck has the infamous throttle lag/fish bite/etc. where it always seems to be in too high of a gear then makes a hard downshift. I am looking into a tuner to modify the shift points and firmness, as well possibly turn off the AFM above a certain speed if the V4 drone becomes too annoying. I am also planning on purchasing new tires a little larger than stock in the future, so being able to adjust the speedometer for tire size will be required. Right now, the cheapest option to accomplish this is the $200 TruXP Xtune Plus from Auto Anything. From what I’ve read, it is basically just a re-branded Superchips Flashpaq F5/EdgeEVO HT2. Is there anything wrong with this particular tuner and its “canned” economy/87/91 tunes? Can I still customize the shift points/firmness and throttle response outside of those tune?
  5. I’m selling a Corsa Sport muffler only. $275 plus shipping. Only 1 year old...approximately 10k miles. SOLD. Thanks.
  6. Hello, looking into an exhaust for my 2016 2500 GMC Sierra. Previously had the Corsa Sport on my 1500 and it had a nice sound, but I would like something a little louder with a nice growl. Any suggestions? Also, any other mod suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. I'm going to be lifting (w/ 35s) my 14 sierra 5.3 ccrb. I would like some input/ advise/opinions/experience on cai, headers, exhaust and a tune, to make up for power loss from the lift. I have a 3.42 gears. Thank you.
  8. So I’ve got 3500 miles on my duramax, I know it’s not even broke in yet. When I first got the truck while driving especially pulling a load all I could hear is the purr of the engine and a little tire noise. At about 2800 miles when giving it throttle or pulling a load the engine exhaust is more pronounced, not a tic or rumble I can just hear it now. Like a exhaust hum in the cab, has anyone else’s noticed this change?
  9. I have a 2016 Crew Cab short bed. I had a bad flapper valve and they replaced the entire exhaust system about a month ago. I just ordered an aftermarket cat-back and will have it installed this week. I would like to unload the factory one. If anyone is interested, please let know and make an offer. I'm located in the DFW area, but will ship it to you (at your expense). If this is in the wrong section or not allowed, please let me know.
  10. I've got a 2014 5.3L Silverado and yes it has the AFM I want it gone but for now I have to deal with it. I had a flowmaster 40 series installed and resonator cut off, and it is very quiet. I see no flapper valve so I am assuming that he cut it off to (which I was unaware of a flapper valve at the time). My question is, why is it so quiet? Does the AFM make that big of a difference In sound even when in v8? Is the flapper valve still there? Did the guy do something to make the truck quieter (we had a small disagreement while he was installing the system, and after he was done he said "if you ever want it louder we can cut off the 3rd cat"). Any help is greatly appreciated and I am going to try and put pics in the comments cuz it will not let me in the the post.
  11. Earlier in the year i did a muffler delete on my 2017 Sierra 1500 Elevation. Here's an interior video of the exhaust volume for those of you that are looking to do the same thing. Cheap way to get a good result!
  12. All - I have for sale the Borla Cat Back Exhaust in Touring Edition just like what is listed on the Borla Site: PN 140535. I had this installed new from the factory, so it has the special exhaust tube with the expansion joint and bypass for V4 mode. The Touring is a fantastic rumble and growl... I would call it just the right amount of deep sound perfection. You won't believe how nice it sounds over factory exhaust until you try it. It is in great shape (almost like new) as you can see from the Pics, I polished the tips and the muffler to show you just how clean it really is. The rest of the tubes were left as is, since you will be installing it and getting it dirty anyway. I live in South GA for Pickup, 30 min north of Tallahassee. Price is $800 if I ship it, or $700 local pickup. Let me know if you have any questions ! Link to Hear the sound: https://www.borla.com/products/silverado_sierra_1500_catback_exhaust_touring_part__140535.html
  13. I have a 2016 Silvarado LTZ Z71 4x4 with the 8 speed... About 13,500 miles on it and it's started to develop a "shudder" and it's been shifting harder. On cruise control it will shudder at around 1300 rpm with speed staying constant. I've driven it in manual on new roads at 35 MPH and it also shudders around the same RPM range. We're talking about vibration enough to shake the steering wheel. Almost the same effect as driving over bumps in the road. When driving it very aggressively at higher RPMs the issue isn't as severe. Also when drifting, aka letting the vehicle decelerate, the issue goes away. Has anyone had the same issue with the 2016 8 speed? Any solutions? I'd like to have an idea of what the problem is before going to the dealership tomorrow. I bet $100 they'll tell me it's the tires.... Thanks for input, JK29
  14. I haven't ran across a lot of 2016 Silverado videos with the ATAK system. Just wanted to share and get opinions on the sound and plans. I love this system. No drone, cab sounds great, and a beautiful way to start my mornings. Enjoy! #2 Both of these are warm start-ups. I'm in the process of getting the Diablo T1000 tuner, 6" lift with some 33" Grapplers (wheels undecided), and I will be vinyl wrapping the chrome bumpers and front grille matte black with the bowties both matte black with the outline in a lighter grey or metallic color for depth and more eye candy.
