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  1. For all your questions on whether or nota certain tire will fit such with such lift and wheel combo, check out this website called custom offsets. They have videos of every lift and tire wheel combo u can think of. You can even search based on year of vehicle tire size etc. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery?page=1
  2. Looking for the best deal online for a 2.5" leveling kit for my 2017 GMC Sierra 4wd
  3. Hey everyone, I've owned lifted and lowered vehicles for years, but typically bought them way way. I've never actually done much of the customization myself. I know someone will say something like, try searching the site.....blah, blah, blah. Well, I have and there's so much good (and BS) information out there that it makes my head spin. Let me see if I can sum this up as quickly as possible. I have a 2016 Crew Cab 4x4 Silverado (deep ocean blue metallic) that I bought new last year. I had a leveling kit installed at the dealership (it was cheaper than the other places that I talked with), my truck came with 17's, which I absolutely hate. They're super tiny and look out of place. My plan is to upgrade to 20's and I want to put the largest tire that I can fit without rubbing. I've read about people putting 32, 33 & 34 inch tires on and claim that none of them rub. I'm not so confident about their claims. My other dilemma is that I do no like the look when the tires stick out several inches from the wheel well. That may be great for some people, but not for me. Ideally, I would like the tires to be flush with the wheel wells, but if they were to stick out a half an inch or so I would be ok with that. This is where we have to deal with backspacing. I'm sure that it is a simple concept, but it confuses me for some reason. A little bit too much, or too little, will make things look silly. I'm assuming that a 20x9 or 20x10 would be the best option, but I'm not sure. Let me know what you guys, and gals, think. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hey there, ladies and gentlemen! I have a serious question that I can’t find an answer to. Judging by the title of this topic, I want to know more about traction bars and the traction bars that fit our generation of trucks. I started looking around yesterday and all I’m finding are either traction bars for <13 1500’s or 14+ 2500/3500’s. I remember watching a video of a leveling kit install on an 2014 Silverado, and the guy said that the 2014’s have pretty much the same suspension and all that. Is this true? I really want to install traction bars either before I do a 3.5” leveling lift kit (from Rough Country), or after I do that lift. After searching online for traction bars for my truck, I’m only finding those $800+ “SEMA style” traction bars, but I want a simple bar, which I’ve seen for the 2013 and below. If anyone has any insight to this, or could lead me in the right direction in terms of an existing topic about this, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  5. I was looking at possibly lifting my 2017 silverado sometime in the future. I'm between a 4 inch and a 6 inch lift kit. But I have noticed that will every brand of lift kits, you have to cut the cross member mounts off the frame. I would rather not have to do that just in case I ever decide to go back stock. I have looked at rancho, fabtech, rough country, BDS, and zone. Is there a kit that I possibly haven't looked at that doesn't require cutting? or is it a big deal to really cut them off? can they be welded back on easily? If there is a topic already established I'm sorry, I tried to search and find stuff on this but was unable to.
  6. Gents I'm a newbie, I currently have a 2015 6.2L 1/2 ton Silverado Double Cab that I'd like to lift but am having a hard time deciding between: BDS / Pro-Comp / Zone / Rough Country I'm choosing to go with a 6" lift and have been told Rough Country is pretty much bottom of the barrel. I really like their price and am curious if anyone has ever had any issues. I've always been known to go with the best of the best and I understand BDS is pretty much the best. What's your opinions? I would appreciate any helpful knowledge from you guys. Thanks!
  7. Selling a brand new set of Baja kits boxed upper control arms. I sold my 16 1500 for a 17 2500 so these never made it on the truck. New they run $899 before tax and shipping. I am asking $750 and we split the shipping. They fit 14-17 silverado/ sierra with factory steel upper control arms. I also have a set of King Front OEM seriers coilovers that are used (new stickers added since picture) Roughly 5k miles on them. I would let them go for $500, package deal for $1200.
