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  1. Hey y'all, I'm driving a 07 GMC 2500HD 6.0 and I want to put a muffler on it just for some good sound and I'm curious to see what you guys are running. I've don't know much in the way of this stuff so whether to buy a flowmaster, magnaflow or a large glasspack is beyond me. I don't mind it being loud but I don't want too loud if that makes sense.
  2. It shifts through the gears quickly and after a while of driving it quits pulling slowly ro where it won't move at all. Park it for a few hours and it goes back to shifting early. Any ideas tips or help please?!! Also Im new here
  3. Hey guys (and gals), I'm new to this forum but I'm just looking for help on building my truck, Im 19 from Texas and its my first build. Anyways... Im looking to make my truck have a wide stance but I dont want it sky high, how high do I need to lift it in order to fit 33's (most likely A/T's but possibly M/T's) on 20x12's (most likely fuel octanes)? I know I could clear 33's with 20x10 easy with a small lift but the problem is that I want stance (hence the 20x12 rims) and that will not be as easily cleared, I dont want to trim a tremendous amount but I know some trimming will be necessary so what lifts (hights mainly but brand is cool to recommend too) would y'all reccomend? Also any tips for a beginner to watch for? Thanks!! Here are some pics of it currently
  4. So far I have read lots of great advice in the forums about upgrading the 2014 SLE. I really want to add fog lights to mine. I understand that this could be done, and shouldn't be too much trouble. I know that I will need to get a new dash switch, the bezel, lights and a wiring harness. I am having trouble finding out if that is all that I will need. Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has done this upgrade, I know people have tried installing the LED SLT headlights with little or no success. If you can provide any advice, technical information and part numbers, it would be greatly appreciated! Ive been having trouble finding all the info I need. Thanks in advance! -Bryan
  5. I have a 2001 4 door long bed duramax 100% stock. I purchased it about 2 months ago for a little over $6k with a blown tcase. Drove it a fairly far distance home with no issue what so ever. Sat in drive way moved it around a couple of times and parked it in the garage to do tcase. Almost two months later I finally finished it and now it won't start. Acts like it will, fires up then dies right aways like the fuel shut off. New batteries Replaced fuel filter Rebuilt filter cap. New fuel lines on filter cap Tried running fuel line from injection pump to tank of diesel.. No go Pressurized the fuel tank primed it and tried starting.. Nothing Pressurized fuel tank sprayed soap water on lines.. No leaks found Tried having someone prime while I cranked. Truck will run off starting fluid through airbox but dies when you stop spraying. Could the injectors go bad just from sitting for a little? What are my options..?
  6. Driving my truck everyday and using my truck for work I some how put light scratches on the taillights from going in and out of the back of the truck very often. I was wondering if there was any way to possibly fix this without replacing the whole unit. The scratches are very light but noticeable. Is there any polishing or buffing compound that could work? As always all replies are greatly appreciated.
  7. Im no mechanic to begin but i have done plenty of research and done enough service on my vehicle to know a little something. I have also had a certified mechanic of 40 years under the hood with me today and he left stumped as well. I need help from anyone who has any suggestions!!! I really am trying to avoid taking it to the dealership, that only creates more issues in my opinion. The people in the service department wont give any information just tell me to bring it in and pay a shit load to have them do it and i cant afford unnecessary repairs. with that said this is whats going on and the process in which i have gone with. I have an 09 silverado 1500 5.3L V8 325 flex fuel with 102,xxx miles on it. I have been getting codes for some time now for a misfire on cylinder 8 (P0308). starting with the obvious i replaced the spark plug but it didnt fix the misfire, the idle is also very rough. When the truck is idling is has a quiver and a shake obviously from the one cylinder not working properly. I occasionally get an EVAP code but thats only sometimes. Having the issue resolved down to that one cylinder i went about replacing the spark plugs twice, the spark plug wires, swapped coil packs, fuel injector, as well as the air filter. i tested all wires and hoses for issues and nothing. I unplugged the mass airflow sensor and thats not it either. When i start the truck i can hear a faint pinging sound underneath the passager front wheel well that sounds like a pain in my ass. The noise kind of sounds like the piston is hitting the valve. I just added some seafoam to the gas tank and im about to drive it around and get it circulated as well as run a compression test in the morning. If anyone has a similar issue i would love to hear about your experience and what helped you. Today i spent hours out there in the hot f-ing sun taking off the fuel rail, throttle body and intake basically the whole top of the engine to remove the tip to one of the fuel injectors that fell down in there before it caused major problems. How it got stuck in there im not sure not like those things just fall off, after removing the fuel rail i noticed that the tip was gone and couldnt be seen and i wasnt comfortable just leaving it like that so after breaking it down i found the 2 pieces sitting right on top of the closed valve. Now i bought this truck preowned with 85,000 miles on it and it wasnt long before i got this issue. The mechanic i have helpin me is stumped, he cant think of anything else that would cause a misfire on that one cylinder alone. the misfire is not random its always on cylinder 8. I have the truck covered under factory warranty for another 6,000 miles and i will take it in if compression is low in the morning and extensive repairs are needed on the engine but if its something i can fix for a decent price and my own hands i would rather. i dont trust shops all they do is try to create more issues and make you believe you need more work than necessary, I really dont want to hear all that bullshit. i havent checked everything i wanted to check yet but this is my list, i figured i would get a post going to see which are most suggested to test first leaky head gasket bad o2 sensor cam shaft sensor DME or ECU intake manifold gasket leak Idle control valve throttle position sensor fuel pump cam lobe cam lifters pressure regulator mass airflow sensor I will test until i find the issue for anything i am able and after that if i havent found it i guess i have to take it to the dealership. anybody anything????