  15. I fabricated true dual exhaust for my 2009 Silverado this weekend and have been plagued by horrible drone at 2000 RPM. cat back is 3" exhaust with x pipe right after cats and 10" flex pipes. dual exits before the rear wheel with 5 inch tips. Unsure if I should add a resonator and if so which one. don't want to loose the volume or flow but cant deal with the drone. will post pics of system soon. anything helps
  16. I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere else in the forum, but I cannot find the exact answer I am looking for. I have a 2015 Sierra SLT. I love the quietness of the cab, especially on long trips, but I really wish my truck had more of a throaty sound upon start up. Is the best way to achieve this just to get a new performance muffler? If so, what kind? I don't really want to remove any of the factory parts like the resonator if I don't have to, and I don't want an obnoxious sound. I just want it to sound like a truck upon start up. Any help would be very appreciated.
  17. I'm looking to get opinions on doing exhaust on my 6.0. I'm looking to use stock pipe before the muffler then putting a muffler on that goes from dual in to single out out to a single out the passenger side . Wanting to be at 3 inch or 3.5 pipe and still wanting to sound decent like deep tone but not obnoxious loud. Also want to put big tip on.
  18. I am going to a 4" inlet muffler on my 6.0. The mid pipe has a fair amount of buildup on it so I was thinking I may as well have it replaced at the same time. The shop that will be doing the work is planning on going from the 3.5" mid pipe to the 4" muffler with an adapter but I am curious if anyone knows if the mid pipe from the 6.6 Duramax (between the muffler and the Y pipe) will bolt up to the flange after the cat Y pipe on a 6.0. If it does, I figure I will jut buy a mid pipe with the flange so they can just extend it rather than charging me for additional cutting and welding for the stock flange and adapter.
  19. Just installed a GM borla kit onto my truck and looking to sell the OEM exhaust system and tip that came with the truck. The exhaust came off of a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L crew cab short bed. The exhaust system has about 1100 miles on it, pretty much brand new, only had it a few weeks. I am selling the whole exhaust plus tip for $200, the exhaust tip only for $75, the exhaust system only for $150. The tip is the chevy bowtie tip, $105 new from chevy. I'm willing to ship the exhaust tip at buyer's expense. I am located in Tampa, FL 33763 if you want to look at shipping estimates. PM me any questions or if you want more photos of anything. Thanks for looking. Bob
  20. From the album: '15 Silverado 1500

  21. VIDEO: Borla Exhaust for 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado 5.3L For more information, please visit our website https://www.borla.com/chevy-silverado-1500-exhaust-systems/ or call us at 1-877-462-6752 (Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm PST).
  22. VIDEO: Borla Exhaust for 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado 6.2L For more information, please visit our website https://www.borla.com/chevy-silverado-1500-exhaust-systems/or call us at 1-877-462-6752 (Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm PST).
  23. Borla Exhaust Needs Your 2017 Chevy Colorado! (FREE Exhaust Opportunity) Borla Exhaust is looking for a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado to use in one of their exhaust videos! Let Borla borrow your truck and receive a FREE Borla Exhaust System! If you are interested and meet the requirements listed below, please email me at [email protected] for more information! Requirements Must live near the Borla R&D Facility or be willing to travel to it: -The Borla R&D Facility is located in Oxnard, California. (You need to be able to drop your truck off and pick it up.) Must own a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado* (3.6L V6, Automatic Trans) with one of the following cab / bed configurations: -Crew Cab / Short Bed -Extended Cab / Long Bed *Must be a Chevy Colorado, NOT a GMC Canyon. Modifications: -Truck MUST be stock and in good condition. (Most aesthetic mods such as wheels are okay, but other mods are not; all mods must be approved. If you tell us your truck is stock and then drop your truck off with unapproved mods, you will be asked to come back and pick it up.) Color: -Any color. Other Important Information How long does Borla need the Truck for: -Up to 1 Week (5 Business Days) Potential Shoot Dates: -January 30th-February 3rd -February 6th- February 10th What you get: -This FREE Borla Exhaust System: https://www.borla.com/products/canyon_colorado_catback_exhaust_stype_part__140645.html. (Installation Included) You can check out our website and our YouTube to see the past videos we've done: -Website = www.borla.com -YouTube = www.youtube.com/borla Email [email protected] for more info! Thank you, Lisa Carter Volpe Social Media & Marketing Borla Performance Industries
  24. Borla Exhaust is looking for a 2015-2017 Silverado 1500 to use in one of their exhaust videos! Let Borla borrow your truck and receive a FREE Borla Exhaust System! If you are interested and meet the requirements listed below, please email me at [email protected] for more information! Requirements Must live near the Borla R&D Facility: -The Borla R&D Facility is located in Oxnard, California. (You need to be able to drop the truck off and get a ride back to pick it up.) Must own one of the following vehicles: -2015-2017 Silverado 1500 (5.3L Extended Cab / Standard Bed) -2015-2017 Silverado 1500 (5.3L Crew Cab / Short Bed) -2015-2017 Silverado 1500 (6.2L Extended Cab / Standard Bed) -2015-2017 Silverado 1500 (6.2L Crew Cab / Short Bed) Modifications: -Truck MUST be stock and in good condition. (Most aesthetic mods such as wheels are okay.) Color: -Any color. Other Important Information How long does Borla need the Truck for: -1 Week (5 Business Days; Monday-Friday) Potential Shoot Dates: -January 9th-13th OR January 16th-20th What you get: -A FREE Borla Exhaust System & Install You can check out our website and our YouTube to see the past videos we've done: -Website = www.borla.com -YouTube = www.youtube.com/borla Email [email protected] for more info! Thank you, Lisa Carter Volpe Social Media & Marketing Borla Performance Industries
  25. From the album: RHStansbury

    New exhaust tip
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