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  1. Hey guys I'm needing to get into a new tonneau for my '14 Sierra. I am considering the new Revolver X2 but, since it's just an updated roll-x I would like to know from users of the Roll-X, how do you like your cover? I'm looking for something that's mostly water tight, if a few drops get in after a heavy rain I don't mind but, I don't want several ounces puddling in the truck bed. I really like the look of the roll-x and I don't think you can beat the functionality of a rolling cover for full bed access. Thanks for your feedback! FWIW my other serious contender is an Extang Solid Fold 2.0.
  2. Hi I purchased a 2014 gmc crew cab a month ago and have a wind noise problem around the passenger door seal at the top. I took it back to the dealer, they ordered a new weather seal, which took 10 days to get in, they installed it seemed better until I drove at highway speed. Now I have a wind noise in the same place but on the drivers door. Back to the dealer and waiting for another set of weather stripping, and today i was driving in a cross wind at highway speed the fixed pass door was noisy again. So I'm not sure how many people have this wind noise problem?I'm getting very frustrated. What do I do? Thanks for listening.
  3. I only bring this up, cause i could not find any other discussion about a similar problem. Only had the truck 2 weeks, and it's in the shop. Very hard shift/thump when shifting into 2nd gear. Only happens when everything is all warmed up. Stop and go traffic you REALLY notice it. The entire truck will lurch very harshly, and with windows down you can hear a harsh noise from the back. Dealer is telling me (and excuse me if i have this wrong) that a plate on the 2nd gear has to much of a gap. It's a manufacture defect, and they have to talk to GM, since the truck only has 1000 miles on it.... Waiting on GM to talk back to my dealer. So I get to ride around in a "loner" Buick....
  4. I know this is a small issuem but the cup holders in my crew cab with a bench seat are tiny in the front. A large mountain dew wont even fit. And why do I need three cup holders on the fold down armrest, just make 2 bigger ones. The ones in the back seat are bigger. Also the defroster is too small, it doesnt reach to the side of the drivers side, come on chevy!!
  5. My 2011 CC Z71 4x4 will turn 50,000 miles tomorrow - the only thing that's been done to it has been oil changes and a new air filter. It's been rock-solid reliable and I've driven it through 23 states on multiple road trips. Well, I've been itching to get into a K2xx to get the newer technology (and the 6.2), but the Mrs. said "no way no how" am I selling that truck. I almost picked a 2016 Silverado midnight edition last month but as fate has it, and not wanting to have two pickups in the driveway, I lucked into a Yukon that I've been watching. So, I wanted to share my collection of GM Trucks. Let me say that every time I drive my 2011, I'm reminded of the trips in my grandfathers' GM pickups as a young child. Long live the GM trucks.
  6. HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED? >>>>>>>> I just bought a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT Crewcab w/sunroof. I've noticed a regular rattle in the headliner, seems to be coming from just behind the sunroof. It rattles when you shut the doors (not very hard). It also rattles while driving mostly in town (bumpier roads). If slight pressure is applied to the headliner the noise stops. It is quite annoying especially since it is brand new and costs 50k
  7. Howdy! I just purchased a 2014 Silverado LT CC with the 8inch screen. I have had the truck for 2 weeks this Saturday and twice since I have had it, my voice command has failed to work. On these two occasions, I have pushed the steering wheel button and received a message that states, "The chosen language does not support voice command". When I tried the voice command button on the touch screen, I received the message, "Voice command not available". I turned the truck off for a few minutes and restarted it and volla, the voice command feature is available again. I do think it is important to note that the chosen language is English, just in case someone would like to bring this up. Again, it has only happened twice, and restarting the truck has "reset" the voice command each time. Although I had ot pull off the freeway and in to a gas station parking lot to do so. Curious if anyone out there has experienced the same issue. Looking forward to your replies.
  8. I searched a little and didn't come up with anything. so... just got my 2014 sierra denali 6.2 this week. and first thing that bugged me was that the dealer said with the contract they have with the fuel company, they can only fill it up with 87, when it clearly requires premium! Get to driving, and it feels nothing like the 6.2 I test drove (prob because of the gas) cracked the windows, and the truck straight whistles when you push on the gas. almost sounds like a turbo charger. not sure its it is coming from the front or back. intake, exhaust or transmission,,,?? and im not too thrilled with the oil pressure its getting either, normal driving its right on 40 PSI, if I floor it it will climb to almost 60 and then when idiling @ about 650 rpm its right on the 30 PSI mark. my buddy has a 5.3 and he said his is always right at 40 no matter what ive got about 250 miles on the truck now.