  8. i have a 1999 gmc sierra 2500 6.0 made in 1998 but has the 2000 round body style and newer motor from 2000's i was adding my AUX and checking on my radio wiring and i forgot to drop my steering wheel down to let the dash cover fit through and i broke off my hazard light switch. i found a blog post i thought would work(havent tried it yet) but wanna make sure. the part she said to get doesnt match up with my truck on autozone or amazon catalog thing. blog post - http://sarahjoaustin.com/2010/01/15/how-to-repair-your-gm-hazard-light-switch/ is there anyway i can just buy the switch or do i have to rip my steering colum apart and replace my whole blinker arm? any help would be much appreciated since im 19 and have no money due to my $8 an hour job and my 11 month old son but i do know my way around automotive mechanics and tools thanks
  9. Please HELP! My friend has a 2007 Chevy 2500 HD Classic 6.0 That while he's driving it just shuts off. Then it dose nothing when he tries to restart it. No noise no nothing. the dash lights all come on just no cranking or trying to crank. There is a code U0107 Throttle Actuator control loss communication. It seems when first started that it has to get really warmed up then it quits. After that he can just have it running in the driveway a few minutes & it will quit after the intimal warm up. It's like something is getting hot/ I'm hoping someone else has had this issue & knows where to have us look. Not sure the code has anything to do with it quiting. A garage put a new PCM on it but it didn't fix it. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone. Im just wondering if/how to remove the top of my center console so I can go get it painted with everything else I'm sending off! I have the bench up front with the middle folding seat/center console. If anyone has removed one or knows how, the help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone, Heres a pic so you know what I'm talking about..
  11. Guys where can I buy the black headlight housings for my 06 gmc sierra? Everyone seems to be sold out except for halo projector headlights I don't want halo projectors. Just the clear black housing. Help please!
  12. I am at a loss. I was backing up out of a parking lot when I felt a slight pop and my power steering stopped working. We've replaced the PS pump and the Gear box, we also replaced a bad CV Axel. Still no power steering though!? What else could it be?
  13. Alright I've decided at this point if I'm going to work on my truck I'm gonna play with it a little. She's a 2003 Silverado z71 LT EXT cab 5.3 Vortec. I've got some questions on Thai project I'm preparing to dive into. The reared what is it exactly, how can I find out. And depending one which one what's the max power I can apply to it. And what would be a good replacement. The transmission would be the same question what's the safe limits. I rebuilt the transmission a couple years back and upgraded the rings and cylinders to hold more power and a harder locking shift. The engine I'm planning on getting a a set of aftermarket heads, manifolds, camshaft, high pressure injectors high pressure fuel pump aftermarket intake manifold larger throttle body. I'm trying not to go to over the top because I still use the truck daily just want a little more fun out of it. Right now there's a custom exhaust system under her but I'll probably end up replacing it. Planning on tearing through the 5.3 for a rebuild haven't decided on a bore, strike yet or if I will. If so what's the safest bore on the 5.3. All in all wrap it up with a tune job and probably aftermarket tuner, and a stall converter. Any add ins from project guys or gear heads would be great or what I need to beef up in order to hold that I haven't mention. Until I start to work on the body and such since she was used as a daily driver for years she will look a little rough, just want to get her back up to, and beyond, how she used to run. Right now she has 250k miles on her having some troubles with a cylinder missfire and instead of waiting for more issues to come in her older age I've decided to get ahead of them and bring her back. Thanks guys
  14. I have a 02 GMC Sonoma that will idle fine then when I put it in gear it just dies. I've cleaned the throttle body and the Mass Air Flow sensor. What should I try next.
