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  1. Greetings to all, from Veracruz Mexico. My comment is out of place and I apologize now for it. Maybe someone wants to help me repair my "GMC 1500 Mod: 1991 4.3 V6 TBI" without weather. I have already invested but, because the costs here are very high and I do not want to drop it. Anyway, sorry for this. Would you help me with any donations? It was a plaser to greet them .. Gamaliel
  2. Recently my 2006 Silverado 5.3 litre has been having some rough idle issues. The issues are intermittent, but most of the time the truck doesn't start idling rough until it is to operating temperature. Also, my truck has a slight hesitation from take off, never throwing a check engine light though. Recently I changed all the plugs with Ac Delco iridiums and put new wires on the truck as well. The MAF sensor has been cleaned along with the throttle body (the throttle body was barely dirty). After going through what I thought would fix the problem, I thought I would try some Techron in it, so I ran the tank down to about empty and threw some in and filled it up. The truck ran absolutely amazing with the Techron in the tank, smoothed right out, the rough idle and hesitation were gone. After I went through the tank filled with Techron and filled up with another tank of gas, the rough idle and hesitation came back... Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this, or has anyone had this happen to them? And by the way, the truck only has 66,000 miles on it...
  3. This is my 2nd GMC truck...Unfortunately I had my 2009 Sierra 1500 stolen But thankfully insurance pulled through and took care of me! Well after much research and weighing my options...I decided to step into the Diesel world! I tow a Toy hauler so I knew I wanted something that can handle towing what I currently have and that could handle whatever I upgraded to in the future!!! I ended up getting a 2016 Denali HD and I am in love with it! I know this is the perfect place for recommendations and help so if any of you guys out there could help me out with any valuable info I need to be aware on and also maybe some recommendations on any after market things that I can do to it that would be much appreciated! I look forward to reading and seeing all the cool things on this forum! Thanks!!!!
  4. hey guys, i have joined this forum semi-recently and love all the new information im learning on a daily basis. i consider myself a novice when it comes to truck knowledge, but really want to start learning useful info. so many of yall are extremely knowledgeable and i am asking for your help. where/what can i start reading to REALLY begin teaching myself about engines, parts and how things function? i read posts all day and get what people are referencing but dont have a true understanding of how the parts work together and what parts effect other parts. im not asking for help becoming an expert mechanic, but would like to have enough knowledge to work on my own truck and be able to make an educated guess when problems occur (like so many of yall can do without thinking twice)! thank you in advance! ANY help or suggestions is GREATLY appreciated! D
  5. New member to the site, so first off sorry if I'm stepping on any toes. I've searched up and down the site for hours like crazy and just need some help, please and thank you in advance. I have a 2016 gmc sierra 1500 SLT Texas edition with front parking sensors 32" Auxbeam V-series LED light bar behind grill looking for an all black bull bar that will not cover the light bar Also looking for feedback, experiences with sensor relocation kits I know these are for grille guards and not bull bars, but any feedback helps. I only know of the westin and ranch hand kits shown below if you have any other ideas please feel free to share. Westin Ranch Hand
  6. Any help would be appreciated. I have a 2009 Silverado LS 4.8 V8 149,000kms (92,500 mi). This truck just started to idle a little rough or (rumble) while sitting at red light. it will do this in Drive but not neutral or park. If i rev it up its smooth until around 1400rpm then can hear and feel slight rumble. Can also hear rumble as i turn key off just as it quits. NO codes on truck checked with hand held scanner. Everyone online kept pointing me to EVAP issues. Ran emissions readiness test everything was clear except EVAP so i put in GM Vapor Canister Purge Valve / Solenoid #12597567. All items were clear! great right? not so fast, I cleared my scanner only to find out I shouldn't have because I now am having to run a bunch of "drive cycles" to reset everything. I have done this multiple times everything cleared up except EVAP which it did before and the truck still rumbles. Any ideas? is it EVAP or something different altogether? Thanks Stacy Edmonton,Alberta
