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  1. From the album: RHStansbury

    New exhaust tip
  2. Im a member on another forum for shoes and we have this type of thread basically for any site that has any discounts, promos, coupons that can be applied and save money. Being that these mods dont come cheap most of the time, figured we could have one here. Any money saved is money saved imo. So heres some simple rules we used: A) No requests a la "when is the next F&F?" or "how does this code work?" B) If you have specific questions for a code please PM the user to keep the thread from being crowded with questions. C) When posting a coupom please be specific 1) Name of the online store (URL) 2) Code 3) How much off? 4) Special restrictions (above $50, only valid with VISA etc.) 5) Expiration date D) How to use the codes: During checkout, there is a special text box for them - just type them in there (copy and paste works best). Make sure you don't mistake a zero for an big "oh". Most sites dont allow codes to be combined. Also there are several cash back sites that are free to use and give cash back on thousands of sites and stores. One I use exclusively is eBates. How ebates works (once youre signed up): 1. Go to ebates.com search for the site you want to shop on. It will tell you how much cash back is available 2. Click that site on their list, then click shop. It will automatically take you to their site. 3. Shop for whatever it is you were looking for via the tab that ebates opened only. If you end up checking out on a different tab they wont credit it. **If you end up not checking out on the correct tab you can go to the ebates site click the help button and click wheres my cash back. Just fill out the form and theyll credit you. Sidenote they do exclude certain purchases so it can be hit or miss at times*** If anyone wants to sign up i have a referral link below you can use gets you $10 back after you make your first purchase. https://www.ebates.com/r/QUISE25 Other cash back sites: MrRebates, fatwallet, extrabux, befrugal Mods if this is not a good place for this then please move it to the appropriate section.
  3. I Just recently purchased a 14 Silverado with the 5.3. There are so many things i want to do includes -programmer -intake -exhaust "??? I would like to start with the intake but i cant make up my mind. Either Air Raid or KN. There is about a 150.00 price difference so i would like to go with the Least expensive witch is the KN but i would rather get the best the first time... Please give me opinions,
  4. DeltaTek

    On the lift

    From the album: The Replacement

    Well I bought $3000 in moose bumper headache rack along with a skid plate
  5. Hi Everyone, Just recently picked up a 17' Sierra Denali with the 6.2L and I'm already thinking about a Exhaust, CAI, & Tune. Kind of been eyeing up the SLP Stage 2 Performance Pack (http://www.slponline.com/product/620075--.html). Has anyone else put this combo on there truck? If so, do you like it? Regret it? etc... Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5/1/2016 Chevy highlighted its performance exhaust for the '14 through '16 Silverado this week in a short video . You haven't heard it yet? Have a listen: You can order the Silverado Performance Exhaust in the 2016 Chevy Performance Catalog. We flipped through it and found the page it is on right here. You can read the full description in the catalog. The main idea is: "The entire system is made from 304 stainless steel with increased 3” diameter piping and includes 4.5” high polish 304 stainless tip. Backpressure in the cat-back system is reduced up to 66% from the stock system based on correlated flow testing. This kit is available for V8 5.3L and 6.2L applications and won’t void your warranty. Installation is legal in all 50 states." As you can see if you click the link, the cost is about $1200 for the system. If any of our members have the exhaust let us know how you like it in the comments below.
  7. So I just purchased a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ and wanted to inquire about some upgrades starting with a killer exhaust system. Just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on what they prefer or what would be best system or just muffler to add on to the truck. I'm looking for an agressive but not over the top model that will catch peoples attention but not get me pulled over and piss off the neighbors. Thanks in advance.
  8. GM Performance Parts Cat-Back Exhaust made by Borla, exclusive factory direct closeout pricing. Features full T304 stainless steel construction. Part#: 17800766 Closeout Price: $357.75 Fits: 2001-2007 Silverado / Sierra 1500HD Classic 6.0L Crew Cab Standard Bed (78.7") More Info / Buy Now
  9. I'm in the process of purchasing a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L and am looking for opinions on a great muffler. I would like it to be loud as possible with a great tone. I've had a Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler on a previous truck (2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7 Sport) and loved it! Unfortunately, upon looking at the specifications, I don't think the inlet/outlet sizes of another Cherry Bomb muffler match up with the '16 1500's exhaust system. I'm not very educated with installing muffler systems so maybe there's a way around this, if so please educate me. I've watched numerous YouTube videos on Flowmaster mufflers and don't think any of them sound loud enough. I've heard a few in person and feel the same, too quiet. The only one I've been satisifed with is the Cherry Bomb Extreme. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Recently I've been watching a few videos of GMC Sierras with modified exhausts, as I've always wanted to get an exhaust that's aggressive but not stupidly loud and attention seeking. I found these two videos where people vaguely mention what they have but don't give brands or anything, so I'm wondering if the folks here are able to identify. I know the second video says stock pipe with a 4" tip, so I'm assuming both of these people did a muffler delete? If so, how do I get the dual exhaust like the person in the first and third clips?