  15. I had my cel come on in the past for u0449 evap solenoid after the first storm and was told its not a big deal and to just clear it until I could get under there and replace it. It has happened 3-4 times this winter. Ive been busy with snow,plowing,pushing piles back and hauling snow. needless to say I have been busy. That code would pop and disable the factory remote start from starting it. Ive cleared it and the truck wouldnt have it again for weeks,now only lasting a few days before it popped up again. It came back on the other day so I went to clear it,it cleared but in the process of clearing 0449 the dic lit up with abs module something or other,it wasnt on very long so I didnt get to write it down before it disappeared. After I cleared the u0449 the cel came back on, went thru scan process again and found Code U0100.I was able to clear it . Now it will remote start but it shuts off and not allow the truck to remote start again until I clear it. In the past I noticed that my idle was high750-800 rpm,shutting it off and restarting it would go away,never threw a code though. Occasionally when stoppping then taking off it would start off in 2nd gear then quickly downshift to 1st as I accelerated. Sorry for being so long but I wanted to give any history of any cel issues which other than what I wrote here there has been no other problems.Has anyone had this problem and what fixed it ? I wanted to check it out myself before I have to bring it in. I plan on replacing the evap solenoid this weekend,finally a weekend with no snow in the forecast.For sh--`s n giggles Im going to start by disconnecting battery cables off,ground pos. cable to try and reset the ecm. Thanks for any help you can give.
  16. hey all, I have been searching the inter webs and this forum for a few weeks now and can't really find a how to for installing a square halo into an offroad LED light pod. If anyone could help me that would be great and pictures would help even more. I plan to do this myself since I have decided to do my headlight work myself as well If it helps, I have LEDconcepts halos and a Rigid Industries DOT approved pod. I am also debating on putting some in my Driving pods that are under my rear bumper that will illuminate red with the running lights but still not sure if I want to do that also if there is a better place for this topic to be so it can be seen by more members then if a moderator could be so kind to move it there, it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance - Mike
  17. Hey guys. I recently installed a leveling kit from Rough Country on my 2014 Silverado. Today I received and installed a Ranch Hand Bull Nose bumper on the same truck. I expected there to be a bit of sag but not nearly as much as I ended up with. The truck went back to looking stock! What will be the best way for me to re-level the truck?
  18. Okay so I got a 95 s10 with the 4L60e trans, so I'll be driving down the road and I guess in about 3rd to forth gear at around 40-50 mph the rpm will drop to between 2-3 thousand rpm (shifting into 4th i believe) and a rather loud humming noise occurs. Is this normal? Or should I be worried? Please help I work 6days a week and have to drive this truck everyday. Just need to know if this is normal, thanks
  19. Hello, I have a 2015 Denali and the Driver Information Center / cluster screen has a navigation tab. This gives the driver a map view and it is zoomed in to almost an unusable level. It appears to be auto zoomed based on speed but even at highway speeds it's zoomed more than I'd like. Does anyone know if this is adjustable? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the forums but I've been doing research and can't seem to find an answer. I'm about to buy a 2014 Silverado and I'm looking to put the 5 inch rough country lift on it. I'm also planning on getting some 18x10 XD Strikes (-24 offset) with 275/70/R18 Trail Grapplers. I was wondering if anyone knows if this would fit without rubbing, and if it does fit, I was also wondering if anyone is running a similar set up and could post some pictures of how far the wheels stick out or just how they look in general. Thanks for the help
  21. My 02 sonoma with the v6 4.3 will kinda shake when accelerating between 5 and 10 Mph, If I accelerate somewhat slow then it seems fine and really dont shake but if I gas it like im in a hurry it shakes and then disapears and it is smooth as can be. The shaking seems to be coming from the engine area behind the dash. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor, cleaned the throttle body intake, just yesterday I took the distributor cap off and inspected the points on the inside of the cap and they were all corroded up so i cleaned them up the best I could so they still appear unperfect although they look much better than before. What else might be he problem? EGR valve? ignition coil pack? the whole distributor? you name it and ill check it guys. I appreiate anyone that can help me out. I will be online alot so I respond quick.
  22. My truck's check engine light came on so i had a local mechanic shot diagnose it. They told be Cylinder #4 was missing a lot and something about that being just at idle rpms. And cylinder #3 was missing a tad to. Anyone have any idea what it could be? valve maybe? idk.. And i already checked basic stuff like plug and wires.. HELP!
  23. i recently bought a stock chevy radio with the aux jack and the usb in back and want to swap it with my stock am fm radio. i swaped them and the "locked" code popped up and i took it to the local dealer and had them reprogram it for me. the radio works and everything is functional but the volume doesn't go up all the way. the blinker sounds dont work along with the seatbelt dinger, what do i need to do?
  24. ok i have a 1997 tahoe with a 5.7 in it it runs real bad sounds like only runnung on 6cyl i have num 4 and 7 fouled out so bad the plug was carbend shut when i pulled them out have changed wires plugs cap soon as i drive it a few blocks 4 and 7 foul out again i know its not valves or rings or timing chain idk what it really is CAN U HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  25. I have fluid leaking from the front of my truck, by the front differential. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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