  7. Got a new truck the other day from Denooyer In Albany NY. Plan on keeping it a while so before I even bought anything I was already talking to some people about undercoating to prevent against rust week before this. Brief summary, Picked out the car Wednesday morning left Dealership at 10:45, Picked up the truck at 4PM same day. Was a little worried since it was only like 30 out that day and had less then 3-4 hours of dry time. Was told it was fine. Friday I had after market wheels put on. Yesterday when I was unloading my like NEW factory wheels with 60 miles on them I noticed over spray all over the back of the wheels. Wheels are aluminum. I know from doing black topping / seal-coating that will be almost impossible to get off with out wrecking the wheels finish, having to re-polish them. At this point I called up to bitch at the dealership as I was going to try and resell these wheels/rims. When I spoke to them I said to them what kind of shit job did they do and did I have to get on a creeper and inspect the work... Well below are the posted pictures of the fine work. At this point im not sure what to do. IN spots its so thick it actually dripped and isn't even dry STILL 4 days later. Also where the truck was lifted to put my new wheels on took the coating right off and is now peeling. They never removed my spare tire so its not sprayed under neither it but instead all over it. Also my exhausted was sprayed all over so I have been getting a nice toxic burning smell. Which reading on 3ms website your not suppose to spray(If thats the product they used) They missed tons of spots.its uneven, super heavy in spots to the point of dripping. pealing off and STILL WET!!!!!! I know reading up too thick can actually cause it to bubble like it is, peel and get water underneath which is worse then having nothing. This is just my typical luck. I'm gonna go in Monday and demand a full refund including tax interest since it was added into my payment. There pretty much no way of fixing it at this point. You can't strip this stuff off. I contacted GM direct to file a complaint, but if anyone else has had an issue please let me know.
  8. Does anyone else have an issue with the high beam indicator light randomly coming on. Not the actual lights just the dash light
  9. So I have an 07 classic ext cab that I got about a year ago. I've been having an issue with my doors rattling really bad when I hit pot holes or going down curbs even driving on uneven roads it rattles really bad. There's no body damage or anything g like that so I'm kind of at a dead end. Any help or suggestions are welcome and appreciated thanks for reading
  10. Hey their, I've been searching everywhere and cant find a 3" body lift kit for my 1992 Scottsdale 3500 5.7L and has an 8ft bed. I'm not sure if it is just because the truck is unpopular that I cant find it or what, would a silverado 1500 kit work? Thanks!
  11. I am trying to figure out what is the largest tire i can put on my truck is, its a 2000 silverado 1500 , the truck will have. A rough country leveling kit with new keys and shocks as well as blocks. Currently i am running 2015 silverado wheels on it (18s) i am looking to get new tires in the future after the leveling kit along with 2" hub centric wheel spacers. I would love to run 33x18x12.5 but i am concerned about rubbing. I am not affraid to get in there and do some trimming as long as it is not a ton. The tires i will be getting are atturo trail blade mts, has anyone had any experiance with this or issues or reccomendations, thanks
  12. So, I'm looking to install a remote start system in my truck. I know some trucks already come with it wired up just does not come with the keys. My truck is a 2016 Silverado WT, which does not have it installed. I need some input on which one you guys think is the best for the money. Thanks for the help in advance!