  8. New to the forums but thought I would start a build log. I recently purchased a 2016 GMC Denali 1500 with the 6.2L motor. I just dropped it off today for the lift kit, wheels, and tires. Current Mods: 20% Tinted front window to match White front and rear GMC emblems In Progress: 6" Fabtech Lift 20x10 -24 offset Moto Metal MO970 wheels 35x12.50R20 Nitto Trail Grapples Future Mods: Bushwacker Fender Flares painted to match (waiting on them to release White Frost Tricoat) Either Diablosport Intune or BB tune Bak Revolver X2 cover Dropping it off for the lift:
  9. Hey guys, I am trying to figure out what is going on with my 2014 Sierra 1500 lift kit that I bought from Rough Country. As you can see below in the pictures, it is not level after the lift. My measurements from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender are: 28.5" Front, 30.5" Rear. So you can see there is a 2" difference which is about what it has from the factory in terms of rake if I am not mistaken. When I spoke to Rough Country their response was "each truck sits a tad different from factory and it sounds like yours was tad lower than normal from factory". I'm pretty sure they would have noticed if the truck sat an entire 2" lower at the factory. Can you guys help me figure out what is going on??? Thanks!
  10. hey guys recently acquired a 2004 astro van in great condition. looking to buy a lift kit and likely get it installed by a shop, i havent done much for calling around for quotes i am sure there are places that would do it all over in northern il. anyone know places that dont charge out the ass to install the kit? let me know id appreciate it.
  11. Im a member on another forum for shoes and we have this type of thread basically for any site that has any discounts, promos, coupons that can be applied and save money. Being that these mods dont come cheap most of the time, figured we could have one here. Any money saved is money saved imo. So heres some simple rules we used: A) No requests a la "when is the next F&F?" or "how does this code work?" B) If you have specific questions for a code please PM the user to keep the thread from being crowded with questions. C) When posting a coupom please be specific 1) Name of the online store (URL) 2) Code 3) How much off? 4) Special restrictions (above $50, only valid with VISA etc.) 5) Expiration date D) How to use the codes: During checkout, there is a special text box for them - just type them in there (copy and paste works best). Make sure you don't mistake a zero for an big "oh". Most sites dont allow codes to be combined. Also there are several cash back sites that are free to use and give cash back on thousands of sites and stores. One I use exclusively is eBates. How ebates works (once youre signed up): 1. Go to ebates.com search for the site you want to shop on. It will tell you how much cash back is available 2. Click that site on their list, then click shop. It will automatically take you to their site. 3. Shop for whatever it is you were looking for via the tab that ebates opened only. If you end up checking out on a different tab they wont credit it. **If you end up not checking out on the correct tab you can go to the ebates site click the help button and click wheres my cash back. Just fill out the form and theyll credit you. Sidenote they do exclude certain purchases so it can be hit or miss at times*** If anyone wants to sign up i have a referral link below you can use gets you $10 back after you make your first purchase. https://www.ebates.com/r/QUISE25 Other cash back sites: MrRebates, fatwallet, extrabux, befrugal Mods if this is not a good place for this then please move it to the appropriate section.
  12. Hello looking for suggestions on a lift kit for my 2016 chevrolet silverado z71. Do not want to go with any type of spacer but want the truck looking level. Also, looking to fit bigger tires. Any suggestions for a lift kit to get that front up 2 to 2.5 inches? Thinking maybe a coil-over in the front with new upper A arms and uni ball joint? Maybe the bilstein 5100s all the way around and new A arms.Looking for some advice and suggestions on what brands and lifts to go with. Also do I need to look at any other parts like tie rods or anything so I won't have any future problems? Thanks
  13. Hello looking for suggestions on a lift kit for my 2016 chevrolet silverado z71. Do not want to go with any type of spacer but want the truck looking level. Also, looking to fit bigger tires. Any suggestions for a lift kit to get that front up 2 to 2.5 inches? Thinking maybe a coil-over in the front with new upper A arms and uni ball joint? Maybe the bilstein 5100s all the way around and new A arms.Looking for some advice and suggestions on what brands and lifts to go with. Also do I need to look at any other parts like tie rods or anything so I won't have any future problems? Thanks
  14. Hey their, I've been searching everywhere and cant find a 3" body lift kit for my 1992 Scottsdale 3500 5.7L and has an 8ft bed. I'm not sure if it is just because the truck is unpopular that I cant find it or what, would a silverado 1500 kit work? Thanks!
  15. I am trying to figure out what is the largest tire i can put on my truck is, its a 2000 silverado 1500 , the truck will have. A rough country leveling kit with new keys and shocks as well as blocks. Currently i am running 2015 silverado wheels on it (18s) i am looking to get new tires in the future after the leveling kit along with 2" hub centric wheel spacers. I would love to run 33x18x12.5 but i am concerned about rubbing. I am not affraid to get in there and do some trimming as long as it is not a ton. The tires i will be getting are atturo trail blade mts, has anyone had any experiance with this or issues or reccomendations, thanks
  16. I have a new zone 6.5 inch suspension lift for 2014-2017 silverado and sierra 1500 4x4. the lift is new in boxes with nitrogen shocks never installed. prefer to sale but would be willing to trade for a 4.5 inch zone lift or a 4 inch bds lift.