  9. Recently picked up my 2014 Sierra 6.2, Max Tow and it's awesome! One thing I noticed is that the cab is REALLy quiet compared to previous versions, except for this noise that starts softly around 35, then as you approach 50 gets louder, then goes away. It's the loudest under power, but still faintly there even while coasting at those speeds. I have already had it back to the dealer, and they have originally thought that it was bad bearings in the rear end (3.73), so they were replaced. They told me all was good, but I don't think the tech actually drove the right speed to test the issue. It's not SUPER loud, but with the radio at a basic volume, you can hear the tone of this noise right through the radio. Service manager and I went out in a 5.3 with 3.42 rear end, and didn't hear anything but I didn't think it was a good test given the entirely different engine, driveline and rear end that I have. There are no other 6.2 max tow's close to where I am to test this out so I am hoping someone can tell me if this is normal, or not. Thanks!
  10. So after trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong as the 25mpg best times kept resetting, I did a test. I have a denali so I can change a bunch of settings on the info display on the dash. (not the big screen, but the one between the speedo and tach). It seems that for no apparent reason, all of my settings randomly reset with no clear pattern. It resets my best mpg, my display settings and my trip odometer. I am bringing it to the dealer next week. At least they will also look at the problems that I am having with syncing my contacts. Only 1 group of my contacts on my iphone 5 are syncing. Hope its nothing major.
  11. So 2nd day having this truck and go to start it and nothing but click click, battery is full 14 volts but still try and boost it and still just clicks. Any ideas what's going on?
  12. I can't believe I didn't notice this before (had the truck 1 month) but there are black dots under the clear coat on my truck. The dots cover an area of apprx 3" x 6". I've polished this with a buffer and everything and I'm completely convinced this is in the paint (diamond white). It's on the hood, right above the grill. So, is this a warrantable item? Anyone with experience?
  13. This past weekend I got in my truck after remote starting it and the dash display showed a message of: "Service Power Steering" and my power steering was completely out... Happened two more times when remote starting it. This only seems to happen when remote starting the truck and even if I shut it down and fire it back up with the key the power steering still won't work.. As you all know the 14's are all electric power steering so I figured there was some kind of wiring issue or something. Took it in, they ran a software update on the truck and sent me on my way.. This morning remote started the truck and there it was again, no power steering… I'm developing forearms of steel and a sizable headache over this. Anybody else have problems with this? I thought it could be tied to the cold weather, but I see some of you guys on here are up in Alberta where it's a hell of a lot colder than Michigan.
  14. Im in search of some factory chrome running boards. If you have some you are trying to get rid of let me know the price. Thanks.
  15. I stopped in at my dealer today to just chat with a friend (sales manager) and he was showing me the truck he ordered in for himself. Apparently the rear slider is no longer available indefinitely on the 14's. Too many problems; has anyone here experienced this? Just find it odd of GM to discontinue the non-step rear bumpers (Denali specific) and now the window?
  16. My window sticker said I had 3:73 gears in my truck but when I went to change my gears to 4:56 I actually had 3:07 !!!! Gm trying to be slick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Has anyone else heard about the 370,000 2014 Silverado & Sierra trucks that are going to be recalled for software issues that lead to fires. Seems to be more prevalent in the colder climates where owners are leaving them idle for long periods. Google it or tune into Fox news for the details. Hows those illuminated radio knob issues sound now!
  18. Have any of you noticed your backup camera having a yellow tint where all lights are showing? I'm not sure if it came this way when I bought it or if its something that just started occurring. You can't tell in the day time but in the dark, it shows pretty clearly. http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/xoriceboiox/media/IMG_1161.jpg.html There's a link of a picture I took of my camera in case it doesn't show.