  13. Hello all! Im new to the whole forum thing but at this point, ive become desperate. I have a 2008 silverado 2500hd gasser. i bought the truck maybe a year and a half ago and it has had a check engine light since the day i bought it, never really bothered me much and i just cleared the code temporarily to get it inspected in NJ. the problem hasn't become any worse. its just now becoming more and more of a hassle as the weather cools down. I have the code PO449 the truck also leaks a good amount of gas when you fill it up. maybe a cup? it leaks from the top of the tank and runs down both sides of the tank Ive read up on the code and many people blame either the gas cap, or the purge solenoid, or the evap valve or something like that. i replaced this part http://www.partsgeek.com/vrwkl6g-chevrolet-silverado-1500-vapor-canister-vent-solenoid.html?utm_source=nextag&utm_medium=pf&utm_content=dc&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+Nextag&fp=pp&utm_term=Chevrolet+Vapor+Canister+Vent+Solenoid in doing so, i ripped one of the lines going into the canister. the leak continued so i tried to RTV the hole that was caused, seemed to adhere just fine. (Let me also mention, the truck was totaled before i bought it and then was reconstructed. rear end accident. everything looks good now but I'm sure thats what caused this whole thing) so the Vapor Canister Vent Solonoid didn't fix the issue. i then decided i should try to lift the bed and look at the top of the tank, maybe find where this is coming from. the nuts that are welded onto the frame that the bed then bolts to are rusted and one snapped off, so for now, getting the bed off is kinda out of the question. i have to freeze frame shots of my system from when the Check engine light was triggered. please take a look and help me if you can, id really appreciate any help at this point. Thank you do much
  14. Truck is a 99 GMC Sierra 2500 extended cab 6.0L rear wheel drive about a year old with me and has about 260,000 Mods: true dual straight pipe with cats New ac delco spark plugs gapped at 0.062 MSD street fire spark plugs at 8 mm Any how one day was cruising and got a soda and started it up and noticed it was running on 3-6 cylinders pumped the gas a bit and all 8 came back coil packs are all sparking to the wire and all the connectors are delivering power 12v Need help with this ASAP next parts to replace will be performance coil packs then the injectors codes where p0300-random misfire detected P0102-maf sensor circuit low frequency P0332-knock sensor 2 circuit low input (bank2) x2 Autozone code summary says replace all valve springs and bad valve springs will cause popping and misfire but it misfires when I start it and put it in gear and only for a minute or so until I hammer down and get all 8 back running this is a very dangerous problem for me since it's my only vehicle and I have 2 children
  15. New member here. I'm 17 and graduated from my school's Automotive program three weeks ago. I thought this meant I was knowledgeable enough to save my parents some money by replacing the front brake pads, rotors, axles, and bearings on their 2000 Yukon XL 2500 for them. Everything went relatively smoothly aside from a rusted-on bearing hub bolt that needed to be sawed off and replaced. After putting the tire back on, I gave the wheel a spin and a soft but noticeable grinding noise emanated from the wheel assembly. I tried the tire on the other side and the same thing happened. I looked up the problem and most people said to drive the car normally and the noise would go away after a mile or so. I drove the car 16.2 miles to my high school and back (braking hard three or four times) but the noise didn't go away. I invited an Autotech classmate over to take a look. We tried rebuilding the caliper pistons. Turns out the dust shield isn't replaceable, and I had to buy a new caliper for the passenger side. The noise didn't go away after replacing the caliper either. Any advice for a girl who's out of ideas? Thank you, Daughter-of-a-Yukon-Owner
  16. Hello. I need help with something, I had an accident in my 2010 Chevrolet Silverado LT, both frontal airbags deployed, I know I have to replace them both but I wanted to know if I should buy another part so I won't see the airbag service light on my dashboard. Thank you for your help in advance.
  17. Hi there, I've had an issue come up in the past 5 days where I'm getting some weird front end noise coming from my left tire where it's making a popping/ticking noise. I'm not very great with trucks and can't seem to find any other forums with the same issue or description. It is a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 crew cab. I've crawled under neath and I can't find anything that would be causing the issue, it does sound like something is hitting the inside of the rim but I'm stumped, can't find anything. I'm wondering if it could be either possible bad bearing, u joint or Cv joint but I don't know, those are the closest things I can find online. I did manage to get 2 videos with my problems, I got the you tube links below. I'm not very good with trucks but if someone could possibly push me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I'll try and get more info when I can or other videos. I plan on jacking it up in the next day or 2 to check for any damage. Thanks again- Josh
  18. Hey gents, New to the site, so go easy on me XD Leveled my truck yesterday. Leveled the front only 2.5IN with zero problems. My next project is going to get new rims/tires, or just tires for my truck. They are running stock 20's with eco(Continentals) tires right now. QUESTION: What is the biggest size, i can run. I feel like its 33IN. Yet, i am confused as to the other things such as offsets (+-) and stuff. I think a 20x9 5.5in 33 maybe will fit, but i seek advice from the expert Peoples! (Yes 4wd) Also i guess my camera is to good, cant post the pictures but i can find a stock image. This stock image is my truck exactly, i leveled the front like i said ( Keep this in mind when viewing photo).