  17. First off, im new to the forum. Took me a minute to figure it out lol. Just wondering if anyone has done this, I know a few folks with the 6+3 combo and it looks good but just curious as to what a 9+3 would be like...
  18. Put a 6in lift on my truck and I am trying to figure out if I put the torsion bars in the right way.as of right now I have the torsion bar sides that indicate left and right in the torsion bar crossmember
  19. I have a brand new Rough Country 2" leveling kit for sale fits 2007-UP GM and GMC 1500 trucks and SUV's with Steel Control Arms. Never installed. Sticker and unopened installation kit included. I went the Bilstein height ride adjustable shock route instead. It is on ebay right now for $44.00 with free shipping. Direct sale here for $40.00 shipped. I'll end the Ebay auction and give you my PayPal info. RC #1307 fits 2007-UP GM and GMC 1500 trucks and SUV's http://www.ebay.com/itm/172205551921?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  20. Hello everyone! I just recently bought my truck form my parents (been driving it since I got my license and decided to just buy it off them). My dad and I are going to put in some money for upgrades and we were wondering what lift and what size tires to get. There is a lot of things that I want to do to it, little things like light bar and the step bar thing (not good on the lingo yet haha), and I also want to get a lift and new tires and wheels. I’m thinking a minimum of 35" tires and maybe a 6" lift? I want it to last but I still want it to look cool. Little more info: Would like to be able to go off roading It will be going up in the mountains with snow Will be my everyday vehicle Any advice would be great! And if you have any pictures of examples of lift and wheel sizes that would be much appreciated since I’m not quite sure what the exact combinations will look like. Me and my dad are planning to go into a shop this weekend or next and getting their opinion Thanks in advance!
  21. Rough Country says that the installation time is 8-10 hours. The kit was designed to eliminate welding and according to the country only requires minimal cutting and drilling. Factory width is maintained.
  22. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 9/16/2015 Rough Country has introduced a new six-inch suspension lift kit for the Colorado and Canyon. Aside from the looks the kit offers, the additional ground clearance promises better off-road performance. In addition to the expected suspension components needed to lift the vehicle, the kit contains front and read crossmembers, differential and brake line brackets, as well as front and lower skidplates. Rough Country says that the installation time is 8-10 hours. The kit was designed to eliminate welding and according to the country only requires minimal cutting and drilling. Factory width is maintained.
  23. I have an 06 Sierra Denali AWD and I'm wanting to lift it, but I've read and heard from multiple sources that even a small lift will cause vibrations from the transfer case.. But then I've seen lifted Denali's online that guys reportedly are having no problems with. Also, I've seen people lift AWD hummers and jeeps with no problems at all. So, is a 3 inch lift doable on a 2006 Sierra Denali, or will it cause problems? ALSO, apparently Skyjacker makes a 3" lift specifically for AWD Denali's, anyone have experience with this?
  24. Ok so here is the deal. I bought a 2015 Silverado crew cab Z71. got a leveling kit installed at dealer. Don't like it. I want to trade with someone who is looking for a leveling kit for their 2014-15 Silverado z71 4x4 front coil over spring and strut assembly. Basicly swap front shocks, both trucks get alignment and we go on our separate ways. If anyone is interested in this, I am in Cumming, Ga. Northeast of Atlanta about 40 minutes(on a good day without traffic) send me a message here. My truck is brand new with less than 600 miles on it. Leveling kit was installed Wednesday May 27th.
  25. I have a set of front coil over shocks with a Polyurethane Daystar leveling kit. Just fyi, the studs on top of the shock were cut to put the new studs for the leveling kit spacer. I have the front coil over shocks and leveling kit for sale. you will have to purchase the nuts for the studs. The factory ones will not work. I am sure you can find a lock nut at any hardware store to fit studs. Asking $180 for struts and leveling kit. Am in Cumming GA northeast of Atlanta. These shocks and leveling kit will fit 2007-2015 Silverado's and sierra's. I will upload pictures later.
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