  11. Hi there I'm fresh on the 2014 sierra scene and looking to get first upgrade. If anyone has catback, tips, headers anything let me know for a 6.2! Thanks!
  12. I have recently installed a K&N 71 series blackhawk intake with an airaid throttle body spacer on my 08 silverado 1500, there are no vacuum leaks and my check engine is on. Could this be from my 02 senor not used to the high flow and not reading right? I also have a magnaflow catback system and was wondering what i should do to fix this problem, ive been told a bung spacer could take the CEL away but wont run optimal and a tune would be the best for my truck so my ecu would recognize all of the new flow going on.
  13. I have a super 44 on my 2007 chevy tahoe, it's loud but not loud enough. Is there anything (besides open headers, straight pipes) that is louder, I want something louder but still want the deep good sound the super 44s give me without the crackle/pop (i hate crackle/pop)
  14. I talked to my exhaust guy about putting duels on 2015 Silverado. He told me if I had the "Active Fuel Management" system that it would sound like a wet turd when it kicked in to 4 cylinder mode. I have found that the Hypertech Max Energy programmer will let me disable the "AFM" mode. Have any of you guys used a program to disable your "AFM" ? I went on You Tube and listened to some exhausts but they all sounded to me like they were hitting on all 8 cylinders. I have the Max Energy on my 2010 Camaro and I am very happy with their products, just wondering about on a 2015 Silverado. Thanks, Wayne
  15. Not overjoyed with manifold bolts breaking on their own. I hear this is a common 6.0 problem. Any advice on removing broken bolts appreiciated. If I am messing with this anyway, has anyone had experience putting headers on their truck? Is the EPA crap that you need to allow for just cost prohibitive to even trying to install headers?
  16. Before you get all judgy I didn't want to remove them let me explain Today I went to a exhaust repair shop, my truck (2010 Silvetado LT 4x4 Crew Cab - 5.3L) was doing some weird noise that I though it was related with the exhaust, I was thinking it was a leak. They checked and told me that my filters were obstructed and because of that my truck wasn't accelerating very good and could cause damage to the manifold gasket and even worst. So they tell me that they will remove them and weld a straight pipe so the air can flow normally and I can gain all the power back (keep in mind that at that moment I hadn't realize those "filters" were the catalytic converters) after that I decided to install a muffler to improve the sound a little bit. So they finished all the work I was happy with they sound, after leaving the shop the check engine light turned on and I hear the same sound coming from the manifold. I went back and they told I need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket wich I think is okay because my truck is on 150k mile range. So here is my real question: Is my check engine light on because of the gasket? because of the CC? or both? Keep in mind I'm from Venezuela, nobody here care about emissions and about fuel (I can fill my empty tank with 0.60$) my problem is with the CEL and I'm ordering a set of manifold gasket to replace them. Thank you for your time and help.
  17. This my exhaust set up for my 2007 chevy tahoe dual exhaust with super 44 on. Would switching to a h pipe or duals make it any louder and if so would it sound poppy/crackle which I do not want, I want it to be louder but still have the deep good sound it has right now.
  18. Has anyone installed an aftermarket exhaust, with or without the flapper valve? If so, how is the sound of what you have and is the drone bad? GM-Borla with valve worth the money? Mine is stock 5.3 thanks!
  19. Hey I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 5.3 that I love. It has a K&N Blackhawk CAI with a diablosport tuner on it. Exhaust wise, I started out with single in dual out flow master 40 series that I had fun with. The time came where I wanted louder so I welded in a Electric Cutout with a turndown. This mod has been a blast as it is really loud. The time as come to go louder The sad thing is that I live in an emissions county so I cannot just go straight up catless. Does anyone have any super loud, obnoxious, and crazy setups they can share with me?? Anything helps guys, thanks!