  19. Please help....I have a 2010 silverado and all my lights work except tail running lights...checked fuses all good..only getting 3vdc when I check voltage...all other voltages are good 12vdc....when I use the key fob all lights blink as they should...even the tail lights....please help I cannot afford to take this somewhere and I am stumped...
  20. So I'm a mechanic but this one stumps me. I was driving home tonight and suddenly my battery light flashes in the message display then all the guages stopped and it shut down and won't start. I have fuel pressure and it's a new battery and the alternator is good. I checked my fuses and they are all good. I had a tuner on it and I thought that may be it so I took it off and it still won't start. Any ideas? I see stuff about the cruise control fuse but I don't know.
  21. hi I have a 2000 chevy Silverado 2500 extended cab and I have a problem with 4x4.. it works fine on 2 wheel drive no noise or anything but when I engage 4wd my front wheel lock up and my back tires spin like a burnout but the front ones wont turn at all any ideas if it would be the transfer case or the front differential? and how can I test to see which one it is.....
  22. The Start of the build: I picked up a STOCK 2006 2500HD single cab 8ft bed for work/new project. I bought the truck for work and hauling toys around. After working my magic and shopping around i got it for 9k minus uncle sam getting his cut... I think it was a great deal compared to what i have seen around on craigs, ebay, dealers you know the routine, this thing was mint. Had 100,000 miles on the dot, but zero rust anywhere, not a rip, a tear, new tires, no lights, brakes were new, had a upgraded kenwood headunit so i slapped a 10" truck sub, and a 1600W amp and 4" door speakers i had lying around from my last truck, I MEAN THIS TRUCK WAS CLEAN!!! Now i hope this helps people with potentially finding a good suite for their truck or build because i have done a lot of builds from tuners, to imports, to trucks but this was my first LS build and im still waiting for the remainder of the parts. Once everything dropships i will be installing and posting the DYNO numbers. My tuner is a pro with LS motors and lets just say this thing is gonna be a NASTY auto work truck sleeper ALL NA haha. PARTS: LS3 Precision Race CNC Ported Heads Upgraded GM Valves .660 PRC/PAC dual spring kit with titanium retainers all milled to 229/236 Cam Texas Speed 229/236, .629/.615, 111LSA, Three bolt core Cam 7.40 Hardened Chromoly Pushrods LS6 Race billet single roller timing set, Z06 chain, 3 keyway sprocket, and 3 bolt cam Forged Wysco Pistons LS6 Ported oil pump ALL NEW SEALS AND GASKETS obviously YANK Pro 3200 Stall converter for 4L80E Custom Performance 1 3/4" Long tube headers 3" Performance Y pipe K&N Cold Air Upgraded Trans cooler, and 3.73 gears. Then Custom tune and Dyno Anyways, I will have all my parts i need to finish by 2/10.2016 she will be on the dyno 2 days after i get all the shit in. let me know what you guys think of the project and stay tuned, this "work" truck will knock your socks off. Cant upload pictures too big, pics are of the truck after Lift was done, more pics/Video of truck after work is done.
  23. Well I just got my truck lifted and I was not used to the width of the new tires. I accidentally scuffed up the sidewall a bit. The entire sidewall is faded brown (probably dirt) but where I scraped it that area is black. It's more of discoloration but it's noticable . I bought some armor all extreme wheel and tire cleaner, and some armor all extreme tire shine. Will this combination fix the discoloration? Or overtime will the scraped area fade like the rest of the tire and disappear.As always all replies are greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have come in hopes to find a direction to look for some parts for my 2009 ext cab Z71 Silverado. I am looking for Black Granite Metallic door handles and possibly mirror caps. I've been searching everywhere and have had no luck. If anyone has any for sale or knows of a place that I could order a pair it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Blake
  25. Hi all, I have an 09 Silverado LT z71 extra can short bed that is a non Bose. I found a like new navigation head unit and need to find out if I can do the upgraded oem nav on a LT. I've read that a dealer may have to program the vin into the head unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'd hate to have hundreds invested in a paper weight. Thank you
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