  19. **The K2 section of the forum now consists of one main 2014+ forum and three 2014+ sub-forums** Please read this entire post and try to place your new topics in the correct main or sub-forums. Thanks! 2014+ Sub-Forums 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Issues, Troubleshooting, & Recalls/Service Bulletins Gen V Small Block Engine, Drivetrain, & Exhaust 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications *Before posting a new topic, asking these three questions will help you select the appropriate forum/sub-forum: A) Is the subject any type of issue, problem, complaint, question, etc, about GM-made trucks/components (including any designs/defects/failures/flaws/etc) -or- the resolution of of these issues by DIY means, warranty work, TSB's, recalls, etc, -or- you're just having difficulty finding/operating a stock function/component..? If yes, post in the 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Issues, Troubleshooting, & Recalls/Service Bulletins sub-forum. If no, go to question B. B) Is the subject dealing with 2014+ engines (including AFM, gas mileage/MPG, factory programming, aftermarket tuning), transmissions, drive-trains, exhausts -or- any accessories/modifications to the topics just listed (including air filters, intakes, tunes, headers, gears, mufflers, pipes, etc)..? If yes, post in the Gen V Small Block Engine, Drivetrain, & Exhaust sub-forum. If no, go to question C. C) Is the subject about any accessories for or modifications to the stock truck (including adding/modifying any GM-brand or aftermarket accessories, as well as any perceived upgrade to the truck) not already covered in the Engine/Drivetrain/Exhaust sub-forum..? If yes, post in the 2014+ Silverado & Sierra Accessories & Modifications sub-forum. If no, post in the main 2014+ forum.
  20. BlkKnightSLE

    Chrome feet

    From the album: SLE

    Replacing the old with the new.
  21. When cold, my 6.2L can take as many as 10 full turnovers before it actually starts to run. There's no issue when it's warm. It fires right up. Anyone else's perform the same on cold startup? I only have about 1100 miles on it so I'm thinking it could get better as it breaks in.
  22. Saturday 1/25/2014 visit dealership with my wife and she picks out a Victory Red 2014 Silverado DBL cab. She's not a big fan of the buying/negotiate side so I tell salesman I will be back down Monday morning to purchase. We are both very excited knowing we will be adding a new truck to the stable on Monday. Felt that negotiations/deal went fairly well as I was trading two vehicles for the truck. 2013 Chevy Camaro that had just under 8K on it for miles and was under cover in my garage (never been in rain let alone salt) Purchased it on July 2, 2012. This vehicle was taken straight from my house and put on show room floor it looked that good. 2012 Chevy Sonic that had 16K on it when traded and was in mint condition also. This vehicle was sold by the dealership on Wed. 1/29/2014. Finished up all the paper work at about 2:00 p.m. Monday but truck was not done in the prep area yet so salesman suggested they would drop off our new truck Monday evening and also pick up both our trades. While I was at work Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. they bring truck to our house to meet with my wife and take the trades. They inform my wife that they scratched it during washing and put a 3" deep jagged scratch in middle of door all the to the bare metal.
  23. I plug my iPhone into the USB and it almost takes divine intervention to get the truck to find a song. I'll say Play Song X and the goofy truck will say play Song B? I say no and then it will go into pardon pardon or it will ask and I say play Song X and it will say play something totally different right. Like WOW it is maddening. Now on the Navigation - it doesn't recognize anything I say there either. It makes me want to punch the screen out. It also will not find any contacts on my phone, say call Jon Doe it says there is no Jon Doe even though he is clearly on my phones contacts............. What am I doing wrong?
  24. So today when I was leaving work I noticed that my fan on my heater was extremely loud.....I know normally it is loud when on full blast but this sounded like I had a generator running...It felt like the whole truck was shaking...It only did it on the highest fan setting and one down from the highest...and also did it in both heat and air....It did it through the entire drive home....There was a crap load of snow here today in Ontario...It has since stopped once I tried again after I shovelled my driveway.... Any thoughts on what it may have been? Cheers
  25. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced their 2014 windows fogging up more than the 07-13's? My 2010 was great, set it on auto and windows never fogged up. Conditions this morning were 39 degrees and light rain (have seen the same thing around 32 and snow\sleet). Temp set at 73 and auto with A\C button ON. After a couple of miles I notice the windows begin to fog a bit so I hit the defog\defrost button and it clears up pretty quickly but the temp starts to run a bit on the warm side so I go back to auto. A couple of miles down the road, same thing again. Did this 22 miles into work today and on previous days where the conditions were similar. I know and understand that the A\C has to be set to ON to get any real moisture pulled out of the air and in the case of the older trucks when you tried to engage the a\c at lower temps the light would just flash at you and then go off. Not until it reached a much warmer outside air temp would the clutch engage to run the compressor. The 2014's A\C button will light up no matter the OAT (at least as cold as I've seen it in Texas thus far this year. Just was curious if anyone else has seen this behavior regarding fogging and have figured out the best way to run the system without having to switch back n forth.
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