  20. I have been avidly reading all of the exhaust threads since I purchased my 2015 5.3 silverado back in october. I've been watching YouTube videos...manufacturers videos...and anything I could to make the best choice I could. I have had many trucks ....and I have had many exhaust setups....brands etc. I enjoyed the quiet of the truck for a few months but it didn't really feel like a truck without any exhaust sound at all. Obviously I understand all setups are different...and their resulting sound subjective to the person. I visited my dealer who I have a great and longstanding relationship with.....they had a truck with the gm borla...it was nice....but I couldn't get past the cost...I have never spent that kind of money on an exhaust and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I finally took a chance .....thinking....If I hate it I'll go back to stock. So, I went with a magnaflow 14" 11229 ....removed the flapper and the resonator and I LOVE IT. I also put on a double wall corsa type tip and ran it out the stock location....it's a single in single out. At speed it's very very subtle....you could whisper in the cab and hear your passengers....throttle easy and she growls.....step on it midway aggressively and she gets a little angry sounding....hard throttle sounds like a beast.....it's feel lucky to have found exactly what I was looking for ....at 220 out the door.....just throwing it out there for those of you that we're like me...really apprehensive....The magnaflows sound good (subjective)....v4 chop is so subtle I can barely tell......I took my range afm out to hear it on purpose.....wouldn't be an issue for me as some described it as loud....it's not on mine......truck is stock other than an Airaid MIT .....just my .02
  21. Hello everyone! I think this is a pretty long standing question of mine. My family has owned several GMC Suburbans from the 1996-1999 model year range, and all but one has had this issue. I can only describe it as sort of a high pitched whine that is extremely audible when idling. Every Suburban I've seen on the road makes this noise. My current '96 Suburban just started making this noise recently, so I want to figure out what's causing it. It has a 454 in it that was put in around 2005. Any ideas are very much appreciated! Thanks.
  22. I have a 2015 Sierra 2500 with a vibration in the steering wheel when the rpm is around 2100. The truck can be in park and still vibrate when revved up to 2100. Took to the dealership and they put a picoscope on the truck and it shows that the exhaust is causing the vibration. The vibrations are within in spec so gm says there is no problem. They say all of there engines do this but mine is just a bit worse. When towing or accelerating in corners if is strong in the steering wheel and you can here the vibration. Doesn't seem normal to me. Anyone else have this problem?
  23. Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue or if there is something I should look at specifically under the hood... I have a 2015 Sierra SLT 4x4 Crew Cab with 18,000 km on it, and recently when idling or stopped at a light etc. a strong sulphur smell comes out through the vents, and can also be smelt in the engine bay with the hood open but only intermittently. I took it to the dealership where they ran a full check of all sensors, coolant system, battery and visually inspected the exhaust system for any holes and everything came back normal. Of course when they test drove the vehicle, the tech couldn't smell anything either. I picked it up, and the issue returned so I took the tech with me around the block where he could then faintly smell it as well. He replaced the cabin air filter and washed the bottom of the truck in case "burning road grime/dust" was to blame (which I highly doubt). I crawled under the truck today armed with soapy water and couldn't find any leaks on my own and came up empty handed. I took a few pictures of where the headers connect to the down pipe, and the drivers side bolts/flange looked separated compared to the passenger side. I'll be taking the truck back to the dealer again in hopes of recreating the issue once more, but does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this? All the bolts on the headers look to be intact and snug as well. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Already tired of the super quiet 2015s....Im looking at Borla xr1 and JUST replacing the muffler. Literally looking for somthing to just bolt on and do nothing else. Anyone done this? I dont have AFM anymore to worry about. Searched the forum and didnt find much in the long pinned post. I dont have the money for full exhuast anyways. What size inlet and outlet would be a direct fit? Also looking into muffler delete...
  25. I want to get a exhaust for my Sierra 2015 i think i go for the corsa but i have some issues. I have a Single cab 5.3L, i want to get a 14866 catback but i don't know if its possible to fix this one on a single cab some of you know more about this plz let me know. If its not possible then i have to go for the 14869 but when i see some video's of this one i am not sure if like the sound that much. If anyone is familiar with the 869 then let me know how you feel about this one
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